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  1. Overseas travel with laptop

    prepare your Mac for traveling. make a backup either with Time Machine, Carbon Copy Cloner, or SuperDuper. then you won’t care if it gets stolen. delete anything that might get you arrested or questioned by customs. movies, BiG DMGs or ISOs, naughty JPGs or MPGs. even MP3s. the less you have the better. consider not traveling with the forever history that is email. even better. just make a new USER account. make it auto log into. and make it look like you work there. then if need your other life you can log into it. now ask yourself… can I live with without what is on this machine if it is stolen or taken away from me? I was traveling in Mexico earlier this year. there was a moment when I thought I had lost my phone. it is connected to Twitter, instagram, Lüber, four different email accounts, ONEdrive, and work related stuff. I had this moment of… how do I fix this problem. and then I found that I had put my “life” in a different part of my bag. phew… still. made me realize how open I had made myself. coming back into the US. the conversation was: entering a different country was weird. the customs agent was very curious about my Staedtler pens. as if the pens were not pens but a smuggling device. I opened each one and drew a doodle to prove they were pens. she oddly did not believe me until I made her draw in my notebook as well. I guess it felt like a pen to her. “you an artist?” as she leafed through my sketch book. “yes.” “okay. follow him.” and I was guided to a short line for passport inspection and stamping.
  2. obviously NOBODY at Apple changes iThings. the WRONG phone was shipped from Verizon. "no big deal," they said, “just activate that one. and we will send you the correct one.” cool. a week later the correct thing shows up. nice. she turned it on, it suggested a number to call to activate Thing 2. calling on Thing 1, type number of the thing to activate, click yes. disconnected. oh, it switched it THAT fast. zowie! cool right? HELLO! BONER! HOLA! the rest of setup is the stock, answer questions, no finger print. no lock password either. enter a AppleID password, spins on iClod for a while. finally, icons. next, plug in the Ning connector to restore the phone from the 12 minute old back up. ERROR cannot sync to this version of Thing. weird. it’s new. okay? update. enter iClod password that was just entered 6 minutes ago. update starts. 4o minutes later it restarts. HELLO! BONER! HOLA! enter ALL that stuff and make the same settings choices AGAIN… plug the Ning connector to restore the phone from the 72 minute old back up. ERROR message, DISABLE FiND MY THiNG to CONTiNUE. fine. where is that? nope. not a menu called FIND MY THiNG in SYSTEM. oh there it is. uncheck. plug back in. syncing starts. it grinds in iTub. (why is this still iTubs?) but this is the wrong sync. oh yeah, we have to click something. click RESTORE. nope. ERROR message, DISABLE FiND MY THiNG to CONTiNUE. look it up in G search. oh. this feature is in iClod? off'd. plug back in. more wrong syncing starts. click Restore. the THiNG screen changes. you know it is working because the iThing screen changes. why was Find My THiNG turned on? the thing KNOWS it is a NEW phone. it was JUST ACTIVATED! 4o more minutes goes by. eventually the THiNG restarts. HELLO! BONER! HOLA! enter ALL that stuff and make the same settings choices AGAIN! finally, the correct lock screen and all the pictures are there. elapsed time to switch from THiNG 1 to THiNG 2? about 3 hours. grrrrr. wow. nobody at Fruit Co has ever done this. otherwise it would not be so many steps.
  3. new Intel CPUs

    the sweet spot is not the top. but that third spot from the top. that is the price and the performance that will get the job done for half the cost without being significantly less fast. now, if you are typing you do not need need that CPU. but if your job is rendering pixels just add the second from the TOP GPU and you off you go. oh wait, we cannot in the land of Mac. grrr. once again Fruit Co will be very very behind on the times on this. what we need is a modern CHEEESE GRATER not a shiny donut. http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/processors/core/x-series.html https://newsroom.intel.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/11/2017/05/Intel-Core-X-series-Fact-Sheet.pdf
  4. Sendlater is gone Mailbutler is to expensive

    this is a very old and still free tool: https://www.futureme.org
  5. DNS on the router or the computer?

    openDNS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenDNS https://www.opendns.com/setupguide/ there is a bunch of links that imply that you have to pay to play. you do not have to. there is not a really big benefit to giving up money. google DNS (public) https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/ Advantage DNS has different levels of filtering and performance based on IPs. kind of a cool idea. https://www.neustar.biz/security/dns-services/free-recursive-dns-service
  6. DNS on the router or the computer?

