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  1. bdville

    Itunes authorization problem

    Thanks for your help ... I will cal apple tomorrow ..
  2. Hi everyone, I need some help here. I wanted to buy a tv episode from itunes. Wherever I click on "Buy Episode" I get this Message-"You have already authorized five computers" ... SO I went to my acount settings and tried to deauthorize my computers ... I get this mes " YOu have to wait Jan 27, 2007 until you deauthorize all computers ... I don't know what to do. Should I create a new account and use the same credit card? Please help me out. Thanks.
  3. Thank you for your kind help. Do you know any good freeware for tranfer songs from ipod to hd? Thanks.
  4. Hi guys, Need some help here. I used itunes 7 to update my 5G ipod. Now I can't play some of my MP3 songs. Some of the Podcasts doesn't play at all. When I try to play a song or podcast MP3 format My ipod restats. I didn't have this problem before. Now, I convert podcast to AAC which is a pain. Is there any way I can downgrade or get back to the last ipod update? I am on Windows. One more question, is there any way to export podcasts list from itunes? I want to reinstall windows .. it would be nice to import podcast list on itunes. Thanks in advance.
  5. bdville

    Tiger on a PC?

    Here is a Screenshot #
  6. bdville

    FS: 12" ibook G4

    Less then one yaer old 12" ibook PowerPC G4 for sale. I bought it from Compusa.Wanted to try Mac Os didn't worked for me. So if you are interested feel free to Email or PM me. My Email Add # myville@gmail.com Thanks. 12" iBook PowerPC G4 1.2ghz 768mb Of Ram 30gb Harddrive DVD Rom + CD-r Mac Os X Panther iLife o4 Ac Adapter VGA Connector Price # $750+ Shipping Pictures #
  7. Hi everyone, Khan here. Now you can watch videos ( With Sound ) in your ipod. I installed Linux & now I can play videos. I have created a video so that you can see how the video looks like in ipod. I used my Craapy Webcam To capture the video. ( sorry for the video quality ) File Size = 23mb Codec = Xvid Download Link =http://files.mirrorme.org/f62a112356d3 Thanks.
  8. bdville

    Invites for everyone

    Dred242 Bro .. You rock. Thanks for the invite. Yahoo 360 looks good. Thanks again.
  9. bdville

    Invites for everyone

    Dred242 Bro can I have a Yahoo 360 invite pls pls pls. My email = myville@gmail.com Thanks in advance.
  10. bdville

    How to create a Podcast?

    Someone already asked this question. Please don't double post Click Here For The Answer Thanks.
  11. I want the Newton PDA .... Looks realy cool 8)
  12. bdville


    Your website looks realy good.
  13. bdville

    Bookmarkable AAC Files

  14. bdville

    Bookmarkable AAC Files

    Make Bookmarkable - This script will change the file type of the selected AAC tracks to "M4B", thus making them bookmarkable. (That is, the track will resume playing wherever you left off the last time you played it.) • This script is included in the O'Reilly book iPod & iTunes HACKS. ( From http://www.dougscripts.com ) Make Bookmarkable I also heared that if you rename your AAC file format m4a to m4b it will work as a bookmarkable file. I will test this tonight. Hope this helps.