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  2. I am stumped with a Mac that has a “Ghost” file that is preventing me to connect to any server. Even random numbers in the server address cause this error message to pop up that is can’t find this particular file. How do I make this Mac running High Sierra forget this old path?
  3. Airport Extreme slowing down my connection

    Did you double check that you are not creating a double NAT on the network when you connect the Airport Express?
  4. Mac Server Share - permissions

    I am suffering the same thing after upgrading to 5.4. Users connected to the server end up with Finder crashing and having to hard reboot their machines! One thing I found was that connecting via Bonjour was causing the majority of the problems.
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  6. Upgrading 2011 MacBook Pro

    16 GB is it on the portables. if you are needing more RAM or CPU/GPU or storage consider on of the 2008-2010 Mac Pro. you can get one of these for $400 or less. for this price you will not find one with a modern GPU. there are a few options for cards that will just drop in and work in the $100 range. do not be tempted for a more expensive more more card. and at some point a faster GPU will not help you. RAM wise you can get 32GB for under a $1oo. almost all of the available RAM is retired from servers so it is cheap. you do not need to get RAM with BiG fins as Apple warns. whatever, that Mac is long out of warrantee. as I use tablets more and more I find my need for "portable Mac" nearly non-existent. and I really only use one when I travel. that Mac, a last of its kind 13" MPB, has 8GB of RAM and an SSD. it captures photos, edits, and has a workable keyboard. I loath the trackpad on it. when or if it stops working I will not replace it with another Mac. or maybe it will be a MacBook Air that gets gifted to me as this stuff happens. "want this?" she said. "sure… I can recycle it. thanks!" one of my tado items is to do work on a Chromebook. given that these things are so cheap it has been on my radar to do a test. I have been reluctant because I do not like the far reach of any giant corporation(s). my files are my files blah blah blah. but there are reasons to work this way. maybe it will kinda sorta work for me. dunno. unrelated to any of this. and more so you know where I am coming from how I use computers. I was given two older iPad. one of them I dedicated to the task of reading comics. the other is a synth because it does not work unless it has power.
  7. Upgrading 2011 MacBook Pro

    In 2011, I bought a top of the line MacBook Pro (2.3 Ghz i7, Hi-res Anti Glare Screen) and it is still going strong (Photoshop, Lightroom, Office, Keynote) due to upgrades along the way. As well as replacing the battery twice and preventative maintenance of replacing the processor's thermal paste (quite a scary job at the time) here's how it now looks: Original Spec included: 750GB HDD, 4GB RAM, DVD Drive, USB 2 Now Running: 256 SDD + 2TB HDD (replacing DVD - as JohnFoster's link), 16 GB RAM + a thunderbolt to USB 3 adaptor I've looked at the latest MacBook Pro models and whilst I would love a retina screen and he performance increases of their new processors and architecture, I would miss the available storage I now have (unless I add over £1000 and custom configure it to include a 2TB SSD) and some of those things Apple used to do to help the professional market choose Apple - for example: All the ports on on side - makes docking much neater Reasonable selection of ports - inc. Mini DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, USB, Ethernet Battery Gauge built into the case MagSafe Also, am I right in thinking the latest MacBooks can only be configured with 16GB RAM? If this is the case, there is no upgrade here as my 2011 is already running with that amount of RAM. I am hoping my 2011 model will soldier on until: - New MacBooks can be configured with 32GB RAM as user upgrades are no longer possible. - Apple release or recommend an official dock to plug into a USB-C port which gives Ethernet, USB 3, DisplayPort etc. - upgrading to 2TB of storage comes down in price. I know this is a Wishlist and don't expect it to all 'come true' - I wonder what are my other options when I need to replace my MacBook Pro - probably go for refurbished older retina model.
  8. During the 12/26/2017 show , it sounded like you were giving Apple an "out" because it had good intentions in slowing down iPhones with bad batteries. As a person with 1st hand experience with this issue on my iPhone 5 a few years ago, I'd like to give my perspective. 1) I had no idea why my phone was shutting down. There were not any messages on the screen indicating that the battery was faulty. The phone would be ok, I'd take it out of my pocket and it would be off. The charge % would jump around from values such as 8% to 50% back to 16% for no apparent reason. 2) Hiding the fact that the battery needs to be replaced is bad as well. Users should be made aware of their phone's "health" so that they can repair it. Hiding problems by slowing down the processor makes the phone more difficult to use and delay the problem. Instead of the owner replacing the battery at a convenient time when it's degraded but still working, the battery will limp along until it unexpectedly fails. It might fail when the owner really needs to get some data off of it. What would work better is do warn that use their battery is degraded , and give them the option of slowing down the processor to extend its life. That transfers accountability away from Apple and back to the owner where it belongs. Users should be allowed to do stupid things with their devices as long as they accept the consequences. Hiding problems is never the answer, and neither is taking choices away from the device owner.
  9. 3rd party Watch Bands

    I've had my Series 1 since early on. Still love it. Have several 3rd party bands and never really had problems. I did buy through Amazon, though so I knew I could return if problems.
  10. 3rd party Watch Bands

    Back when the Apple Watch debuted, I recall there being an issue discussed on the show about 3rd party watch bands needing the correct lugs. Is that still a thing? Or are most 3rd party bands ok now? I don't really see anything like the MFi program, so I'm not sure who to trust. Just got a an apple watch series 1. Lots of small, "magical" moments.
  11. Upgrading 2011 MacBook Pro

