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  1. I'm still using Snow Leopard because I have a few PowerPC Apps on my iMac (e.g. MS Word, Photoshop Elements). Nowadays their use is limited and hence do not merit the cost of upgrading. BTW, there seems to be an abundance of verbal diarrhea on this thread!
  2. JohnT

    Address Book: making phone calls from an iMac

    In the latest version of Skype (v 5) your address book is incorporated and calls, as you describe, can be made from any number.
  3. JohnT

    I've got TWO Mail Apps on my iMac!

    Hi Tim, Yes, I think you've hit the proverbial nail on its head! My old iMac was the last non-Intel version, running OS 10.4. I'm sure you're right regarding the cross-fertiisation of the two Mail programs. I'll have a look to see if I can find any glaring differences between the two. Fingers crossed!
  4. JohnT

    I've got TWO Mail Apps on my iMac!

    You could be on the right track Joe, but I don't really want to reinstall and then configure everything and then find my iPhone is not recognised by the computer!! Yes! I do remember my first car. I was never without a wire brush (to clean the plugs and clear blocked jets in the carburettor) and an adjustable spanner to free the starter when it jammed! Happy days!!
  5. JohnT

    I've got TWO Mail Apps on my iMac!

    Sorry for the delay in replying Matt. No, I haven't resolved this issue. As I originally said, I'm choosing to ignore it!! However, I you have any ideas, I'd really appreciate it.
  6. has not set their status

  7. JohnT

    I've got TWO Mail Apps on my iMac!

    Where, oh where have the Mac experts gone?
  8. At the end of September I purchased a new 21.5 iMac. On setting it up, and in order to preserve my settings (particularly iTunes for my iPhone!) I used Migration Assistant to transfer everything across from my original G5 iMac. Everything went well, Applications upgrading to Snow Leopard where necessary etc. Except..... one day I noticed I now had two Mail Apps folders in the Application folder - one entitled "Mail" and the other "Mail (original)". They both worked identically and, on examination, the contents of their individual packages was also identical - even down to their plists. Assuming it would cure the problem, I deleted the "Mail (original)" folder. Big mistake!! Now, when entering Mail I was back to the original "Set up a new Account" screen! After re-entering my account details, all was (and still is) back to normal - with the two Mail Apps! This doesn't really bother me, I just have one icon in the Dock. However it would be nice if some kind soul could enlighten me how I can get rid of that "Mail (original)" folder from my Applications folder!!
  9. JohnT

    Texting from/to Mac

    You can also send SMS messages via Skype.
  10. JohnT

    iPhone headphone jack problem

    Just had a thought! I've got a spare set of 'phones (from an old iPod) you're welcome to. If you're interested, PM your address and I'll pop 'em in a jiffy bag - if they work ok you can always contribute (say to cover post & packing!) to my benevolent fund!!
  11. JohnT

    iPhone headphone jack problem

    Buy some new 'phones Seriously, you could pop into your local Maplins and treat yourself to a new jack plug (you won't be able to get inside the original without destroying it!). Then you'll have to cut the original plug off and then solder the wire back onto the new plug. Unless you are adept to soldering very fine wires - forget it! It's a lot cheaper, neater and easier to buy a new set!
  12. JohnT

    iPhone headphone jack problem

    I certainly wouldn't recommend poking about with Q-Tips - that's likely to do more harm than good! There are a number of proprietary contact cleaners - your local Maplins is a good place to look. However, jack plugs are usually self-cleaning - the action of removal/insertion usually keeps the internal contacts clean. From what you say, the likely problem is a loose/broken connection on one channel, either in the 'phone (serious!) or in the headphone jack (easily rectified!). The simple way to find out is to try another set of phones. Have you done this? If other headphones exhibit the same problem, it looks like a trip to Apple or 02 is on the cards
  13. JohnT

    Family address book

    Why not set up a new Group (or Groups) in your existing Address Book?
  14. For what it's worth, I use gamma 2.2.
  15. JohnT

    Very Sick MacBook

    Have you tried "verify disc" in Disc Utility? It's not a bad idea to periodically run Disc Utility from the Installation Disc.