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    if your IP addresses are handed out (aka managed) by DHCP the DNS entrees that you include in the router are dished out with the IP address. as you move from place to place the DNS will get changed along with the IP the new place is using. some "hot spots" will not work unless you use the DNS provided. and sometimes that DNS blocks certain sites (pr0n, pirate, hate, facebook, etc) because the place does not want to deal with the traffic. like DO YOUR WORK at WORK not look up cat videos… sometimes you want to put a specific DNS in the computer. maybe for a GAME or a for testing to see if your newly updated DNS specs for a domain are updating. or your ISP provided DNS is flaky so you choose to use google or some other public server.
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    the replacement should have been straight forward. however, the bracket inside the iMac holding the hard drive needed either another bracket to hold the 2.5” SSD or I needed to make a holder out of tape and cardboard. I chose to go with what I had. as if anyone will know. after I installed the SSD and before I screwed the LCD back in place I made sure to test it in it’s flat state to make sure it all worked. good thing I did that. I forget the power supply cable. and had I screwed it back together I would have had to un un un the 14 screws one more time with feeling to connect the cable. with swearing. who designs with magnets thinking this is a good idea? magnets? the bezel is held in place with magnets. which seems clever and unique until you try to put T8 screws back in place. the magnets snap the screws away from the Tor-X driver. good thing I had tape. I was able to make a temporary holder allowing each screw to get lowered into place without dropping into the bowels of the Mac requiring having to take the whole thing apart for the second time to retrieve a screw that fell in. the thought of this makes me never want to take one of these bastards apart ever again. maybe I would rather trouble shoot a borked SCSI chain. maybe… after all the screws found holes the Mac booted from the USB drive. ugh. USB. what fool thought USB for hard drives was fast enough? two and half hours later the iMac restored itself and booting happened faster than it ever had ever. BTW nobody ever buys Turdbolt hard drives because you can by TWO more normal drives (for a total of three!) for the cost of one of those. I cleaned the dust from the LCD and the inside of the plexi screen then the magnets did their job exactly like they should. magnets… ugh. reference: https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/iMac+Intel+24-Inch+EMC+2134+and+2211+Hard+Drive+Replacement/8968
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    No @Waldo Pepper. If you manually enter the DNS addresses into the Network Setting in System Preferences on the Mac (under Advanced…), then those are the DNS setting that will be used (not the ones from the DNS router). It's actually one way you might get around DNS filtering/blocking on specific network. For example here is how its looks configured locally on my Mac for using the OpneDNS servers: Just remember that these are set per interface, so if you also use a wired Ethernet connection you'd need to set them there too. All this said, at home I have the OpenDNS setting set up on my router so that all Macs/Devices in my home network are using OpenDNS. The main reason is because my cable ISPs DNS (Cox) has proven to be slow and unreliable in the past. That, and OpenDNS does automatic blocking of know hacked and attacked websites.
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    I use a Synology DS213J obviously quite old now (I purchased it in 2014) I have 2 x 3TB WD Red drives in it and a Wireless adapter connected. I never had any issues, I've heard that Synology can be more geeky to set up than Drobo but I had no problems (found it quite easy). If your drives are external you can add them via USB to the Synology to give extra storage, you can also share the attached USB drive. Don't if this helps but hope it does.
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    And, if you want some REALLY OLD SCHOOL games, check out this - https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_apple_games Full emulation Apple ][
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    did you try the Command-I "Open with:" then click the Change All button?
