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  1. Just a link to where everything started. http://uneasysilence.com/archive/2006/10/8008/
  2. hh83917

    .rm transfer to ipod?

    You can give ffmpegx a shot, but it's no gurantee.
  3. I recently saw something interesting online, and that is the Myvu personal media viewer. I wonder if any of the guys in the forum own or know someone who own this toy. If you don't mind please do a short review on it because there was only 2 reviews about it when I search google. The official website is www.myvu.com and they sell them for $270. I travel alot so this gadget might be more comfortable to wear/watch videos on my trips instead of staring on that tiny screen on the ipod, or maybe not... I'd like to know. Thanks
  4. hh83917

    New iMacs and MacBooks - Good and Bad

    It is an express card. It is the next generation. ya, so maybe they'll be able to fit some HDTV cards for that macbook. :? I'm staying with my powerbook for now. :x
  5. hh83917

    New iMacs and MacBooks - Good and Bad

    Damn, not only the firewire800, they also dropped the pccard slot I think. The card slot seems to be smaller. How am I going to access the EVDO network without a fullsized pccard slot :cry:
  6. I had a chance to try out the Newer Technology Intelligent Battery Charger/Conditioner for Powerbook G4 15", so I've decide to post some results so if anyone who need to fix some batteries for their powerbooks can take a look at this product. The charger is around $150 bucks so some might say just buy a new battery, but this thing can prolong your battery life before you are in the need to buy a brand new battery. The left bay is for conditioning, it takes about 12+ hrs to do conditioning on a battery. The right bay is for charging only. If you have spare betteries, it'll be handy to have an external charger to charge your backup battery to take out with you on road. Normal charging takes about 2 to 3 hrs as usual. There is also a start button to start the conditioning process as well as some status lights to indicate the process while you condition or charge the battery. First time test result: As you can see, my battery magically increased after doing one conditioning of my powerbook G4 battery.
  7. hh83917

    Someone go check this book out!

    Just go to Amazon and buy THIS BOOK! 8)
  8. I finally got it fixed without reinstalling OS X. I suspected that there must be some driver in my mac that is causing conflict with isight's driver, so I started to unplug every hardware and uninstall it's software and drivers. And I was right! I have this product from Imation called the Disk Stakka, which is an usb CD/DVD digital storage device, with siftware/drivers causing conflict with isight. After I uninstalled its software and drivers and did a restart, my ichat and isight worked flawlessly. Disk Stakka Review from Tomshardware: http://www20.tomshardware.com/storage/2005...4211/index.html Well, Disk Stakka is a nice accessory, but the software/driver suck... Anyways, at least my ichat and isight are working now...
  9. Hi, I have a problem with my iChat + isight on my powermac G5 and this is the first time I try a video conference with my relative. The iSight works fine in the preview window in the preference of iChat. However, when I click on the video conference button, it seems to be connecting first, after 5 seconds an error message showed up with "Disconnected: Can't get video from camera." First I thought it's the firewall in my router, but when I plug the same isight into my mac mini, it worked flawlessly. So I suspected that the problem remained on the powermac. I called Apple Care and after trying numerous methods with first the apple rep then the product specialist, none worked. I know there is one last thing I haven't tried which is to reinstall the whole thing. But that'll be the last thing I want to do since I will have to backup so many data for a reinstall (I don't really like the archive install, I'd rather redo the whoie thing if I have to). Well, before that tedious process, I would like to ask the maccast community if there is anything I can stil do to get my conference working. Thank You. :cry: P.S: What I have already tried: 1)Create new account and try it with new account. 2) remove and reinstall iChat with optional install. 3) clear cache folders. 4) remove all firewire device and leave only isight on. Note: all software/firmware are up to date.
  10. cool thanks I'll look for it
  11. Just wonder if there is a way to buy Japanese music being an US ITMS subscriber. Or is there any way around? I've got some nice Japanese music I would like to purchase and ITMS (being the greatest online music store) has the entire pact of it! Even though it might be a bit more expensive than US tracks, but having to import JP albums will cost much more.
  12. hh83917

    Flurry Screensaver Problem (Tiger 10.4.2)

    Well, I ended up calling apple due to curiosity and they asked me to delete few plist files and create a new account and check, but the flashy line is still there. They've tried, but I guess they have no clue also. Well after I hanged up the phone, I checked my other mac, which is a mac mini connected to a viewsonic 17" display (VP171s) (max 75 Hz). I tried the flurry screensaver too and I can see the flashy line on it too. So, I guess its not a problem with the cinema displays, but a problem with mac os itself. Well, its only a screensaver, the mac representative did contact one of his tech guys, and that tech guy wanted me to try archive reinstall... :shock: "I'm not doing it for a screensaver..." well, that's the conclusion... guess I'll just stick with RSS visualizer and hope they come up with some update fix for flurry.
  13. Hi there, did you try using "repair disk permission" with Disk Utility first?
  14. hh83917

    limewire video to dvd

    A *.avi file can be just plain avi file, it can be a divx encoded file, or maybe a 3ivx encoded one...etc. It depends on the format the original guy who shared the video used to encode the video. If you can open it up with Quicktime, go to the option Window > Show Movie Info and check the video's format (Or any player that can show something about this video's format). After knowing the format, you decide which program you will use to burn it. And do you want to play it on a DVD player, or just burn it as a file you can play on your computer...etc.
  15. hh83917

    Flurry Screensaver Problem (Tiger 10.4.2)

    Hmm...maybe, I am using the 20" cienama display BTW. I haven't mentioned it to apple cause its only a screensaver, but it does looks annoying sometimes. Since flurry is a nice screensaver and after noticing that this flashy line exist, I see it everytime I run this screensaver. It feels kinda like the dead pixel in screen issue...