    I forgot to add another thing I almost always do. that is, remove the CD/DVD and replace it with another hard drive or another SSD. as a hard drive is BiGGER and CHEAPER compared to an SSD it makes it ideal for the big, archives, apps, and other not so accessed files. the CD / DVD Caddy used to cost lots more. but now that this particular Mac is old the upgrade is really cheap. eBay is your friend. for example… https://www.ebay.com/itm/SATA-3-III-2nd-HDD-SSD-Opitcal-Caddy-Adapter-for-2009-2010-2011-2012-MacBook-Pro/252069988251?epid=918124682&hash=item3ab08ac79b:g:iYcAAOSwMmBV3XKY:sc:USPSFirstClass!94158!US!-1
  12. Upgrading 2011 MacBook Pro

    Thanks john foster. I will let you know how it works out
  13. Bluetooth Problem

    because bluetooth sucks? ha! actually because BT is low, low power it has a lot of potential issues. you could put samwich wrapped in foil between the computer and it could stop a keyboard from typing. I had a troubled installation were a big conference room display had an iMac mini hooked up to it. the BT keyboard worked until you got to mid table. then it just wonked. the solution? add a giant antenna to the Mini. this got the range to beyond the other end of the table. then the CEO bitched about not being able to see the display so he bought 7o". what a waste of money that was. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201542
  14. Bluetooth Problem

    Actually don't know what model either is. They're Apple and old. So, do you know why it happens?
  15. Bluetooth Problem

    what Moose and Keyboard do you have? I want to make sure I do not buy that pair.
  16. Bluetooth Problem

    To quote Ed McMahon - "You are correct, Sir!" Just played a YouTube video sitting at the machine and bluetooth mouse went wonky until I quit.
  17. Bluetooth Problem

    I bet Bluetooth does not work when iThing is playing a video.
  18. Bluetooth Problem

    Well, it's not really a problem because I have figured out what's happening (kinda). For months now, I've been having occasional problems with both the bluetooth mouse and keyboard on my Mid-2011 iMac. I knew it wasn't OS related because it happened before I upgraded to Sierra. Every so often, the keyboard or mouse would stop responding or just get flaky and not work right. I'd turn them off and reconnect and it MIGHT help. Eventually I figured out it only happened when I had my iPhone sitting on the desk. Then, I figured out it REALLY happened when my iPhone was sitting on the desk AND updating apps. Don't know why it happens but since I can reproduce the problem, I'm pretty convinced I have figured it out.
  19. Upgrading 2011 MacBook Pro

    the steps I always follow are: put the SSD in a external USB case. it can be a USB3 or USB2 case. it does not matter because the MBP from 2011 only has USB2. get the cheapest case you can find because you will never use it again. or you might if you put the old internal drive in here afterward. I would not. but that is because that drive is very old. format the SSD with Disk Utility. then use Carbon Copy Cloner to move the contents of the spinning disk to the SSD. it will take about 3-4 hours to complete. make sure the Energy Saver in System Preferences is set to NEVER sleep so that it will complete the task. once the copy from there to here is completed check that the SSD will boot using Startup Disk in System Preferences. once you know that it does boot, shut down. now, on to brian, err brain surgery. follow the guide on iFixit to open the MBP to replace the hard drive. never mind that there are no specific steps for SSD. the steps are the same same. SSD is a hard drive that does not spin. check all the cables and connections one last time. then close it all up. boot. bong. start up screen. hurray. notice how fast it works now. like it is a brand new Mac. wonder why you waited so long to do this… hurray.
  20. Hello all. I am planning to upgrade the hard drive on my 2011 MacBook Pro using a Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-75E500B/AM) and Super Duper to clone my drive. Has anyone else done this and am I heading in the right direction with this SSD and is it with the investment with such an "old" laptop. Thank you ahead of time for any help.
  21. location of user/profile photo--Sierra

    I don't have an Images subfolder under Library. Is this a default path in the Sierra OS?
  22. location of user/profile photo--Sierra

    in the Finder select "Go to Folder" from the Go menu. then paste this into the pop up: ~/Library/Images/iChat Recent Pictures/
  23. location of user/profile photo--Sierra

    Hi Seth, I'm going to need more detail than that. I found a VAR folder but it's not in Library. I'm not finding a path like that.
  24. location of user/profile photo--Sierra

    Try looking in your VAR folder in Library, Photos folders.
  25. location of user/profile photo--Sierra

    I thought I updated my photo in my user profile on my new MacBook Pro. Indeed, most of the time I see the new photo on my lock screen, but once in a while the old, horrible webcam photo appears. Where can I locate this old photo and get rid of it forever? I Googled, found some crazy-deep path that must have applied to an older OS version, because the folder was empty. Robin
  26. do NOT High Sierra

    it just came out. let other people blaze the trail to new. you have a working Mac today that does everything you need it to do. meaning there is NO NEED to break it. if you wait you will find out what legacy apps that you depend on break. and you won't be the one posting, "AFS ate my photos!" repeat after me… DO NOT UPGRADE! WAIT FOR THE DOT RELEASE! WAIT! WAIT FOR IT!
  27. Setting up Touch ID on MacBook Pro

    I just bought a MacBook Pro. I enabled Touch ID when I initially set up the computer. I restored from the clone backup of my old computer (same OS-Sierra) but I guess because the old one didn't have Touch ID, it overwrote that, or whatever. In any case, it's no longer set up. Now I want to set it up again and I'm running into a problem. It tells me auto login must be turned off (which it is, I log in with a password or my Apple Watch). I Googled around and if I understand what I'm finding, I have to turn off Filevault first. Is decrypting my files (temporarily) a big deal? (ie does it take a long time?). I don't know what it entails. And then of course, when I'm done, I'd have to turn Filevault back on and encrypt them again. Has anyone been through this before? Thanks Robin
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