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  2. Upgrading 2011 MacBook Pro

    Thanks for the advice johnfoster. I purchased the 1TB Sandisk SSD and the 2TB WD Blue HDD. I figured that I would use the SSD as my usual drive and then use the Data Doubler HDD for the storage hogs (Photos and iTunes). Adam covered it many times on the Maccast about using an external drive for Photos and iTunes libraries, so I would think it would be the same for my application. I have a 250GB SSD in my 2011 MacBook Pro that does not use Photos or iTunes and have about 30GB left over. I am sure I will back on here when I get all the parts installed. Thanks again,
  3. Upgrading 2011 MacBook Pro

    why is the simlink to the /applications folder on the HD outdated? two reasons. one is that when I wrote the SSD swap the storage was tiny and expensive. there simply was not room on a 32 or 64 gee bee “disk” for everything I was using. it really was just a boot disk for me. and in my day to day use I found that the benefits of a small SDD made the slight slowdown of having apps on the other disk almost unnoticeable. today, the SSD you want starts at 240 gee bees with a cost of under a hundred bucks. although you can get smaller 120s for $40. why subject yourself to smaller? unless your budget needs to be stretched to upgrade multiple machines buy the biggest thing you can afford. then you can put all your apps on the SSD to get the added benefit of that as well. and with no need to manage the where apps live, just install away. finally, always practice backup. get back blaze, another hard drive, or a NAS. put your important stuff another place.
  4. Upgrading 2011 MacBook Pro

    the symlink link I wrote is outdated. there is a UI in the User & Groups that works better. Right Click on the name you will see an Advance Options… that gives you all the options that other thing did with a click.
  5. Upgrading 2011 MacBook Pro

    put the SSD in place of the old HD. put the HD in the sled.
  6. Upgrading 2011 MacBook Pro

    Hi Guys, My Wife's MBP 2012 has slowly be wanting more and more space and is getting slower and slower. Anyway, I have decided to go with the OWC Data Doubler with a 500GB or 1TB SSD ($250 Sandisk at BestBuy) for the boot drive and a 2TB or maybe 3TB HDD for everything else (right now she has about 100GB left on the 2TB HDD). When I do the install, does it matter which drive I put where? In other words, do I have to put the boot drive in the spot where the original drive is now and the HDD in the Data Doubler? Also, are there any formatting tips anyone could give me? I know there OWC has great install and formatting videos, but no videos on how to format the second drive. I've read in another post about johnfoster using symbolic links (Did I assume that is what SYMLINK is?) Thanks for any help,
  7. take-a-part roboto misses the future

    https://www.apple.com/shop/trade-in interesting that the initiative is dis-assembly. if it was my problem / program to solve I would have made the story about repair and re-use. and making a promise to future devices for longevity. at some point the iThing can become lots of other specific things. like a remote control. or a Siri Station. or gasp, a music player. using a iThing for a specific task has to be better for brand awareness then tossing it to a take-it-a-part roboto. un-building is the wrong message.
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  9. Not sure what this means

    Mid-2015 15” MBpro / 10.13.4 / High Sierra The following pops up on my screen, does anybody know what this means? “The managed object model version used to open the persistent store is incompatible with the one that was used to create the persistent store.”
  10. Today, March 16, 2018...Apple's store website lists "The all-new Airport Time Capsule". Was there an update to this item? It looks like the same old item as before. This is the first time I have gone onto Apple's website in some time to check out the Time Capsule.
  11. raindrop.io app review....

    Ah. I think you are right! One person and no customer service and he/she hopes that it works. If not, refund. I am into genealogy and when I find a website that has records for NC, for instance, it's not always easy to find that one particular website. I bet it can work for most websites but some are a bit 'hidden'. Thank you for your comment and I hope the review can save other people from the frustration I had with the app.
  12. raindrop.io app review....

    Interesting read. Thanks. Made me curious so I read some articles and went to the website. Nice website but missing a key ingredient for me - About Us. There is absolutely no real contact information. The Help link appears to be a direct to another application. I'm betting it's one person who came up with the app and it's impossible to support adequately so if it works, great, keep the money. If something goes wrong just do a refund. PS - I find I don't really USE bookmarks anymore. I have many many many but probably just keep the tab ad infinitum or google the topic again.
  13. Thank you for your detailed reply. I was somewhat reluctant to go with the box option, not knowing how long that might take, but after your comment, I went ahead and asked for a box to be sent. Although I've been buying Apple products since 1999, this is actually the first year I've ever had to deal with service or the Genius Bar. My Macs have always lasted longer than I ever expected without issues (I have mid-2007 iMac on my desk that still works, although quite slowly, and the only thing that ever failed on it was the hard drive five years in). Unfortunately, I've had a run of bad luck with Apple devices this year...the two MacBook issues and also a Series 3 Apple Watch that had a face spontaneously separate from the body while apparently charging overnight (Genius Bar experience was good with this issue; they took and shipped me a brand-new replacement in two days).
  14. raindrop.io app review....

