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  1. omasciarotte

    08.03.2005 - Converting Tapes

    Hey folks, This behavior is rare but not unheard of...A quick explanation maybe in order. CDs contain a unique ID for each title called the ISR Code, but not many transports can read it. So, Gracenote (the company that owns CDDB) stores metadata on a CD's track timings and the spacing between tracks, and uses that info, along with their "fuzzy matching" technology, to identify a disc. That's why sometimes, it pops up several titles and asks you to pick the correct one, since their timings are quite similar. Anyway, Charlie happened to trim and mark the songs very closely to the CD release version and so his CD-R timings matched the release version closely enough to produce a match in the database. Sorry, no voodoo... BTW, we're the folks that defined the desktop CD "premastering" industry, which basically means doing what Charlie did, and we're Mac fanatics!