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    Other World Computing

    i live within the US (so dunno about shipping to UK) but based on my experiences OWC is unquestionably great... SUPER FAST and customer service is impeccable.
  2. kinto

    Upgrading a 500MHz iMac G3

    to repeat;) RAM, RAM, RAM!!! but that's about all you can do, with the exception of taking it apart (don't do that) or adding external drives, etc... my dad still uses my old g3 400mhz graphite imac with 512ram and it runs tiger just fine. well, for what he does anyway. if you're planning to edit video, render 3d, etc, you should expect to step away for A LOT of tv time.
  3. kinto

    Supportive Spouses?

    i've been with my gf for about 16 months now and she's rad! to the point that i'm pretty sure rings will be involved down the line. not a computer geek per se, but big on sci-fi and such. firefly, bladerunner, asimov... when she asked to watch empire strikes back and started quoting lines before they happened it frikkin floored me! anyway, she still has a dell that her dad gave her, but when we were in a mac store recently she got super excited about macbook beauty & functionality. so i give it a year (tops) before she rejects the empire... and that's when i'll bust the proposal... (just kidding, i will regardless;)