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  2. Hi, Wonder if someone can shed some light on this. I ran a utility called "namebench" to determine if i could speed up our internet connection. With the results in hand, do I put these DNS settings into the router or the computer? I did put them in the router to begin with, then when i went to run "namebench" again, it auto populated the current DNS setting with what was in the computer (which hadn't been altered). I assumed the DNS it would be using or sensing would be the ones from the router? I travel a lot between countries and so if i set this in the computer, i need to keep removing them when i leave my home, then back again when i return home. Cheers
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  4. the AppleID is out of control. I just tried to upgrade OX on a Mac that was not in my control. the machine complained about the password, wanted to verify that it was by the Two Step verification, demanded the credit card numbers for the account which the person does NOT travel with. when the button, “card is not amiable” was click the dialog said, “now in recovery mode, this will take DAYS to fix”. this has to penalize lots of people who are NOT rock movie important stars that are just wanting to use a Mac to do some work. this is the kind of thing that makes me want to use Fruit Co products less and less. what really pisses me off is that this is a FREE upgrade. so why the specific information grab? I do NOT get it…
  5. Just for clarity @Huskermn that warning is in regards to the next point release of iOS, so you should be safe going from 10.3.X to another 10.3.X. It's when Apple moves to 10.4 that they will drop support for old 32-bit apps and they will stop working.
  6. I VERY much agree on the " there are better editors" statement. I'm a big fan of SublimeText and really Xcode is pretty awesome and free.
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  8. there is no going backward on iOS. the biggest issue is that FruitCo will NOT sign old versions after a certain amount of time. usually the window is about 10 days for going back after a new iOS is released. the best thing to do if you decide you need something specific that will only run on a specific version is to "abandon archive in place". that is you get a iThing, install that app, and then NEVER upgrade it again. this is possible now that iPhone 5 or 5s are so cheap. granted, it sucks having to manage more than one device. but this is something that I do now. I have a device that I used ONLY for reading comics. and another is dedicated to music. I really do not care that the "synth" might not never get upgraded.
  9. I have a couple apps that my iPhone has warned me will not work with 'future' updates of iOS. So, I am now hesitant to update to 10.3.2. Can I backup to my computer and then restore to a previous version of iOS or does the restore just get my data, etc. back? Thanks, folks.
  10. It's specific to being played on the iPhone. And it's intermittent. Some tracks don't sync one and sync the next time. I'll try the login ID and see if that helps, thanks. EDIT: Yep. exact same login on both
  11. that requirement is for working with iOS stuff. and I gave up on that two years ago. there was too much ridiculousness for requirements that FruitCo made for me to want to put up with. visual studio vs visual studio. stupido. tools should NEVER have the same same name name. ever ever. sure, one is called CODE and the other is called IDE. one looks like a tool for work while the other kinda sorta looks like a toy. except why is there a difference? there should be ONE editor that works on code. not two. and this idea that there are THREE versions of IDE is even more maddening. I spent twenty minutes with CODE. most of the Extensions I tried did not work on a Mac but did work on Windows. I would say don't bother on either. there are better editors than this misaligned thing.
  12. that should fix it!
  13. Ok, I've adjusted some of the storage limits a bit so hopefully you can upload now.
  14. Thanks for all the updates @johnfoster! Let me look into why you're being blocked on uploading files. Possibly a limit I have set in the forum settings.
  15. Hey @Francis_Reyes, I tied doing this on my old 2011 MacBook Pro and was never really successful, but it's supposedly possible. The tool that was recommended is It looks like they say this is "mostly working" with macOS Sierra. When I tried it I remember it being really important to get the correct dongle as only certain ones seem to be supported. If you do try and get it working can you report back here to let us know? Thanks.
