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  1. ramtha1973

    XCode developer tools

    Ahhhhh. Now then. That could be made a lot clearer in the actual pref pane I think. Of course now you mention it, it is kinda obvious - but yeah. For anyone who happens to care about this and is still in the dark.. ..you need to bookmark the RSS feed, not just the website. Duh! