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  2. Convincing employer to introduce Macs at work

    Gotcha, at least she was receptive! That is always a good sign. I would possibly want to ask IT at some point, my reasoning for that is I don't know what point of the upgrade cycle they are in. Myself, I am about to purchase the update windows server license plus all respective CALs needed. So quite a pretty penny, especially if all of a sudden I just had Macs to support and wouldn't need these licenses. But yeah, I completely understand IT not taking that initiative, usually have plenty going on and it makes a bit of work to completely switch like that.
  3. Convincing employer to introduce Macs at work

    There is no particular reason beyond that it has always been Windows, like for many large corporates. I suppose that there is some software where no macOS version is available (SAP from what I understand does not run on macOS) but no all people have to use this software. I held the presentation yesterday. It went quite well. The person uses Macs at home as well and understands my arguments. So not the question is how do we take it from here. I suppose trying to get IT involved at this early stage is not helpful. After all, they could have initiated something like that themselves. So we will probably approach it from the HR perspective.
  4. Start up MacBook Pro 2011

    You removed your internal drive, placed it into an enclosure and it then booted? As long as you're careful, there really isn't much more to worry having it external than if it was internal or any other external drives. So strange that the cable decided to give out. Wish you luck!
  5. Convincing employer to introduce Macs at work

    Hi Sebastian, Just wondering if there is a specific reason for why you have Windows systems at the moment? Particular software or something else? To help provide specific examples. But besides that, I think most of what you have stated is fair. I wish you luck on your quest! Hopefully they will see it as wise investment.
  6. Hi, I want to convince my employer to introduce Macs at work. I have there arguments. In short: Macs make users more productive because: easier and more intuitive to use than Windows less clicks to get to the target far fewer annoyances Diversifying cyber risk most malware is OS specific i.e. most runs only on Windows we can diversify cyber risk by having a portion of computers being Macs Macs have lower TCO (total cost of ownership) than Windows PCs lower support calls higher residual value (http://www.cio.com/article/3133945/hardware/ibm-says-macs-save-up-to-543-per-user.html) and (http://www.businessinsider.com/an-ibm-it-guy-macs-are-300-cheaper-to-own-than-windows-2016-10) Monopolies (Microsoft Windows) in enterprise always mean high costs Better employee engagement users can use the tools they are most comfortable with driver for employee engagement - up 10% you at IBM (http://www.computerworld.com/article/3131906/apple-mac/ibm-says-macs-are-even-cheaper-to-run-than-it-thought.html) I am preparing a presentation to our corporate development/strategy department and HR. I was wondering if you had any additional arguments, success stories (besides the one at IBM where they have 100,000 Macs deployed) or tips for me. Kind regards Sebastian
  7. Start up MacBook Pro 2011

    Greetings, Thank you for the "most liked" content on September 4, 2012... However... Survival of a MacBook Pro 2011... Recently, my laptop began booting with a folder and question mark. Help from YouTube, my dad, and a very small tool kit... Offered me the opportunity to boot my Macintosh HD via hard drive enclosure. However, before I take any final steps to replace the hard drive cable.... Is there anything I should be weary about? How long can a hard drive survive in an enclosure? Thanks again~
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  9. downloading albums

    Hey Chris, sorry for the very late reply on this. Is this issue happening for Apple Music albums or is this stuff that you own and have uploaded? I have had this happen and always fixed it by selecting all the tracks in the library, for both "albums", and then choosing 'Edit > Get Info…' (Command+I). You will get a warning that you are about to edit multiple items, but just click 'OK'. Now just go through and make sure 'Album Title' in the 'Details' tab and the 'album' values in the 'Sorting' tab are all EXACTLY the same. Make especially sure the 'sort as' value for the album in the sorting tab is set. When you click OK the album should be all back together in iTunes. Good luck.
  10. Who do you contact when Apple Pay doesn't work at retailer?

    Apple does have an Apple Pay section on their support site. I would say start there. There does seem to be a link on that page, near the bottom, called "Help me with Apple Pay" with a link for customers. Clicking that starts a help "wizard". I don't know if there is path to get you connected with a real person. If that doesn't work also at the bottom the same screen is an "Apple Pay Feedback" section and link. It does take you to a form and one of the options is, "I'm a customer and Apple Pay did not work as expected", so maybe that will work. Personally I can tell you at more and more retailers I'm being told Apple Pay doesn't work. This includes some retailers where I've used Apple Pay in the past. To make things worse, often the clerks will also add, …"but Samsung Pay works". It's annoying. I think Apple has a SERIOUS Apple Pay issue at retail. It's all fine and great that they have bank and credit card company support, but if it doesn't work at the point of sale then the whole thing is a failure. Apple really needs to become a better partner with retailers in my opinion.
  11. That time of the year!