  16. Hey @johnfoster you might they looking at VisualStudio Code,, as a test vs. the full VisualStudio IDE. I think Code is more in line with the capabilities of TextWrangler and BBEdit. That said, it's interesting that full Visual Studio would not install. Do you have Xcode installed? That seems to be one of the system requirements for the full Visual Studio for Mac:
  17. I have not noticed this, but have not been paying that close attention. That would be very annoying though. Is it only an issue with tracks played on the iPhone or if you play the track in iTunes on the mac is it the same issue? Have you verified that the email you're login into iTunes on the iPhone is EXACTLY the same email you're logged into iTunes on the Mac with? I've noticed problems when say I use my '' address on one device and then my '' address on another. Both are technically the SAME address for logging into iTunes, but Apple's sync systems seem to get thrown off by it.
  18. I've noticed this increasing the past month or so. Syncing my iPhone 6 with iTunes used to have a handful (maybe three) songs that wouldn't be updated in iTubes after listening to them all the way through on the phone. Within the past month that has increased to whole albums many of which used to sync play dates and play counts fine. Has anyone else noticed this or know of a fix? Annoying as hell.
  19. @MacCast I am on a trip and a similar thing is happening to me on my iPhone. For no reason it says uploading all my photos to my icloud photo library on my iphone and it's stuck not moving for over a week now. It was updating fine and was up to date, but all of a sudden this happened for no apparent reason. I don't really want to turn off icloud photo library while I am away. I'll fix it when I get back in the states but it kinda sucks cause my photos will not download now and if I want to edit a photo it says it can't download it from icloud. I have it set to optimize. Icloud photo library is awesome, when it works I do have a backup of my photos on my mac as that is not set to optimize. I uploaded my new photos to amazon prime photos which is unlimited free. I actually pay for that. My videos can wait as the upload speed here is not good and I shot 4k video. I may just connect the cable to my mac and manually import it if it will let me do that with icloud photo library turned on.
  20. I was going to do a short write up of the differences of using Text Wrangler (recently discontinued), bbEdit, and this new editor from Microsoft called Visual Studio. I had a test case ready which was an actual project that I am currently working on. except VS would not install. it got stuck in the middle of checking itself before running. I blame Java. my old OX. or the fact that it is a first release. oh well. DELETED. back to work in Text Wrangler.
  21. Hi everyone, I have a mid-2011 iMac 27". This means that my system's Continuity/Handoff function is limited. If I am not mistaken, this is because of the Bluetooth version my system supports. My question is can I get the full Continuity/Handoff function if I get one of those Bluetooth USB dongles sold in Amazon, instead of me getting a new iMac. I see there is a version that supports Bluetooth 3.0 and another that supports Bluetooth 4.0. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you. FRANCIS
  22. Thanks I will give it a try but this started last October. Or so. Cant figure it out. Joe
  23. Try again. The last update had broken some podcast things, but looks like many of them are fixed now at least for me.
  24. Both of these answers are correct, but in different ways. The one @johnfoster is recommending will mean that the `.log` files will always open with Sublime Text as the default (may or may nor be what you want). Chances are though that without the fix @djurgensen describes Sublime Text would not even show up in the 'Open With:' list (at least not as a "recommended" application). The PLIST hack he describes is needed so OS X even knows that Sublime Text is a valid app for opening `.log` files. Of course that's just for the 'show recommend' list. You could always select the 'Show all' or 'Other…' from the dropdown and choose any app you want.
  25. And, if you want some REALLY OLD SCHOOL games, check out this - Full emulation Apple ][
  26. Hi about 3 months ago i tunes stopped downloading my new podcast. I get the cloud with the download arrow but the episodes won't download anymore. A;so the subscribe button will not work I click it and nothing happens. I have deleted the preference files in the library with no luck, I have updated the OS and I have the latest i tunes version. any thoughts why this is happening Joe
  27. That's too bad. I have talked to several folks, on and off line, and they all would like to use PayPal more but just can't get it to work in a store.
  28. did you try the Command-I "Open with:" then click the Change All button?
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