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  1. Recently I have noticed that when playing 2 or 3 videos, (one in Itunes one or two in quicktime) that glitches on the desktop appear (green lines & patches of video frames) I am using flip4mac & Perian, could this be causing this? has anybody else getting this? as it has only started after installing leopard.
  2. This is what pisses me off, Itunes is great and the US have all the options open (movies & ringtones) here in the UK we get to sit here and look at the icons for ages before we can use them!
  3. My Itunes does the same, Internet connection is fine, and I have a non-unlocked 1.1.2 version. Itunes 7.5 & OS 10.5 Been happening since I got it.
  4. In activating my Iphone last Friday, I had to call O2 to get a code. I must of been the first called at about 6.20pm Friday evening, and I called them again to day both times no hold or confusion just help. The press said that they employed thousands to help and it look like it worked. anybody else used the customer services yet?
  5. how about a KisMac for the Iphone, to use some secure wireless networks, not that apple will endorse that?
  6. I'm using quicksilver, but when i go to launch a app i have loads of copies in the quicksilver drop down. Is there a way I can stop it from doing this? I have had a quick look in the settings my but i can only see how to turn off all the drive? any ideas?
  7. Hi Was looking in the webapps directory for Iphone and found IM+ for Skype? I thought this was a big no no, but here is apple promoting Skype on the Iphone. maybe they are playing friendly! Any thoughts?
  8. So not only do you get one of the first Iphones you get a "The cloud" hoodie! Almost enought to get me to join you after work tonight at 4am! Heres a pic i found on flickr :
  9. I don't use PDF very offen, seems only when I come out of Itunes full screen! very odd
  10. Also bought one a while back, I have the wired one on my desk and a wireless one for controling front row from my bed! It's by far the best wireless keyboard out there!
  11. How good would quicksilver be on the iphone! could save loads of time! any other ideas (I mean official ones blessed by HRH Jobs, not hacks)?
  12. Graham, Good luck mate, hope the weather holds for you, looks like a rainy night. Be good to see how long the que is tommrrow.
  13. PapaLazarou, Totally agree with you, I am planning to do the same, swap out to a less smart phone for when drinking! When reading the O2 website about there fair useage policy it says "You may not use your SIM Card in any other device, or use your SIM Card or iPhone to allow the continuous streaming of any audio / video content, enable P2P or file sharing or use them in such a way that adversely impacts the service to other O2 customers." So i supose if you don't hammer the network on your spare phone then it sounds ok?
  14. Found a bit of a bug with leopard, every so often when I come out of screen saver or itunes full screen mode. The dock dies and disappears, it's not on hide, it just is gone! I have to relaunch finder or start a new program to get it back. Has anybody else have this problem?
  15. Graham, your braver than me, I have booked Friday off work so heading down early. I am trying to find out which O2 stores or Car Phone warehouse will have the Iphone, if not all of them? does anybody know?