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  2. starcraft. free.
  3. yes. it is really airquotes easy. although I am never s'posed to use the word easy. in this case it is. you need a two long wires, a momentary switch that is normally open, a case to put that switch in, and a soldering iron. a more "protected" switch would use an opto isolator, a coin battery, and the same physical switch and case as the other mod. use an EASY button, one of the USB do stuff buttons , or an old ARCADE style button. the button doesn't matter so much as the neatness you plan for exiting the wires from the case. it should not look like a five minute hack because is a Mac. it would be just as airquotes easy to make it work with a remote control. if swapping a RAM or a hard drive scares you then forget that I said easy. use IMPOSSiBLE instead.
  4. @MacCastYeah, totally vague. We can only assume. Yeah, I think if it were me I would give it a go too, as I would think there must be something that needs to be fixed or changed because it's going so slow. I assume your upload speed is great since you do many Skype podcasts. Or you can wait a week or so and then do repair Library it needed. I guess might as well wait since it's almost done
  5. very cool @johnfoster. So with this info I guess one could "hack" in their own power button?
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  7. somebody documented the POWER ON pads for nearly all the MacBook. with a careful bit of soldering…
  8. Thanks again @Dudeman. The term "re-update" is even vague. What does that mean exactly? I will probably still give it a go and see what happens, though as I mentioned my computer does seem to still be processing the images just REALLY, REALLY, slowly. As of today it's reporting 15,683 scanned with 3,217 remaining. So it's processed about 9,000 in a month?
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  10. I also posted another reply above this one perhaps this answers your question maybe If you repair a library that's automatically updated with iCloud Photo Library, the entire contents of the library will re-update with iCloud after the repair process completes. seems like this would be a good thing to do but hopefully will not take months If it appears to be stuck again the next day than a restart usually gets it started again maybe a repair isn't necessary but wouldn't hurt to do it and it will start a re-update, reindex, sync, compare whatever you want to call it and that may be why the issue happened because it didn't get a chance to do it perhaps because photos was quit and maybe the reupdate didn't finish although if you do this it's back to square 1 but maybe a necessary square I assume you turned off iCloud Photo Library before restoring the backup if not perhaps that is why it didn't properly start the Re-updating of iCloud which is when it appears that it's downloading everything I must admit when that happened to me I had a similar reaction as you and thought to myself really, really They need to improve iCloud Photo Library especially the issue when it's turned off and on again it thinks it needs way more space than it actually does and people are forced to upgrade storage and downgrade after
  11. My iPhone is set to optimize and mac download Everytime I get a new phone or turn off iCloud Photo Library it does what you said it appears to be downloading all again I assumed it was just comparing and syncing like you said so I let it go and it there was no issues after done I let it go all night long and I may have kept the screen dimmed but don't think that's necessary I think your assumption is correct. Yes I agree I wish we could get more verbose account of what a running process is doing I'm sure you have restarted you mac since this happened that fixed mine when it was stuck I'll bet that company that makes the software Photo Library manager forgot the name used to be called iphoto Library manager Maybe you can email them and ask if it's ok to do that Maybe you can tell them your issue and see if they can offer some advice I think they used to be a sponser
  12. Ok @Dudeman here the thing about running the "repair" on the library. I made a backup of my Library and then tried that. When it finished iCloud Photo Library started reporting that it was "downloading" my 18,000+ image Photo Library. I became scared, quit the app, and restored from backup. I did this for two reasons: Fear that it could duplicate my entire library and then go into some sort of vicious loop Concern it would be eating up a lot of my bandwidth. Now here's the thing, I'm not sure if it was actually "downloading" or not. I did check the Activity Monitor's Network pane and Photos was "downloading" something. It was not as much as I would expect if it was really pulling down everything, but still what WAS it doing? My assumption is despite Photos saying it was "downloading" what it was really doing was "syncing". Doing a comparison and pulling down any differences. Unfortunately in searching Google, StackExchange, the Apple Discussion Boards and such i could not get any definitive answer as to what was happening. These are the times when, as much as I love Apple's manta of simplicity, I wish Apple would provide a much more "verbose" account of what a running process is doing. If anyone knows if it's "safe" to repair a Photo Library that has iCloud Photo Library enabled on it let me know. I have considered turning off iCloud Photo Library on my Mac and trying again, but my concern is what happened when i turn it back on as it will still have to sync with the files I already have up there.
  13. Hi Adam i just woke up this morning and remembered what I did when iCloud Photo Library got stuck on my mac. Everytime it got stuck and I waited longer than I should, restarting the mac got it running again. I may have had to do this a few times also if this doesn't work you may consider running the repair on your library using the keyboard short cuts when opening photos
  14. Haha ya I would think so
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  16. Nope. I think PayPay sees themselves as a competing payment platform. I don't think they'll be supporting Pay anytime soon.
  17. Closest thing I could find was a service and plug-in called 'FoxyProxy' (I know nothing about this company/service). It seems to allow you to set up rules using their plug-in based on URL (not really tabs). So you can activate different proxying scenarios based on rules you set up for different URLs that you might visit.
  18. Am I missing something? I don't see a way to add PayPal to Apple Pay. Surely this is possible.
  19. I'm trying to find out how to enable a VPN for only the window chosen in Safari, if it's possible. Not for all computer traffic, not for all Safari traffic, only for a single Tab or a single Window and it's tabs. Thanks
  20. The only options I can think of are: 1) Maybe add a UPS to the mix. Most UPSs have software that you can configure the unit with for power and I think you can also remotely access and power on and off some of them 2) Use a simple grounded inline switch and extension cord between the Macs power brick and the socket. Locate it someplace that's easier to access. Something like this:
  21. I would say try checking with members of any local Mac Users Group and see if they have old CDs or DVDs with games and keys that they might share with you. I know I have a binder full of every MacAddict shareware CD they ever put out though I could not tell you what's on there. I know 'Burning Monkey Solitaire' from Freeverse was one of my favorite solitaire games. If I locate the binder I can do some poking around and see what i can find. The challenge for any licensed games might be finding keys to unlock them.
  22. Apple store is $129. Authorized Repair $119. Yeah I saw the one at for $99. Since I only use it as a desktop, and it seems to be functioning, I'm going to leave as is until WWDC, to make sure this machine will continue to be supported by the next OS before putting $ into it. Side question, is there a way to turn a mac on without the button? Right now I have a weekly schedule, but it's not very granular. Since the machine runs in clam shell, I've got a monitor stand over it. So it's a pain to slide mac out, lift lid, reach with screw driver. It's a quasi private-public mac. It's under lock and key, I'm the only one who uses it,but the property owners do have a key and could let someone use the room.
  23. Well I kind of got my mom to join me in the World of Mac, even though she was given a older Mac got it updated to 10.3, all she mainly wants it for is basic games like solitare, and mahjong though having trouble find any of those type of games under Mac OS 10.4 or 10.5 so I'm hoping maybe someone on here might be able to help
  24. As one of the new features of the Maccast Forum I have just enabled the ability to add two-factor authentication to your Maccast Forum account using Google Authenticator (or 1-Password, etc.) You'll find the option under your `Account > Account Settings > Account Security`
  25. If you don't mind me asking, what was the quoted price for the battery? OWC offers replacement batteries from NewerTech for $99.00,
  26. UPDATE: Took out the battery yesterday. It seems to be working just fine. I had read taking out the battery severely slows down the processor. I never really tax it, but I haven't noticed anything. Thanks for the help! I emailed the local Apple Authorized repair place. They quoted me $10 less than the Apple store. But then I asked how much for the battery, as I could do the work myself. Same price
  27. I hadn't thought about just running out without a battery. Maybe it's all those screws they put in the way. If the problem isn't the battery but those other 2 items, is it basically toast?
  28. remove the battery. if the problem persists there an issue with either the power module that sits between the motherboard that holds the magnets or the motherboard itself. for some reason the power connector part goes bad sometimes. if the Mac runs normally without the battery you will need to replace it or just run it without the battery.
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