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  1. Hi all, Been listening to the show via iTunes for a while (infact before I got the iBook), and 2 weeks ago I took the leap to an iBook having been wanting to get a mac for the last oh 10 years. I've been using PC's since I left school and as a programmer found myself very quickly tied into the PC and all it involved, I'd used friends mac's and the occasional mac at work, but due to also working at home I always needed a PC at home to help pay the bills. Well with then the view that every cloud has a silver liniing I had health problems starting 2 years ago now which have left me now with poor vision. And unable to work, the silver lining to this cloud is that it's meant the PC can now be sat and left along in the dark corner and I'm now sat here using my iBook. And what a joy it has been, from taking it out the box to the few seconds it took to be setup on my wireless network, to the easy setting up of it printing to a printer which is shared on a PC (something which impressed me mightily). Anyway the main reason I went for the mac was the much better accessability options, from VoiceOver (Apple + f5), to zooming (apple + the key to the left of the apple one and then + or -) and the general way it all works tied in with any of the applications. And it was these functions alone which finally made the decision for me having tried an iBook in the store. I'd recommend a mac to anyone now, and indeed will recommend them to my family now and hopefully save me from all the times I need to go over and fix there PC's And the only problem I'm having which is tiny in the scheme of things is two keys not functioning as they should do (per the look on the keyboard), and that is where Shift + 2 giving me the @ sign rather than what I would expect which is a " (as per the UK keyboard style which I am used to), I've changed the keyboard from british to US to others and just can't seem to fix it so any help on this would be gratefully recieved.