finding missing cover art.

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can anyone suggest a really good app for finding missing art work...

i was using iArtwork but that has gone the way of the dodo..

thanks in advance



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@aussie_chris I know this is a pretty old (almost a year) thread, but for you and any future searchers I thought an update might be in order.

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, most of the apps that used to be good for this are gone. CoverScout from Equinux used to be my favorite. Here are some other resources that might be helpful

iTunes Artwork Finder - More of a "manual" solution, but this let's you search for the actual artwork you want from Apple's vast iTunes Library. Their stuff is high res and high quality and you can search by the media you're wanting. Movies, TV Shows, etc.

Get Missing Artwork in iTunes 12.4 - Great tip for getting artwork inside iTunes 12 from the "iTunes Guy" Kirk McElhearn. He is the source for me for everything iTunes.

iFlicks 2 - This is more exclusively for movie and TV show metadata, but it's really great at it and will pull in the album art as well.


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