    Hey, thanks man. Another year gone by quick.
  12. That time of the year!

    Happy Birthday, Adam. Hope you have a great day and another good year.
  13. We use Apple Pay whenever and wherever we can. We've been to 4 local Panera Bread locations and Apple Pay doesn't work at any of them (for me, anyway) or success is spotty. One location told me, after I'd had yet another payment declined, that oh yeah, you have to use the other terminal, this one doesn't work. It's not my card, it always works when I use it manually. Panera is the only place my Apple Pay doesn't work. So do I contact the retailer? the bank? Apple? What incentive does the retailer have to make sure their terminals work right? I assume they have some way of knowing how many sales are paid for with Apple Pay, but if my card is declined every time, would they know that I'm trying?
  14. "Messages" problem

    Check your Internet Accounts in System Preferences and assure your Message account is active. I had to say 'Configure in Messages' to be able to sign in properly.
  15. Overseas travel with laptop

    prepare your Mac for traveling. make a backup either with Time Machine, Carbon Copy Cloner, or SuperDuper. then you won’t care if it gets stolen. delete anything that might get you arrested or questioned by customs. movies, BiG DMGs or ISOs, naughty JPGs or MPGs. even MP3s. the less you have the better. consider not traveling with the forever history that is email. even better. just make a new USER account. make it auto log into. and make it look like you work there. then if need your other life you can log into it. now ask yourself… can I live with without what is on this machine if it is stolen or taken away from me? I was traveling in Mexico earlier this year. there was a moment when I thought I had lost my phone. it is connected to Twitter, instagram, Lüber, four different email accounts, ONEdrive, and work related stuff. I had this moment of… how do I fix this problem. and then I found that I had put my “life” in a different part of my bag. phew… still. made me realize how open I had made myself. coming back into the US. the conversation was: entering a different country was weird. the customs agent was very curious about my Staedtler pens. as if the pens were not pens but a smuggling device. I opened each one and drew a doodle to prove they were pens. she oddly did not believe me until I made her draw in my notebook as well. I guess it felt like a pen to her. “you an artist?” as she leafed through my sketch book. “yes.” “okay. follow him.” and I was guided to a short line for passport inspection and stamping.
  16. "Messages" problem

    Greetings! Hopefully there is a simple solution for this one. I communicate each day with Messages on my iMac. My husband also uses a Macbook Pro at his work. We have used this chat method for the last 8-9 years. Suddenly two weeks ago, each of us does not show up in the chat on either end. We have tried going through Bonjour through Messages preferences but no luck. (not sure if that is really an issue though) Am I missing something really simple? This all of the sudden stopped working. Thanks for your help! Glen
  17. Overseas travel with laptop

    I'll be spending several weeks in China this Summer. Any advice on traveling with a laptop? Is it worth taking or just stick to iPads and iPhones? What can I expect at customs going and coming? Thanks in advance.
  18. downloading albums

