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  2. make sure there is enough space on the disk you are trying to upgrade. a completely full disk will prevent it from working. the hard drive itself may be bad -- errors on tracks or sectors due to age. use Carbon Copy Cloner to copy it to a new SSD then do the upgrade on the new drive.
  3. Please help me, I have projects I need to complete: Mac OS Mohave_Upgrade from High Sierra (5 days trying to install) Hangs on install. I have tried the following: 1: Download from Mac App Store and ran Mac OS Mohave Installer 2-Command + R, I have tried this 3-I tried to install from a 2008 MacBook Pro, using Target Disk Mode. All of theses items get me to about 80 % and then it hangs, I will wait 3-8 hours and nothing, IO am forced to Force Shutdown. When to boot up holding down Option Key, I do not see my hard drive, it only shows 2 Mac OS Mohave Installers. Please help me resolve this ASAP. Thanks in Advance, Sebastian
  4. Huskermn

    trouble\ reading main text

    iBooks has been replaced by Books.
  5. Huskermn

    how can get my iBooks application back.it's missing

    iBooks went away. It's now the Books app.
  6. Thank you for the reply John. Actually her old monitor did not fail. My failure as you alluded to was that I have not kept up with monitor resolutions. I should have realized that the reason that this older 32" monitor cost less than half the price of the current equivalent from ViewSonic was because of the lower resolution. The result was that instead of seeing more information everything was just larger. My fault for not keeping up with this. Thankfully it was not a very expensive mistake. I will probably get her a higher resolution monitor to replace it and use this one myself as my eyesight is diminishing with age and with this monitor I might not need my glasses when using it.
  7. i have lost all m ibooksin my applications folder can some help an old git to get them back.went to mac app store,nothing only ibook authoors... hope some ideas can srt me out
  8. nice to see that the display failed gracefully instead of just not working. I am asked about old hardware all the time. "will this new thing work with my old thing?" sometimes yes. usually not. I do not guess anymore. looking up the specs before ordering away saves everyone time and money. "everymac" keeps the score better than Fruitco. here is their list of the Mac Mini. https://everymac.com/systems/apple/mac_mini/index-macmini.html
  9. This may be an opportunity for others to learn from my mistake. Of course if I am wrong please correct me. My wife has an older Mac mini, late 200, and because of the nature of the work she does her screen gets really crowded. So I decided to give her a new 32" ViewSonic curved monitor. Her previous monitor was 24". What I thought was that the images would remain the same size with the result that she could have more 'screen real estate'. Unfortunately it appears that what happened is that the images are now 50% larger. I appears that her computer's video card/chip has a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 which is the same as the monitor's maximum resolution. By way of example, an icon on her desktop prior to the monitor upgrade was ½" long across the bottom. After the upgrade the same icon measured ¾" across the bottom. So she gained no additional working space just larger icons.
  10. Okay, so I stumbled upon a solution myself, and it only took me 2 months: If you just touch the stack, it unstacks. Then there is an option to "Show Less" to restack the alerts.
  11. johnfoster

    Applescript Utility in Mojave?

    on Mohave AppleScript was largely removed. even the AppleScript Editor was renamed to Script Editor. https://support.apple.com/guide/script-editor/welcome/mac some of the functions of AS Utility were dropped into that app. for example the add to Menu feature. http://www.twdesigns.com/how_to/how_to_reveal_applescript_menu.php
  12. Hi all! I am currently using a 2012 Mac mini Server and a Synology DS416 to store the majority pf my media. I have many recordings of shows etc stored in iTunes on the DS and I normally annotate the lyrics metadata with my notes about the recording, I can (could) then search for a particular item. In view of the limitations of the iTunes software relic, I was able, historically, to search in iTunes using the AppleScript Lyrics 1.0 (which incidentally I had a hell of job re-locating on the web!). Previously I used the Applescript Utility to add this script but I notice that this does not exist in Mojave. Any ideas please on how to use this now, or is there a more up-to-date approach? TerryB PS how has the web become a real jungle?: there appears to be such a mass of antique data out there which I have not yet found how to exclude (you will note how old this script is too!).
  13. LexingtonRay

    Spectrum app for Apple TV

    Speaking of Apple vaporware: WWDC Apple announced that the Spectrum TV app would be coming to APPLE TV by the famous "End of the year." https://www.cnet.com/news/apple-tv-can-replace-your-charter-spectrum-cable-box-later-this-year/ Anyone heard anything more about it? Or is it stuck in Apple Heaven with the AirPower Wireless Charger?
  14. aussie_chris

    trouble\ reading main text

    can anyone help,please. i am an old visionn impaired old git and am having trouble reading sub text or stories etc,under the headlines,as it is very very light i can see the headlibe but that is all. very hard to read the whole story. any help would be appreciated,
  15. Pierrevanmouche

    Switch HD formatting from Case Sensitive to Case Insensitive

    Hello John, Thanks for this option. It's not the one I am looking for as a final solution, but for sure it's an option to the short/mid term. Thanks again Pierre
  16. johnfoster

