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  1. It seems like I only encounter weird problems that no one has a solution to - but Apple. My last was about Bluetooth but that got fixed with the last update to Tiger, but now I have another with WiFi - I cannot access nets with passwords, even if I know the password! This is with my iBook. I have no problems accessing open nets which do not require a password, though. The first time I experienced this, was in February when I visited the newspaper I am working for in Finland (all Macintosh) and wanted to log in to their WiFi-net. I got the pass and just received a message that it couldn't connect or something and did I want to retry. I had to give up and connect with Ethernet. My mother is having the same problem with the new Mac Mini we bought her right before Xmas and my brother has set up a wireless router there but no go and neither could I log on with my iBook when I visited. And now I cannot even get to the log in page of a public network here to which I have username and password and before Christmas I could. Now I only get that message. Any ideas, anyone or shall I only wait for the next update? Oh yes, Adam mentioned some solution to some similar problems which had to do with the card not firmly attached but I have neither installed it myself nor touched it since I bought the iBook well over a year ago. And everything worked fine until lately...
  2. Maybe more of you noticed this one on The Mac Observer or even knew about it from earlier, but a good thing can't be said too often, so here goes: As much as I love Spotlight for the time it saves me every day, it definitely gets slower as the hard drive fills up, but the trick is to add folders and directories to be excluded from searches and indexing. The problem is to know exact which to choose. This is the one you all should choose: Go to SysPrefs and Spotlight and under the Privacy tab you click the plus button and then you choose user/Library/Application Support Immediately after you'll notice a remarkable improvement in speed and that goes for the whole system, since lots of apps write temporary files to that directory and Spotlight is always working on indexing those. And no mortal need to know the content of those files, anyway, so off ye go!
  3. Wilfred

    Backup Software

    I'm no expert on this but since I use Backup 3, I at least know that it does incremental backups:) For me, it does what it is supposed to do.
  4. Wilfred

    It "hacking" frontrow wrong?

    And furthermore, you can buy some gizmo (don't remember which it was now) to add IR to your Mac and if you have the remote then, you can use your hacked Front Row from a distance! Well, that doesn't solve the moral dilemma to it, but since it can make Front Row as useful to any Mac with that IR-gizmo as to the one it was supposed for, it should make the question more interesting. Another hack you can get and which I understand less why Apple hasn't released, is PhotoBooth. You can use that with any Mac with iSight, you know. Back to the moral dilemma then - it is of course not legal and to those who believe that we should give Caesar what belongs to him etc., that ends the discussion, so for any Christian it is wrong according to the moral codex they should live up to. For the rest of us, I think it is a grey zone, indeed. As it has been stated, the car analogue failed since Apple hasn't lost anything material. Neither have they lost in an economic sense (which probably should be filed under 'material' but...) since they have chosen not to sell these two applications other than as a part of a package which is way too much to expect of someone who perhaps just want a little bit of fun for him/herself and the buddies (PhotoBooth). If there is a moral wrong in this case and if we can accept a gliding scale between say "white lies" and "lethal sin", I'd say that this one should be put far out on the lighter side of the scale. No sulphurous baths in eternity as a reward, in other words. Apple, on the other hand, is making a mistake not offering at least PhotoBooth as an application anyone can buy. FrontRow is not very useful without the IR and the remote, but it is of course still fun to see it 'live' to get an idea about it... Well, we Europeans are less inclined to divide the world into moral black and white as you Americans, obvioulsy, so there you have my 2 eurocents worth...
  5. Wilfred

    GarageBand kidnapped Cyberphone-K

    Well, this is the way one learns - although I am not sure what the lesson was here :roll: Anyway, I just fixed the problem. I went into System Prefs and in Audio Out I tried to choose VoipVoice and then I checked and unchecked Sound Off - the option after the volume control at the bottom - and that was it. I don't know why, though. If it had become checked I would have understood it, but it wasn't, so I still suspect that GB was to be blamed, that it somehow 'kidnapped' the phone's sound output which also is a bit confusing, since I used it as an input device in GB for my test. If anyone can give me an explanation I truly could say that I had learnt something from this. Now I can only say: don't mess with phones and GarageBand and if you do, check and uncheck the Sound Off... ummm :?:
  6. Wilfred

    iMac Kernel Panic... HELP

    Glad that it was resolved but pity about the RAM though. I was lucky to get a couple of new sticks for a job done when that was my problem... Seems like Macs are picky when it comes to RAM.
  7. Wilfred