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    the 2013 Macbook Air uses a PCIe based interface for the SSD. a USB case costs between $60 and $100. this was simply too much money to pay for a thing that I will use exactly one time. yes, I could have purchased one, used it, then returned it claiming I bought the wrong case. which is the stuff of an ethics cards game. and I am not opposed to venturing this as a fix. I just do not make a practice of it. what I wanted was a one way trip. you know, get the thing, fix the problem, send the result back to where it came from. fixed is the operative word. my search efforts paid off when I noticed something different. it was a PCI card for a PCIe SSD. it was $1o. sold. Amazon got it here in two days. I installed the SSD, shut down the cheese grater, then powered on. the Mac asked to reconfigure the PCI bus to make the SSD even faster. the third option will do that, yes please. restart. [I forgot to snap a screen shot of this interesting configuration panel. oops.] it took about an hour for Carbon Copy Cloner to make a bit image of the SSD. 4 gee bees a minute. that seems slow given the bus speed of PCI and that the SATA drive it was going to was SATA2. it should be more like 11 gee bees. hmph. with the image copied to spinning media, I cloned the clone to another hard drive that will fly away to Texas. there might be issues with the SSD. this would explain why the MBA behaved badly. and why the SSD was slow to copy. more testing is required. while this seemed like it took a long time my total time on the project, not counting waiting for parts to ship or copies to happen, was about 35 minutes. most of this was spent researching which benders to buy to read the SSD. this is the link to the bender. currently out of stock but you can use the info to find it from a different vendor. http://amzn.to/2qhk02x
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    somebody documented the POWER ON pads for nearly all the MacBook. with a careful bit of soldering… http://www.insidemylaptop.com/turn-on-macbook-pro-laptop-without-power-button-locating-power-on-pads/
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    remove the battery. if the problem persists there an issue with either the power module that sits between the motherboard that holds the magnets or the motherboard itself. for some reason the power connector part goes bad sometimes. if the Mac runs normally without the battery you will need to replace it or just run it without the battery.
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    as you said that the drop out problems persist when you move the mini to a different network the culprit is very likely the wireless board inside the Mac mini. the board is easily replaced for about $20. here is the link for the steps:
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    I hate to be Mr Negative but I have redone my artwork twice and when I turned on iCloud Music Library it wiped out most of it again. Some even has wrong cover art. Videos in the new TV app on my iPad are all wrong. I love a nice clean fully rated iTunes Library but it's one of those things I gave up on. PS For me Apple has a ton of bugs right now. The idea of "it just works" is slowly going away. Still love it but the honeymoon seems to be ending.
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    Perhaps Allison can help too. She has a lotta experience with this. She has a similar issue recently
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    That is the "Reachability" feature of iOS and newer phones. The idea is to allow you to be able to access items at the top of the screen when you're using just one hand. It's triggered with a double 'tap' (not press) of the Home button. To turn it off: `Settings` > `General` > `Accessibility` Scroll down and look for the `Reachability` setting. Turn the `Reachability` toggle to `Off`
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    Hmm there are many suggestions that I can give you but I would first try to ones that are less bold. Perhaps try this Had the exact same issue just now. Solution: Quit Photos app Open Activity Monitor (in Utilities Folder, just use Spotlight to find it) Search for "Photos" Select "Photos Agent" process, click the quit button at the upper left (looks like stop sign with an x in it) When pop up window opens, select "Force Quit" Launch Photos app
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    The world has greatly changed. Not just because there's a new non techie US president. The Internet is now ubiquitous as amazingly enough is Mac OS and iOS (I remember when Macs were 'don't buy them"). We are here for everybody with Apple problems We may not be able to solve them all but we WILL try. We ARE NOT Twitter or Facebook. We're a community who will try to help people with the little stuff. If you're a member, tell your friends who have Apple devices. Time for a reboot
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    replacing the boot disk with an SSD will make the mac feel like a new thing. ditch the optical dive replacing it with a sled to hold a spinning disk. move your user folder to the spinning disk using the "click the user name with the options key held down" then it to your spinning disk folder. this lets you use a "tiny" SSD instead of some large expensive one. when SSDs cost lots more money I config'd Macs using the hybrid of disks like I suggested. using a tiny 32 or 64G as a boot SSD then using the spinning disk as the home for applications, music, and all the user data. I never wrote up the steps but essentially you make a SYMLINK from the SSD boot to /Applications on the bigger hard drive. there are tools that do this in a GUI or you can CLI an incantation. some of the 2009 MBPs actually support 16G memory. YMMV. I just up'd a 2009 white Mac Book and it worked. the idea was that if the RAM didn't work I was going to send it back exchanging it for something else or pay the 15% restock fee shrugging "we had to try." either way it was a cheap enough experiment with no downside to either outcome.
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