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  1. EtherDesigner

    Safari not loading certain URLs [some times]

    Thanks for the reply. Traceroute and ping times were acceptable. I should have stated that in my original email. But when working with Nslookup, i found some inconsistencies. It looks like the problem was with my ISP's DNS. They were recently bought out by WindStream and their DNS changed. The change was not reflected in their DHCP configuration. Once I found out their new DNS settings, I manually updated them. The problem, at this time, seems to have gone away. It's strange it just mainly affected eBay, but stranger things have happened Thanks again!
  2. Hi ALL, I didn't see this topic specifically covered in the forum, but I've heard Adam talk about it, and I have the same problem. Certain URLs will not load with Safari, but only sometimes. This is on a Dual G5 2.0 GHz, Leopard 10.5.2, Safari 3.0.4 and it's done it since Leopard was installed. I have two seller accounts on eBay. And occasionally, using a bookmark, I'll go directly to my "items for sale" page. Occasionally, (about 50% of the time), I'll get a "server timeout" or "unavailable" page and it will refuse to load no matter how many times I refresh or go back to the bookmark. Now, I can go to the ebay home page, and it loads normally. After that, sometimes my seller page will load, and sometimes it will still refuse to load. Sometimes closing and re-opening Safari will help, sometimes not. It seems like a cache problem, but naturally I've tried cleaning caches, re-bookmarking the page, and a few other things. Also, I do have this problem with a few other frequently visited pages, using bookmarks. Sometimes typing them in manually does it, sometimes not. The fact it's not consistent makes it very hard to troubleshoot. If anyone has any ideas, it would be much appreciated.
  3. EtherDesigner

    Upgrading Cube: Hardware Suggestions

    Sounds like a great project Matt. You'll enjoy it. I restored a Cube just a few months ago. It had some problems, but had everything with it, including the "eyeball" speakers. I had to replace the RAM, HD and CD/DVD drives, but it's up and running as a "guest" computer in my office. it always gets everyone's attention. I installed a 80G drive, and 1G of RAM. it's still a 450 Mhz, but it does internet, office and basic music applications just fine. The drive installs weren't too bad, just a little tight! Your price on RAM is about the lowest I've seen it for. Good luck and have fun! Alan
  4. EtherDesigner

    PM G5 1.8G SP Late 2004 Model Freeze

    I just thought I'd post the results of my G5 fix. Apple is doing the right thing and taking care of this after users have joined together to complain. They swapped out my single 1.8 GHz PM G5 and gave me a new, dual 2.0 machine with an updated graphics card and a bigger drive. I have not had any problems since then. For those that are in a similar situation, take your unit to an Apple store (if possible), and point them to the website: www.g5freeze. If they follow the flowchart on the website, the technician will be able to duplicate the problem. Once found, they did not give me any trouble and then offered the replacement unit. It appears that swapping the logic board is not an option, so it must be a serious problem. Many users are reporting they are getting Dual replacements now. Be nice, but be assertive, as I did. I am sure once they find it, they'll work with you to remedy it. I also wrote Apple a letter of thanks, since they need to know that supporting their customers will lead to more sales in the long run. It certainly will be the case for me. Hope this helps others, Alan
  5. EtherDesigner

    PM G5 1.8G SP Late 2004 Model Freeze

    Hi ALL, I've been a long time listener (and voter) to the MacCast, great show. There may have been some shows I've missed, but I've wondered if Adam has reported anything about the infamous G5 Freeze. Or, if perhaps any of you have this model G5 with the freezing problem? There is now a website devoted to users with these machines. It's at: www.g5freeze.com. My G5 has been the "poster child" for this issue since I purchased it new in 12/04. It seems to only effect Late 2004 models of the Powermac G5, 1.8G, Single Processor w/ 600 Mhz FSB. The problem is so "dependable", I can make it freeze on command. The machine is very unstable, I've resorted to purchasing a Mini to run my business on until it can be resolved. The Mini is a great little box, and very stable. It's a shame that this $500 computer is more dependable than the $1800 one I purchased. That doesn't seem like a very good business model. So far, Apple has tried to make this issue go quietly away. Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts on this, or have one of these models, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks, Alan