    yes. unless you have manually entered DNS IPs for the interface.
  7. AppleID is OUT of control

    the AppleID is out of control. I just tried to upgrade OX on a Mac that was not in my control. the machine complained about the password, wanted to verify that it was by the Two Step verification, demanded the credit card numbers for the account which the person does NOT travel with. when the button, “card is not available” was clicked the dialog said, “now in recovery mode, this will take DAYS to fix”. this has to penalize lots of people who are NOT rock movie important stars that are just wanting to use a Mac to do some work. this is the kind of thing that makes me want to use Fruit Co products less and less. what really pisses me off is that this is a FREE upgrade. so why the specific information grab? I do NOT get it…
  8. AppleID is OUT of control

    the solution was the find a Sierra available via bit torrent. somebody posted a check sum of the file and another search found what the file size should be had it been delivered from a FruitCo server. check and check complete, the install went without a hitch. eventually it wanted an AppleID which was skippable. after rebooting rebooting the notifier told, "new version available." clicking update demanded the AppleID password… which worked without whining: no double digit secondary check, no is it really you, just install. after that the Word / Office update installed itself which was what started this noise in the first place. by comparison, the Microsoft Windows 1o upgrade was easier.
  9. DNS on the router or the computer?

    if your IP addresses are handed out (aka managed) by DHCP the DNS entrees that you include in the router are dished out with the IP address. as you move from place to place the DNS will get changed along with the IP the new place is using. some "hot spots" will not work unless you use the DNS provided. and sometimes that DNS blocks certain sites (pr0n, pirate, hate, facebook, etc) because the place does not want to deal with the traffic. like DO YOUR WORK at WORK not look up cat videos… sometimes you want to put a specific DNS in the computer. maybe for a GAME or a for testing to see if your newly updated DNS specs for a domain are updating. or your ISP provided DNS is flaky so you choose to use google or some other public server.
  10. I was going to do a short write up of the differences of using Text Wrangler (recently discontinued), bbEdit, and this new editor from Microsoft called Visual Studio. I had a test case ready which was an actual project that I am currently working on. except VS would not install. it got stuck in the middle of checking itself before running. I blame Java. my old OX. or the fact that it is a first release. oh well. DELETED. back to work in Text Wrangler.
  11. Reverting to earlier iOS?

    there is no going backward on iOS. the biggest issue is that FruitCo will NOT sign old versions after a certain amount of time. usually the window is about 10 days for going back after a new iOS is released. the best thing to do if you decide you need something specific that will only run on a specific version is to "abandon archive in place". that is you get a iThing, install that app, and then NEVER upgrade it again. this is possible now that iPhone 5 or 5s are so cheap. granted, it sucks having to manage more than one device. but this is something that I do now. I have a device that I used ONLY for reading comics. and another is dedicated to music. I really do not care that the "synth" might not never get upgraded.
  12. Text Wrangler vs Visual Studio vs bbEdit

    that requirement is for working with iOS stuff. and I gave up on that two years ago. there was too much ridiculousness for requirements that FruitCo made for me to want to put up with. visual studio vs visual studio. stupido. tools should NEVER have the same same name name. ever ever. sure, one is called CODE and the other is called IDE. one looks like a tool for work while the other kinda sorta looks like a toy. except why is there a difference? there should be ONE editor that works on code. not two. and this idea that there are THREE versions of IDE is even more maddening. I spent twenty minutes with CODE. most of the Extensions I tried did not work on a Mac but did work on Windows. I would say don't bother on either. there are better editors than this misaligned thing.
  13. which Macbook Air

    that should fix it!
  14. which Macbook Air

    support is a tiny part of my day. it used to be a bigger part but I just do not have the fleet of Mac, Windows, and other devices around me to keep running. once in a while I cave to help somebody I know deal with a problem that for some reason is not easily solved. enter a MacBook Air. it decided to die like all tech does. the quote from FruitCo for a repair was $500 backed by a 90 day sort of warrantee. it was decided that putting that money toward a brand new MBA was money better spent given the roll it plays in her life. she purchased the new Mac. all was well. I offered to pull the SSD out of the old MBA, plop it into a case, make a backup of that data then send it back to her ready for importing into the new Mac. easily done? nope. previously I replaced a SSD in a Air made in 2012. as a side for doing the swap I got to the keep the SSD and the USB case the upgrade came with to make moving the DATA to the newly installed SSD possible. I looked up my notes, the model of that MBA was A1466. I thought it was going to be a copy, box, send slam dunk. nope. the steps were: open the MBA, extract the SSD, then install it into the previously used USB case… simple. but it did not work. the connectors were different. "maybe I remembered it wrong,” I thought. whatever. ordering a different SSD case based on the known model number would solve this problem. a week later it arrived. and it had the same problem as the other case. it was a different interface. I looked it up again. the Macbook Air that I fixed early had a model number of A1466. supposedly it was built in 2012. the MBA that I was working on had this number too. why would a 2013 MBA share the SAME part number of something that was made in 2012? the two are nearly completely different. the case I had saved would not work with the SSD. the new case was never going to work. nope. in looking for a case to make this work I found crickets. the same case / interface kept coming up because of the shared part number. damn you A1466! so I searched by YEAR instead. found. ish. instead of 2o bucks like the case I just bought, the 2013 MBA SSD case was going to cost 7o to 1oo bucks. why? evidently, this SSD is a PCIe card. wow, right? no wonder the bender is a 1oo! and then a search came back with a PCI card. excellent. I can drop this into a Cheese Grater. it will read it. and I can finish this project. Amazon promised two days. this report will continue tomorrow. now, back up your damn data.
  15. did you try the Command-I "Open with:" then click the Change All button?
  16. which Macbook Air

