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  1. I recently attempted to do an encrypted backup of my iPhone 5 running iOS 6.1 with iTunes 11.0.1. As soon as I clicked the "Encrypt iPhone Backup" check box I was provided with a window to enter a password and a confirmation of that password. All pretty much expected. After thinking of a good password, I filled out both boxes and after thinking a while, it came back and said that my password couldn't be set! So thinking that maybe I mistyped one of them, I tried it again. Same results. I tried other passwords so that the characters used were only alpha-numerics with some upper case, i.e. no special characters/symbols. Same results. As far as the length. I think it was 10-12 characters I believe. I search apple support for guidance for password requirements as to what would or would not be accepted. I finally used a password that was 9 characters with one number and that seemed to work. Does anyone know if there is any limitations for this password as far as length or characters that can be used? Thanks