    I guess this fits under the Software Stuff. If not, let me know and I will post it under a different category. Back in show #638 the subject of syncing bookmarks came up and raindrop.io was recommended. I went to their website and liked what I saw and thought it was the answer to my issue of bookmarks not syncing. So I plunked down the money ($28 + $.84 for the difference in currency-I am in the U.S.). The first issue that I had was that I was charged twice for the software. Admittedly, it might have been my fault but it was taken care promptly and the money was credited to my account. BUT the real issue was that I couldn't get Dropbox enabled so that it would sync from my Mac to my iOs devices. So I contacted them through their website and explained that I did enable the Dropbox feature (which I paid for through my Pro purchase) but it wouldn't stay enabled. It wouldn't sync to Dropbox. I waited for a reply. And I waited. Nothing. Not one word. Nada. So I contacted them through their website again and again explained the issue. And I waited for a reply. And I waited. No reply. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Which is strange because they must have read my earlier message about being charged twice because they credited my account. So I contacted them again. I wasn't maybe quite so nice this time when I contacted them. I told them that I was hoping to use their software but I was having a problem with it. Could someone please help? No reply. No word back. Nothing. Nada. Zip. I believe I contacted them one more time with the same result. No reply. Nothing. So then I contacted them and told that since they obviously aren't providing customer support I wanted my money back. And I got a full refund. So I just wanted to share my story in dealing with the app raindrop.io. I hope that no one else has had the same problem in getting customer support. They obviously don't have any.
  15. if you do not want to drive, use the "send me a box" repair using the "chat" as found on support.apple.com I used this for the last repair of the now otherwise unrepairable MacBook. it took 15 minutes. and the box showed up the next day. and two days after that the Mac was back in perfect working condition. NO DRIVING! make sure your ADDRESS for your appleID is correct. you should also have the repair TAG from the last ready, although your Mac will be in there already. ---- as for how this got borked? it happens. anytime you touch 'lectronics there is a possibility for frying a part because of static. although this is really RARE in a repair center. so either a rookie tech did the repair or whomever did it was in a hurry deciding to cut a procedure for convenience to them. experience does this. what could have happened? sweat ball fell on that particular part. corrosion eventually took over. it does not take much. static took out the tiny capacitor or resistor that controls that sensor. the cable is not hooked up or is damaged. some other damage
  16. Greetings everyone! I am seeking the knowledge of someone very familiar with the internals of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (15”). Last week, a crackling sound began to emanate from the left side of the MacBook. I ultimately took it to the Genius Bar, and I picked it back up this week after one of the fans was replaced. Unfortunately, once getting it back, a new problem became evident. Specifically, the Touch ID sensor is not responsive. I went through the following steps to try to troubleshoot: 1)Shut Down/Restart 2)Deleted a saved fingerprint, tried to add a new one (nothing happens when I LSU a finger on the sensor). 3) Reset the SMC and NVRAM. After rebooting, still not working. 4) Backed up, then did a clean re-install of the OS. When prompted to set up Touch ID for the first time, it is still not sensing the finger. Having gone through these steps, it sounds like I have no choice but to return to the Genius Bar (80 miles away). This situation has caused to wonder what exactly could have happened during the fan replacement that led to the Touch ID failure. I am certain the sensor was working prior to the Mac being serviced, so it is most likely this new problem was a consequence of the fan replacement. Does anyone know if the pathway to replacing the left fan requires acessing, removing, or otherwise manipulating the Touch Bar or Touch ID sensor? Everything else on the Touch Bar is working just as well as it did since I’ve had the Mac. Thanks for reading and in advance for any insight you may have.
  17. Movies on an iPad?

    Now THAT is really helpful John - thank you. Mind you I don't know how to play in that pool yet - too much else to sort out closer to home . cheers, TerryB
  18. Movies on an iPad?

    VLC also solves the "just how the hell do I get actual files onto the iThing to play them?" a word of caution here. DropBox flags content when it finds it questionable. as do other file transfer services. mind what you put there. the simple thing to do is rename what comes down from the cough, cough, cough, to something else. lose the S02E13 and simply the title. put it in a folder called "title name" then name the files 1.mp4, 2.mp4, 3.avi etc. make the robots work for finding infringements.
  19. Movies on an iPad?

    Thanks John - that looks the ticket. I had a feeling that any answer to this had to lie outside Apple. TerryB
  20. Movies on an iPad?