    every now and again,when i download an album, i get tracks 2-10 say,then i get a sinle track, donloaded separtly. so i get 2 album covers.. click on 1 cover,there is only one track listed..no. 1 click on the 2nd cover,there iare the rest of the album, tracks 2-10. why is this happening and is there a way to combine both covers and show only 1 cover and all tracks as well. hope this can make sense to someone and any ideas, very welcomed
  19. Friends, We have an account running Mac OS 10.10, Server 5.0.15. We have twelve iMac's running 10.10. Server Shared Files - (MS Office) user edits file and then hits Save - gets message that connection has been lost. They save with another name and then delete the file they opened - this occurs daily. Don't know if this is related, but we also get very slow access to the server after a few hours of work. We shut down the work station (it takes a LONG time) - we restart in safe mode and then restart normally and we can access the shared files fine for a few hours. (sounds like finder cache corruption ???)
  20. So I am listening to a podcast using Pocketcast and I get in the car - Why does it always change to play something from the Music app. Doesn't matter if I connect by cable of connect by Bluetooth. I want the iPhone to continue playing what I was already listening to. Any ideas anyone?
  21. obviously NOBODY at Apple changes iThings. the WRONG phone was shipped from Verizon. "no big deal," they said, “just activate that one. and we will send you the correct one.” cool. a week later the correct thing shows up. nice. she turned it on, it suggested a number to call to activate Thing 2. calling on Thing 1, type number of the thing to activate, click yes. disconnected. oh, it switched it THAT fast. zowie! cool right? HELLO! BONER! HOLA! the rest of setup is the stock, answer questions, no finger print. no lock password either. enter a AppleID password, spins on iClod for a while. finally, icons. next, plug in the Ning connector to restore the phone from the 12 minute old back up. ERROR cannot sync to this version of Thing. weird. it’s new. okay? update. enter iClod password that was just entered 6 minutes ago. update starts. 4o minutes later it restarts. HELLO! BONER! HOLA! enter ALL that stuff and make the same settings choices AGAIN… plug the Ning connector to restore the phone from the 72 minute old back up. ERROR message, DISABLE FiND MY THiNG to CONTiNUE. fine. where is that? nope. not a menu called FIND MY THiNG in SYSTEM. oh there it is. uncheck. plug back in. syncing starts. it grinds in iTub. (why is this still iTubs?) but this is the wrong sync. oh yeah, we have to click something. click RESTORE. nope. ERROR message, DISABLE FiND MY THiNG to CONTiNUE. look it up in G search. oh. this feature is in iClod? off'd. plug back in. more wrong syncing starts. click Restore. the THiNG screen changes. you know it is working because the iThing screen changes. why was Find My THiNG turned on? the thing KNOWS it is a NEW phone. it was JUST ACTIVATED! 4o more minutes goes by. eventually the THiNG restarts. HELLO! BONER! HOLA! enter ALL that stuff and make the same settings choices AGAIN! finally, the correct lock screen and all the pictures are there. elapsed time to switch from THiNG 1 to THiNG 2? about 3 hours. grrrrr. wow. nobody at Fruit Co has ever done this. otherwise it would not be so many steps.
  22. I am using a 2011 21.5 inch iMac. Now I have Bootcamp set up as well as Parallels. The version of Windows is Windows 7. Now the problem I am having is that when I boot into the Bootcamp partition I get the blue screen of death. When I use Parallels there are no problems in getting into Windows. Does this mean there is something wrong with the partition? If so how best to fix this issue? Will it mean having to delete the partition and start again? If it means that then I will have wait ages for all the updates. Any help would be appreciated.
  23. new Intel CPUs

    the sweet spot is not the top. but that third spot from the top. that is the price and the performance that will get the job done for half the cost without being significantly less fast. now, if you are typing you do not need need that CPU. but if your job is rendering pixels just add the second from the TOP GPU and you off you go. oh wait, we cannot in the land of Mac. grrr. once again Fruit Co will be very very behind on the times on this. what we need is a modern CHEEESE GRATER not a shiny donut. http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/processors/core/x-series.html https://newsroom.intel.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/11/2017/05/Intel-Core-X-series-Fact-Sheet.pdf
  24. can anyone advie me as to how,if possible,mark any audiobook that i have already read. and what ones i have not read. would be very helpfull as i am a blind guy who is a d imac user and have a great deal of books and i load a few to read on my ipad pro. then i find i have already listeened to them and then i have to start all over agai thanks for any suggestions chris an aussie member
  25. What do us macgeeks listen to? (Music)

    Here we go:- 1) Queen 2) Yes 3) Foo Fighters 4) Cara Dillon 5) Iron Maiden Song: Love of my Life - Queen
  26. Podcasts that us MacGeeks listen to

    Here's mine:- 1) Mac Power Users 2) The MacCast 3) Mac Geek Gab 4) Kermode and Mayo's Film Review 5) Clockwise I subscribe to (and love) The Economist for the audio version but don't class this as a podcast.
  27. Poor Apple Podcast App

    I have used Downcast & Pocketcasts but have now gone back to Apple's Podcast app, the sync has greatly improved (had major problems with Downcast sync). Also, I use the integration with iTune on my Mac (I'm paralysed from the neck down and iTunes is the easiest way to organise my podcasts). I agree that downloads can be slow but stability to me is overall better than the third party apps I've tried.
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