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    the replacement should have been straight forward. however, the bracket inside the iMac holding the hard drive needed either another bracket to hold the 2.5” SSD or I needed to make a holder out of tape and cardboard. I chose to go with what I had. as if anyone will know. after I installed the SSD and before I screwed the LCD back in place I made sure to test it in it’s flat state to make sure it all worked. good thing I did that. I forget the power supply cable. and had I screwed it back together I would have had to un un un the 14 screws one more time with feeling to connect the cable. with swearing. who designs with magnets thinking this is a good idea? magnets? the bezel is held in place with magnets. which seems clever and unique until you try to put T8 screws back in place. the magnets snap the screws away from the Tor-X driver. good thing I had tape. I was able to make a temporary holder allowing each screw to get lowered into place without dropping into the bowels of the Mac requiring having to take the whole thing apart for the second time to retrieve a screw that fell in. the thought of this makes me never want to take one of these bastards apart ever again. maybe I would rather trouble shoot a borked SCSI chain. maybe… after all the screws found holes the Mac booted from the USB drive. ugh. USB. what fool thought USB for hard drives was fast enough? two and half hours later the iMac restored itself and booting happened faster than it ever had ever. BTW nobody ever buys Turdbolt hard drives because you can by TWO more normal drives (for a total of three!) for the cost of one of those. I cleaned the dust from the LCD and the inside of the plexi screen then the magnets did their job exactly like they should. magnets… ugh. reference: https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/iMac+Intel+24-Inch+EMC+2134+and+2211+Hard+Drive+Replacement/8968
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