  21. Movies on an iPad?

    I have an iPad model NGKM2B/A - 3years old? 64GB with WiFi, iOS11.2.5 Once upon a time I was able to watch the movies that I have in my iTunes library via iTunes or loaded to my iPad. Then Apple chose to strip it out to ?was it "Videos"?. I tried using that back in December on a train journey with no WiFi but for some reason that program required a WiFi connection. Now I am told that Videos "this app requires features not available on this device" . Since when -- and why? I just looked at Apple TV for my iPad and it seems that it will only let me watch content purchased from Apple? Is there anything out there please which will just let me view my ripped and recorded video? Or is Apple now just out for every extra buck they can make? (OK - Higher Degree in Advanced Cynicism in play here ) Has everything changed now? Can anyone suggest how to find an app that lets me watch my own content preferably without needing WiFi? Whatever happened to "it just works"? regards, TerryB
  22. NAS Newbie -can I believe all I read?

    seven years ago I built a 10T server for under $2K. if I was going to do a build like it today I would make a few changes. the first would be to find a case that let me more easily swap the hard drives. as I built this box primarily for backups I would have to make sure that TiME MACHiNE would work better than it did with NAS4FREE. there were issues with write speed that degraded slowly over time and I never figured out why. finally I would make the split my servers up into backups, music, and file serving rather than try to make one do all three tasks. https://knowtech.tv/10t-backup-server-project/
  23. NAS Newbie -can I believe all I read?

    Well everyone - I did (eventually) succumb and bought a Synology DS416 back in mid-August. As of this date I'm still struggling with it. Read on and learn! I have: my old MBP (2009 - non upgradeable) (500GB) and 4GB Ram under OSX El Capitan a Mac mini server (late 2012) (2* 1GB) , 4GB Ram, under High Sierra - running that headless using Screen Sharing through the MBP. First of all I thought that I might be able to populate the DS416 with the miscellany of 2 & 3TB Seagate & WD drives that I have built up over the last couple of years. Wrong! Amber warning lights after 3 weeks so back to the drawing board! Synogy support was quick to point out my error there - desktop drives are (apparently) not up to it for use in a server. I bought a couple of WD Red 4TB drives to run under SRM (took me a while to understand (to some extent) what all that was about! That worked OK and I started moving over all of my music, movie, podcast, audiobook etc. files for iTunes. Running everything through a Synology RT1900ac with various TP-Link switches to accommodate Apple TV 4, and various other gadgets around the place. Now I am a virgin with anything to do with networks but I'm up for a challenge! Now this was where I started to suffer. I've thought for some time that iTunes is ageing and past it, and so it proved! I had more trouble working out libraries, duplicate files and ever-decreasing disc space than even I would have thought possible; Thank the people at Tidy Up for help in sorting that lot out - even using a NAS; it's amazing what sort of mess one can get into. That doesn't include the fact that iTunes really likes to play in its own sandpit of a home drive for everything and at the slightest network hiccup will lose its library address and present a blank where that should be! Meanwhile, I added 2 more WD Red 4TB drives (this was getting expensive!) and created 2 volumes of 4 Tb each (2*4 AND 2*4) ; I had visions of doing backups of the the mini, the MBP and for Time Machine as well. Huh! Read on! Over the last couple of weeks trying to add everything to iTunes on Volume 1, now I've sorted out what to keep, I've progressively deleted files after loading through iTunes to the iTunes Library to maximise the NAS storage space. Now, if you bother to do a search through the Synology forum data-base for items on e.g. "volume disk space decreasing" you will encounter items from 2009 or later on this issue: whatever you do to make disk space available by deleting files and emptying recycle bins, the available disk space continually decreases! I've tried every suggestion that I've found to no avail and am still waiting for a response from Synology tech support on this. A basic question might be - why are users still posting this as a problem after 8 years? Right now I'm shuffling data around to clear Volume 1 so that I can (in desperation) re-initialise the volume. to clear the space - I reckon about 800GB. So that's where I am at the moment folks - read, take pity and (even better) if you know what to do to clear up the Synology NAS disk space issue PLEASE give me a shout! cheers, TerryB, Northumberland, England
  24. Ghost file blocking Network connection

    either the protocol to use that server is something High Sierra no longer supports OR the certificates are wonk. bad certs and how to fix them are at the end. https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/390006-cannot-connect-to-server-receiver-127-high-sierra/ protocol no longer supported. https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/307174/osx-high-sierra-l2tp-vpn-cannot-connect-to-server the fix for the former might be: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207112
  25. I am stumped with a Mac that has a “Ghost” file that is preventing me to connect to any server. Even random numbers in the server address cause this error message to pop up that is can’t find this particular file. How do I make this Mac running High Sierra forget this old path?
  26. Airport Extreme slowing down my connection

    Did you double check that you are not creating a double NAT on the network when you connect the Airport Express?
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