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    Mac keyboards, tips?

    Hello, my name is Daniel ... and I'm a switcher. I recently bought a black MacBook and I really like it. I've been listening to the show for a long time, ep 10 or something I think. Anyway when I'm at home I use an external monitor and keyboard+mouse with my MacBook. Right now I've got the default apple keyboard. It's not to bad but I think the keys are a bit hard to press. So I'm looking for a new mac keyboard with all the keys that is needed like volume, mute, eject, command etc. I can't seem to find a lot of them. I really liked my old Logitech Ultrax. It's a flat keyboard with a laptop feel. It's only ps2, there is an usb version out, but is doesn't have any of the mac specific keys. I guess it'll work anyway it just won't be as functional or look as good. What I've found so far is Macally Icekey that looks interesting, much like my ultrax with a laptop feel. The other one I've found is Logitech S530. I don't really know much about the feel on that one. Both of them are only available in white, but I guess that's okay. Is there anyone out there using the Icekey keyboard and know if that’s a good choice? Any other mac keyboards you recommend?
  2. Hello, I'm all new to Mac OS X and I'm looking for some good tips for software. A good torrent client and a rss reader, preferable free but maybe thats not possible. I've tried azureus but I think that uses up to much resources on my computer. Thanks!
  3. Hello.. I've got a friend who owns an iBook and he really don't like iTunes or the way it works. He's a winamp kind of guy, drag the folder you want to listen to at the moment to the player and you get a list with the tunes and can switch between them really fast without running iTunes that seems to use up quite a few resources. Anyway do you guys know of any good lightweight mp3 player for mac os x that looks or works like winamp for windows?
  4. dnx

    Redownload podcast?

    Works like a charm, great tips
  5. dnx

    Redownload podcast?

    NY152 thanks! I'll try that tonight. I didn't know there were a unsubscribe button at the bottom.
  6. dnx

    Redownload podcast?

    Oh, I'll have to try that. So you say that I'm supposed to right click and clear the episode that wasn't fully downloaded? Then select move to recycle bin, I'm doing this on win atm, and then clear the whole podcast but chose keep files and then add the podcast again? EDIT: Atleast that didn't work for me. After clearing the whole podcast, but keeping the files, and adding it again itunes will list all eps as not downloaded and will start to download them again
  7. dnx

    Redownload podcast?

    Yeah, but the problem is that there is no way, afaik, to tell iTunes to redownload a specefic show. The only solution I've found is to clear the whole podcast and go to the iTunes store and add it again but then it will redownload all the old shows too. So I would like to know if anyone know any workaround for this? Telling iTunes just to download one show.
  8. dnx

    Redownload podcast?

    Okay, anyone else has this problem? Wonder why it happensm maby the download from the server times out or something and iTunes can't get the whole ep. The only solution I've come up with is to clear the whole podcast in iTunes and then add it again and redownload the shows.
  9. Hi, sometimes iTunes seems to fail halfway when downloading podcasts. Like the Aug 20 show of Mac Cast, and some other shows, it downloads the ep but I don't get the whole show. Just like 20-30 min of it. Any ideas why this is happening and how I can fix it? Can I tell iTunes to only redownload that ep or do I have to clear the whole show and add it again and tell it to download all eps all again?