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  2. ugh. this was driving me to Windows. every time I opened System Preferences the iClod panel appeared first. I had to click the Show All icon or the Back button to see Notwork or Printers. looking around in the window and menus I found no clue how to fix this. but I did learn some nifty Preferences feature like SORT and TURN on/OFF. turns out iClod was wanting attention about Two Factor Authentication. like a little bird it was demanding. I turned TWO steps to OFF. and now my preference behave like I expect them.
  3. Problem: Activating “Don’t Allow Deleting Apps” causes TV app to disappear from the home screen AND from Settings. To view bug, in Settings go to Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions and turn on (using switch at top of screen). Then tap iTunes & App Store Purchases > Deleting Apps and select “Don’t Allow”. This usually causes the Settings app to crash. This causes the TV app to disappear from the home screen AND from Settings. You can watch the TV app reappear in Settings: go to Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > iTunes & App Store Purchases > Deleting Apps, but don’t tap “Allow” yet. Now scroll the Settings listing (on left) until you can see the section where the TV app should be (the section with Music, Photos, Camera, etc.). Now tap “Allow”. After a moment TWO copies of the TV app are shown. This cycle can be repeated as desired. This was not a problem with iOS 12. I encountered it because I use this setting to keep my special needs son from accidentally deleting apps. Thoughts?
  4. johnfoster

    TV OS 13 Bricked 4K Apple TV

    in following up on the BRiCK aTV… the boys at FruitCo really dropped the ball on this one. who wants to CLASS ACTiON them for arrogance?
  5. aussie_chris

    iPad os

    just updated iPad Pro to iPad os. quick question, why are my apps all greyed out but apple apps are not. app updater does not show up in apps when I tap on my photo any help!~
  6. somebody asked this question on Quora. the answer is relevant for here too… --------- repairability. the battery, keyboard, SSD, and display should be easy to replace. some kind of moisture barrier on the main board. WATER DAMAGE should not be an excuse for denying a repair. abusive water damage where you sink the whole thing in a lake, yes. but when I used my MBP normally… fix it. lose the Touch Bar. admit it FruitCo, this is stupid. headphone jack. yes please. thicker case for dealing with heat and allowing a bigger battery. speaking of battery, STOP gluing it inside you idiots. keyboard that does not suck. use the one on the 2015. how about M.2 SSD. and another M.2 slot. because the not so thin case allows it. an actual PRO version that has a color certified display. you know for photography and other color intensive work. and a not so pro version that has a lot of pixels. you know for writers and programmers and artists who draw. ALL THE RAM!
  7. Chefpyro116

    Apple Watch voice to text

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone else was having issues with the voice to text feature on Apple Watch series 1. I’ve tried several times to use this feature to wake up my son for school. I have my car windows up and lowered the radio, but nothing happens. Should I get another watch or should I just wait for an update? Has anyone else experienced this problem? I’d appreciate any insight. Thanks. Jeremy
  8. johnfoster

    TV OS 13 Bricked 4K Apple TV

    the iFixit thread has some suggestions. https://tinyurl.com/y2b8ksdj
  9. anothernerd

    TV OS 13 Bricked 4K Apple TV

    Hello All, Wondering if anyone else had this issue or has suggestions... My Apple TV 4K locked up on a Youtube stream while running TV OS 13 Public Beta. I restarted it using the keys on the remote and it came up to an apple support link URL page with a yellow exclamation. Going to the page gave instructions for refreshing all but the 4K model with a USB C cable. Since the 4K model does not have a USB port, I was instructed to call Apple Support. Apple Support says the only fix is to replace the unit at a cost of $150. I can buy a brand new one for $179. I found this unacceptable. This unit was bought in June 2018 and is out of warranty. Seems obvious to me it just needs to be refreshed, but how? Quick Google search revealed I am not alone in my frustration. One Reddit thread suggested that if you plug/unplug the unit 5 to 7 times it would come up to a refresh page. I tried this 3 times with no success. I own 4 of these Apple TVs and am extremely frustrated. Any thoughts or help is appreciated. For $150, I could re-outfit my entire house with FireSticks. Thanks
  10. johnfoster

    Happy Birthday, Adam!!