    iMac Kernel Panic... HELP

    Just a shot in the dark but knowing that kernel panics very often is caused by bad RAM, how about that? Have you installed extra RAM?
  8. Well, here I go with another problem and hopefully someone has a solution to this one (mine about Bluetooth never got solved:/ It is like this: I have Cyberphone K from VoipVoice which I use with Skype. They released a driver for the Mac and aside from one little quirk (need to unplug the phone and plug it in again everytime I start up) it works fine. Until I wanted to try out the mike in the phone in GarageBand 2, testing out possibilities for eventual podcastprojects. That worked, but then I could no longer hear the other side when using Cyberphone with Skype! I changed the sound settings in GB and went back and forth with the same in Skype, but no go. Maybe a restart will help, but I thought I'd might as well ask here too. Anyone knows of a solution? PS: Just to have that added - tried a restart but it didn't help. Some plist-files I need to trash, perhaps, but which?
  9. Seems like I am stuck with this problem, but maybe I can add some info to see if that can put someone on the track to a solution: I looked at it again today as I discovered Bluetooth Explorer and there I saw that my mobile actually appeared as a laptop computer!? Then I remembered that when I configured it, it wasn't discovered as a Mobile phone, but I had to opt for All devices before it was discovered. Now it resides in the same catagory as my iBook - how that got in there, I am not sure. Maybe I just played around with Bluetooth some time earlier. Anyway, can this be the cause of the error? And if it is, what to do?
  10. Just thought I'd might tell you about how my family looks more and more like a MacFamily. My oldest sister had an old Performa before she moved to Australia and she had to leave that behind, but at least she has begun to work for a photographers' association there and 'have to' use Macs at work. My younger sister and boyfriend never want to have anything but Mac and they have currently a swivel-arm iMac. We all bought our mother a Mac Mini for Xmas and my older brother switched last summer and is the proud owner of an iMac G5, after his PC fell victim to a Trojan. I am happy since I no longer have to help him cleaning out his system from multitudes of malware bogging down the whole sad thing. There is only my younger brother left and although he belonged to those who years ago used to say that he hated Macs without knowing exactly what he talked about, perhaps, has begun to mutter about buying a Powerbook lately, so that is a sign that the tide is turning, if anything! If there are anyone around here who can read Norwegian, you might like to read my Confessions of a MacUser; something I wrote together after one of those hopeless discussions with a Windows-apologist. For those who don't understand that language, some of the links to the sources I used might be worth looking at. Most if not all lead to articles etc. in English. Some day, I might get that text translated...
  11. Just tried that, but alas, no go. I might mention that I normally turns off Bluetooth on the phone when I have no use for it and now I also tried to turn it off and on on the iMac. Well, I often stumble across mysteries like these! :roll: On the positive side, that's how I learn, too! 8)
  12. Wilfred

    To get mom online

    Mac Mini is bought and installed and mum is up and running - we have had problems with video and audio on iChat but many people report that. Might be fixed with the next update, hopefully, or perhaps it is the ISP's fault. But other than that, everything works:) I liked that other story, too=) It just works. For everyone! I was just thinking that it should be possible for older people to install a more basic system and add on more later if they want - like one can choose to install Dev Tools or not. Apple- do you hear me?
  13. I don't think that is the problem here, since I have received no info with an offer of such services from my provider, which is Optimus Portugal. I have also checked with their website and the info leaflet that came with the phone - and after all, this should not have to do with them, should it? Isn't it just a process between the computer and the phone which can be executed even without a phone service? And then you have the fact that it actually worked the first couple of times... But thanks for the reply, anyway and a happily!
  14. I might as well ask the question here, too; I just bought a Motorola V545 and I had no problems adding it as a Bluetooth-device to my iMac G5 and I also transferred a couple of files, but from then on, I guess I must've done something wrong. I admit that I am not to keen on reading manuals and I misunderstood the whole pairing/bonding-thing and thought I had to do it each time. I also paired it with my iBook as I wanted to see if I can use it as a GPRS-modem, but that whole area is in a mental haze to me and somehow I must say that Apple hasn't been to clever in explaining it to us ignorants, like they often do well. Anyway, the modem-stuff isn't important, but I cannot transfer files anymore. I get a timeout although the phone is listed and it looks like it is found, too. I tried to delete it from the settings and configurated it again, but no go. Maybe it has to do with me configurating it too many times and I thought that it might be some plist-files or something to delete to fix it, but I don't know where to look or what to look for, so if anyone has a tip, I'd appreciate it. I migth as well add a little question about the modem-detail; I thought that no scripts where needed when it was about GPRS (and I am in Europe, Portugal) but now I am not so sure. If one needs to have a script, can someone also explain the procedure? Modem scripts for dummies, in other words:) OK, that is all and a heppy new year to all!
  15. Wilfred

    To get mom online

    This isn't exactly a switcher story but should tell something about the user friendliness of the Mac. My mother had already turned 70 and her experience with this technology was zip and nil and absolutely zero, yes, she had actually hardly touched a mechanic typewriter, let alone an electric one! Her children had all left the nest and some of us as far as Portugal (me) and one all the way down to Australia, which is a long way from Norway in northern Europe. This sister of mine had left her old Performa at our mother's place, though, and although I don't think I can proudly claim to be a geek, I've learnt some since I bought my first Mac in 1998 - my first computer ever. Anyway, we decided to get mummy on the Internet so she could exchange e-mails etc. with us. A second sister in Oslo helped some by getting an ISP and creating an e-mail account for her, but I took care of the rest - over the telephone. Now, I do ask you; do you seriously think that it would have been possible to teach a person of this age and with the same level of experience regarding technology, if it had been a PC running Windows 98? I doubt it very much. The first missing dll-file would have put her off! Hahaha! Anyway, it didn't took her long before she was checking, reading and sending e-mails, printing them out and even went into the system itself to correct stuff et cetera. It is sad to say that the Performa finally broke down, so my mother is now stuck with a Dell running Win98 but she is now so seasoned thanks to the Mac-experience, that she can even handle that - especially since I downloaded and installed a missing dll-file and cleansed the system when we visited earlier this summer - and she will be getting a Mac mini for Christmas, if not sooner. As I said, not a switcher story but one who clearly demonstrates that Mac OS really is user friendly.