    Switch HD formatting from Case Sensitive to Case Insensitive

    make a DMG that is CaSEinSentiveE with Disk Utility then have that image automatically mount after a reboot. make the size of it 200M bigger than OneDrive so it does not hang from being out of space (guessing on this). finally point the OneDrive app to the DMG. https://support.apple.com/guide/disk-utility/create-a-disk-image-dskutl11888/mac
  17. Ok, your first question probably is why I want to do this? Well, actually I don't want to do this, but I see no other option. I was using MS's OneDrive on my iMac; and yes, I need OneDrive to work with my colleagues in two different companies. It's no option to move to e.g. Dropbox or iCloud. Everything worked fine until I upgraded to Mojave and had some issues with a couple of files. I reformatted the HD (to not Case Sensitive) and wanted to import by backup data from the SuperDuper! backup. That was not possible as Mojave told me it couldn't import to a non-Case Sensitive formatted HD from a Case Sensitive backup. So I reformatted the HD again as Case Sensitive and everything worked fine, .... Except OneDrive. Although OneDrive worked fine on my case-Sensitive HD in the past, I couldn't reinstall OneDrive anymore; case-sensitive HD's are no longer supported. What can I do to convert my HD from case-Sensitive to non-Case Sensitive without having to install all my software manually again? Main reason: it would take a lot of time and I don't have installable copies of all my software anymore. Thanks for any suggestion - really appreciated! Pierre
  18. where is the Mac that has a slot for an “off the shelf” GPU, RAM slots for 128 gee bees of RAM, and 3.5” drive bays? the Mac that I want is for me, the media professional. I do not care what the case looks like, I do not want it to be small, I want the flexibility where I am not depending on the vendor for specific parts or configurations. if you open a Dell catalog, yes they are so old school that mailers come once every 6 weeks, you get a sense of what a REAL computer company offers. a solution for every part of my business. on top of that the pricing is such that I never stop to consider something like, “can I build this for less?” then look at HP or Lenovo. all three of these companies are selling solutions across the board from cheap as possible to iron horse to worker bee. the Mac Mini is a joke at so many levels. one of them is the cooling of that design. the boards are stacked in a way that fan if the fan fails the Mac will stop working. the built in power supply does not help the design either. the inside is very fragile as proven by the 2012 version. removing the hard drive cable or the requirement to disconnect the fan from a tiny connector that can easily break even in the hands of a skilled upgrader means that FruitCo only pretended to make the box upgradable. had the 2018 Mac returned to a more traditional case cooling would not be such an issue. and there could be more CPU options across the line. and a possibility of a real GPU. speaking of GPU…why is it that the only Macs that have GPUs are 2X the price? I feel like there is an agenda to push Turdbolt at any cost. with the idea you will bolt on a GPU box when you need the power. or pay extra for a external hard drive because of the Apple Tax. FruitCo really needs to do customer surveys. or maybe they do and the company just does not care about the creative professional market. sigh.
  19. davejacko

    Dictate on Apple TV 4K

    Hi folks, hope all is well. A few weeks after I purchased the Apple TV the dictate function that I use for searching stopped working. It also didn’t work on the iPhone remote app so I figured it was not the hardware. I tried all the usual steps, restart and reset and restore but nothing worked. Then the remote wouldn’t let me scroll down so I booked a repair with Apple, sent the box into them and they sent me a replacement unit. I have had the replacement unit for 6 days now and the dictate has stopped working again. We don’t have the Siri Remote features yet in Ireland (its still only available in limited countries) but we can search using our voice. Apple support seem stumped at this one, I’m waiting to hear back as the case has been escalated but i just wondered if you might know what the issue may be. thanks, Dave Apple TV 4k, iOS 12.0.1
  20. So there is much that I find useful with iOS 12, but one that I do not find useful is the stacking or threading of banner announcements in the lock screen. How is this at all helpful? It just means that I can only see the most recent from any given source, but that may not be the one that interests me. So my question is: How do I get rid of this useless "feature"? I can't find any way in Notifications, and thus far I haven't found anything in General, and I'm at a loss.
  21. Ceoltoir

    Contact Syncing on Mac

    Thanks for the reply, John. At the very least I now know that my google-fu is not as bad as it seemed I'll check out that FullContact app. Might be very useful.
  22. johnfoster

    Contact Syncing on Mac

    searching on "office365 Mac contact sync" shows a lot of "I need help too!" which seems odd that it does not just work given how well the MS ecosystem syncs. I was completely impressed by how well it worked when I used a Windows Phone and Windows 1o. I really did not care if it made it to a Mac but with that thing called OneSync or maybe it was called SyncOne oh wait OneDrive photos and documents were right there. anyway, I looked. seems like there is no easy answer to point you toward.
  23. johnfoster

    Contact Syncing on Mac

    this thing called "FullContact" seems to solve this problem. and evidently it is a problem because a tool like this exists.
  24. Ceoltoir

    Contact Syncing on Mac

    I've searched the Google for a solution to this, but everything I have found is either not answered, doesn't work, or is for the iOS contacts app. Here's the issue. I've recently added a work contact from our work email (office 365.com) to my exchange account. This person is listed as a contact on the office365 website. The contact immediately showed up on my iPhone and iPad under contacts. This person is not, however, showing up on my Mac. I've tried turning mail, calendar, and contacts off under system settings AND in the Contacts app to no avail. Any suggestions?
  25. johnfoster

    Memory upgrade

    strange sense of Deja Vu all over again. I thought I just wrote an answer for this.
  26. johnfoster

    Little Macbook Pro that Could...

    verifying… yes. according the memory sellers the 2011 MBP will support 16GB of RAM. if you are upgrading then spend the little extra money for more. remember, more is more. there is a benefit to a point and after that there is not much help from the more is more feature. Photoshop, for example, does not get better above 2GB. at least for the stuff I do. so I clamp it at that so the rest of my tools do not get RAM starved. the default setting for PS is to gobble up 80%. and as long as you are spending money on upgrades get a 500GB SSD. this is like getting a new Mac. boot speed will drop from over a minutes to around 20 seconds. put the old spinny hard drive in an optical bay sled (yes remove the burner as you never use it anymore or is broken) for extra storage. and it helps with the transfer of all you stuff to the new SDD using CCC. optional optical drive sled. search eBay for "Universal Optical bay 2nd HDD Hard Drive Caddy":
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