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    somebody documented the POWER ON pads for nearly all the MacBook. with a careful bit of soldering… http://www.insidemylaptop.com/turn-on-macbook-pro-laptop-without-power-button-locating-power-on-pads/
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    remove the battery. if the problem persists there an issue with either the power module that sits between the motherboard that holds the magnets or the motherboard itself. for some reason the power connector part goes bad sometimes. if the Mac runs normally without the battery you will need to replace it or just run it without the battery.
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    as you said that the drop out problems persist when you move the mini to a different network the culprit is very likely the wireless board inside the Mac mini. the board is easily replaced for about $20. here is the link for the steps:
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    I hate to be Mr Negative but I have redone my artwork twice and when I turned on iCloud Music Library it wiped it most of it again. She even has wrong cover art. Videos in the new TV app on my iPad are all wrong. I love the nice clean fully rated iTunes Library but it's one of those things I gave up on. PS For me Apple has a ton of bugs right now. The idea of "it just works" is slowly going away. Still love it but the honeymoon seems to be ending.
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    Perhaps Allison can help too. She has a lotta experience with this. She has a similar issue recently
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    That is the "Reachability" feature of iOS and newer phones. The idea is to allow you to be able to access items at the top of the screen when you're using just one hand. It's triggered with a double 'tap' (not press) of the Home button. To turn it off: `Settings` > `General` > `Accessibility` Scroll down and look for the `Reachability` setting. Turn the `Reachability` toggle to `Off`
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