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  1. So I finally upgraded to macOS Sierra and was looking forward to the new photo analysis features and searching in the macOS Photos app. As you may or may not know it starts scanning your images and running them through Apple's AI engine locally to pick out people, places, and objects in your photos to identify them for searches. It's all run (as far as I can tell) by a background process called `photoanalysisd`. For me it seems to have gotten to 6,904 photos scanned and stopped. It's been here for days and no progress. To make matters worse the language of how it works in this dialog is confusing. Should the Photos app be running and simply in the background or should the app be quit, closed? I have actually tried running it both ways and neither seems to work. I have also tried rebooting the Mac and killing the processes in Activity monitor, but none of it seems to make a difference. Does anyone know how to get this running again?
  2. @Gospel The iPad Pro 12.9 should be able to achieve USB 3 data transfer speeds through the Lightning to USB cable connected to the USB 3 port on your iMac. What is leading you to believe that you're not getting those transfer rates?
  3. First you might try going into System Preferences > Network. Then select the Wi-Fi connection and click the 'Advanced…' button. In the 'Preferred Networks' list find and select the networks you're having trouble with and click the '-' to remove them and click 'OK'. Then you may need to click 'Apply'. After that try reconnecting. You'll be prompted for the login again and hopefully this will fix your issues. If that doesn't work you might try running Keychain Access (Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access). Search for the name of your WiFi router and you should see the saved Keychain items. Try removing those and then re-authenticating to the router.
  4. @aussie_chris I know this is a pretty old (almost a year) thread, but for you and any future searchers I thought an update might be in order. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, most of the apps that used to be good for this are gone. CoverScout from Equinux used to be my favorite. Here are some other resources that might be helpful iTunes Artwork Finder - More of a "manual" solution, but this let's you search for the actual artwork you want from Apple's vast iTunes Library. Their stuff is high res and high quality and you can search by the media you're wanting. Movies, TV Shows, etc. Get Missing Artwork in iTunes 12.4 - Great tip for getting artwork inside iTunes 12 from the "iTunes Guy" Kirk McElhearn. He is the source for me for everything iTunes. iFlicks 2 - This is more exclusively for movie and TV show metadata, but it's really great at it and will pull in the album art as well.
  5. I'm late to this party, but @TerryB what did you end up doing? I have both Drobo's and a Synology and can say both work great, but are different. Both should be able to handle various size drive. Synology calls it Synology Hybrid RAID for Drobo it's default and called "Beyond RAID".
  6. Just updated the Maccast forum, so I'm checking out the new features.

  7. Yup. Version 4 baby! Still getting my bearings, but so far I think I like it.
  8. Looks like I'm still exploring all the new features too. One to be aware of is Notifications. Your browser may ask you if you want to get notifications from this site. If you say yes will will get browser notifications. You can control these settings in a couple ways: 1) Change the notification setting in your profiles Account Settings 2) Change the Notification option in your browsers preferences. I don't know about other browsers, but in Safari for Mac go to 'Safari' > 'Preferences' > 'Notifications' and look for the settings for ``
  9. You may notice some changes around here. We recently upgraded our forum software and there are a few changes I thought you might want to know about. The biggest thing you'll probably notice is just a new design/layout. The other noticeable change is instead of friends you now have followers. Followers gives you the ability to follow another member without that being automatically reciprocal. You also have the ability in your profile to control if you want people to be able to follow you. That's mostly it. If you notice other things, have suggestions or questions please feel free to post them here on this topic.
  10. Guess I haven't really been here too much, but I am now. Thanks for continuing to keep things active here and thanks for this post.
  11. There used to be that feature built into keynote but I don't see it in the current version. I did find this, Seems to let you embed live web pages on keynote slides. Maybe you could code up an HTML page with the widgets and data you want and just use that to load it on a keynote side?
  12. Huskermn is likely on the right track. If the HDDs are plugged into a hub is the hub powered? It also might not have enough power.
  13. That seems really odd. I know nothing about how that cable works, but since the same issue happens with 3 different iPods I'd be apt to suspect the cable. Have you tried changing that out?
  14. Good news, but that contradicts everything that I have been able to find so far. So, just to verify. It worked "out of the box" with Apple's HDMI adapter. No modifications or hacks? Running OS x 10.10.3?
  15. Ed, I got your email and rather than reply to just you I figured it'd be better to chime in here for everyone to see. I'll try to answer the two questions with what I know about the USB-C and a 24-inch monitor I'm happy with. 1) Looks like according to this article by Glenn Fleishman that while the USB-C connection should support dual-monitors at this point for some reason Apple's Macbook doesn't. 2) I recently purchase an HP Pavilion 23xi 23-Inch LCD display to go with my Mac Mini and it look great. The styling matches and it's IPS Widescreen display with a solid base. It's still plastic, but solid and not cheap and flimsy feeling like many other brands. I picked it up on Amazon for around $200 bucks.