    the bender is has NO active electronics on it. it just routes that tiny PCI bus to a normal PCI connector. this was why the USB case was so expensive. this electronics in that case has to bend PCI into USB. which is… not anything standard or cheap as far as I know. oddly, I cannot upload anymore files. to here. click to see a gallery of the project.
  17. which Macbook Air

    the 2013 Macbook Air uses a PCIe based interface for the SSD. a USB case costs between $60 and $100. this was simply too much money to pay for a thing that I will use exactly one time. yes, I could have purchased one, used it, then returned it claiming I bought the wrong case. which is the stuff of an ethics cards game. and I am not opposed to venturing this as a fix. I just do not make a practice of it. what I wanted was a one way trip. you know, get the thing, fix the problem, send the result back to where it came from. fixed is the operative word. my search efforts paid off when I noticed something different. it was a PCI card for a PCIe SSD. it was $1o. sold. Amazon got it here in two days. I installed the SSD, shut down the cheese grater, then powered on. the Mac asked to reconfigure the PCI bus to make the SSD even faster. the third option will do that, yes please. restart. [I forgot to snap a screen shot of this interesting configuration panel. oops.] it took about an hour for Carbon Copy Cloner to make a bit image of the SSD. 4 gee bees a minute. that seems slow given the bus speed of PCI and that the SATA drive it was going to was SATA2. it should be more like 11 gee bees. hmph. with the image copied to spinning media, I cloned the clone to another hard drive that will fly away to Texas. there might be issues with the SSD. this would explain why the MBA behaved badly. and why the SSD was slow to copy. more testing is required. while this seemed like it took a long time my total time on the project, not counting waiting for parts to ship or copies to happen, was about 35 minutes. most of this was spent researching which benders to buy to read the SSD. this is the link to the bender. currently out of stock but you can use the info to find it from a different vendor. http://amzn.to/2qhk02x
  18. which Macbook Air

    when I hear people say, "I lost ALL my pictures." or "call me, my contacts are GONE!" or even worse, "I was on the phone with tech support for TWO days and after all that everything was… nothing." there is NO excuse for not having a backup of the things you want to make it to the future. backblaze is insanely cheap if you are just you. dropbox or onedrive. free or not free. [gush about OneDrive goes here] for the same yearly cost you can buy a external hard drive that will Time Machine. of course we all know that wires and attached things are the suck. so spend a little more for a Wireless NAS. or DiY one. (not that this is hard. get the case. install a drive.) this thing below is something that I did not know about until just a moment ago. so I ordered one… report to the class when I get it.
  19. looking for some older games for 10.3

    look at all this OLD stuff… http://macintoshgarden.org just as old. maybe not so much fun. http://www.ifarchive.org/indexes/if-archiveXgamesXmac.html
  20. looking for some older games for 10.3

    starcraft. free.
  21. 2010 MPB - Shuts down, plugged in.

    yes. it is really airquotes easy. although I am never s'posed to use the word easy. in this case it is. you need a two long wires, a momentary switch that is normally open, a case to put that switch in, and a soldering iron. a more "protected" switch would use an opto isolator, a coin battery, and the same physical switch and case as the other mod. use an EASY button, one of the USB do stuff buttons , or an old ARCADE style button. the button doesn't matter so much as the neatness you plan for exiting the wires from the case. it should not look like a five minute hack because is a Mac. it would be just as airquotes easy to make it work with a remote control. if swapping a RAM or a hard drive scares you then forget that I said easy. use IMPOSSiBLE instead.
  22. 2010 MPB - Shuts down, plugged in.

    somebody documented the POWER ON pads for nearly all the MacBook. with a careful bit of soldering… http://www.insidemylaptop.com/turn-on-macbook-pro-laptop-without-power-button-locating-power-on-pads/
  23. 2010 MPB - Shuts down, plugged in.

    remove the battery. if the problem persists there an issue with either the power module that sits between the motherboard that holds the magnets or the motherboard itself. for some reason the power connector part goes bad sometimes. if the Mac runs normally without the battery you will need to replace it or just run it without the battery.
  24. as you said that the drop out problems persist when you move the mini to a different network the culprit is very likely the wireless board inside the Mac mini. the board is easily replaced for about $20. here is the link for the steps:
  25. as much as I love the idea of Time Machine the tool has not been well taken care of since it's release. I do not expect new features but I do demand reliability. Time Machine has proven to be flakey and finicky. that said, when it works, it works just fine. the thing will go for weeks, spinning, doing nothing. no report that there is a problem. and eventually it is YOU noticing that it is not working. when backing up to a network T M loses it's collective mind if it gets stopped in before it finishes. the expectation should be that it could get interrupted at any time so pre-deal with it. it should be more user centric. and it is clear to me that FruitCo made the feature and then abandoned it once check box was achieved. if you really want backups you should move to tools that are maintained and modern. Copy Copy Cloner SuperDuper DD BackBlaze your own DIY server with RAID1 at least