    today marks another successful trip around the SUN!
  11. johnfoster

    stupid App Store bug

    after repairing a MacBook Air to working I erased the SSD then installed macOS 12 aka OS X 10.12.6. next I wanted to install OneNote and some other "app store" only apps. clicking Install brings up the message, "An unexpected error occurred while signing in. Your device or computer could not be verified. Conact support for assistance." so I searched on that message only to find this bug has persisted for 5 version of OS X. and I was not able to find a solution to signing in to download tools. this is beyond frustrating. I mean, if I cannot find an answer then it must not exist. anyone know of a solution other than switching to some other frustrating computer tool?
  12. Actually, it is a $1.95 per min, and I do pay that, but that is for each individual log on. How much data do you use reading an email? None. Thus, I have no problem logging in and having my wife check her email at the same time as I do mine.That is the request for help I am asking. If they charged for the amount of data I used, no problem. They don't. Lets face it, they are doing their best to squeeze every penny that they can our of the people on the boat. Does anybody know of a router I can use that can log into a wyfi system, and connect my laptops to???? I estimate if I spent $200 on one, it would pay for itself on a single cruise.
  13. pay the WiFi fee. $240 to keep your business running seems cheap.
  14. That is a great idea, except that I have 12 employees that depend on me to keep 3 business running and making sure everyone is getting along. Some of these employees don't speak the same language either. The other option, of course, is to close the 3 business' and retire. Sadly, I feel that would not be good for my employees or their families that depend on me to keep the stores open and running. Anyway, I would like a solution. PS. I work 7 days a week. Getting on a cruise ship is the only vacation I ever get, else I always go to work...... and I do enjoy the cruise.
  15. put the tablet away. enjoy the cruise.
  16. LOL the cruise is almost over. Any ideas before I am off the boat? Today is Thursday, and last full day is tomorrow to try what ever ideas you guys may come up with. Russ
  17. OK, I want to give back to the cruise ship that is charging me a buck a Minute for wyfy on my iPad. What I want to do is log into my buck a minute account, and have my wife check her email using a ‘shared wyfy’ to her iPad. If I had cellular on my phone, it would be the same as having a wyfy hotspot I guess. I havin’t been able to figure out a way to do it using two iPads and a single wyfy account. I figure networking both iPads using Bluetooth and somehow sending the wyfy connection to her iPad. I am willing to bet someone has done this. It likely doesn’t matter, but I am using a brand new iPad Pro, and she is using my old IPad Air 2. Again, I just want to slave a wyfy connection from my pro to the Air, and pay only for the one connection. When I turn off the wyfy connection on the pro, the Air will loose its connection of course. I would even be willing to connect via a cable if it would work. Any ideas?
  18. make sure there is enough space on the disk you are trying to upgrade. a completely full disk will prevent it from working. the hard drive itself may be bad -- errors on tracks or sectors due to age. use Carbon Copy Cloner to copy it to a new SSD then do the upgrade on the new drive.
  19. Please help me, I have projects I need to complete: Mac OS Mohave_Upgrade from High Sierra (5 days trying to install) Hangs on install. I have tried the following: 1: Download from Mac App Store and ran Mac OS Mohave Installer 2-Command + R, I have tried this 3-I tried to install from a 2008 MacBook Pro, using Target Disk Mode. All of theses items get me to about 80 % and then it hangs, I will wait 3-8 hours and nothing, IO am forced to Force Shutdown. When to boot up holding down Option Key, I do not see my hard drive, it only shows 2 Mac OS Mohave Installers. Please help me resolve this ASAP. Thanks in Advance, Sebastian
  20. Huskermn

    trouble\ reading main text

    iBooks has been replaced by Books.
  21. Huskermn

    how can get my iBooks application back.it's missing

    iBooks went away. It's now the Books app.
  22. Thank you for the reply John. Actually her old monitor did not fail. My failure as you alluded to was that I have not kept up with monitor resolutions. I should have realized that the reason that this older 32" monitor cost less than half the price of the current equivalent from ViewSonic was because of the lower resolution. The result was that instead of seeing more information everything was just larger. My fault for not keeping up with this. Thankfully it was not a very expensive mistake. I will probably get her a higher resolution monitor to replace it and use this one myself as my eyesight is diminishing with age and with this monitor I might not need my glasses when using it.
  23. i have lost all m ibooksin my applications folder can some help an old git to get them back.went to mac app store,nothing only ibook authoors... hope some ideas can srt me out
  24. nice to see that the display failed gracefully instead of just not working. I am asked about old hardware all the time. "will this new thing work with my old thing?" sometimes yes. usually not. I do not guess anymore. looking up the specs before ordering away saves everyone time and money. "everymac" keeps the score better than Fruitco. here is their list of the Mac Mini. https://everymac.com/systems/apple/mac_mini/index-macmini.html
  25. This may be an opportunity for others to learn from my mistake. Of course if I am wrong please correct me. My wife has an older Mac mini, late 200, and because of the nature of the work she does her screen gets really crowded. So I decided to give her a new 32" ViewSonic curved monitor. Her previous monitor was 24". What I thought was that the images would remain the same size with the result that she could have more 'screen real estate'. Unfortunately it appears that what happened is that the images are now 50% larger. I appears that her computer's video card/chip has a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 which is the same as the monitor's maximum resolution. By way of example, an icon on her desktop prior to the monitor upgrade was ½" long across the bottom. After the upgrade the same icon measured ¾" across the bottom. So she gained no additional working space just larger icons.
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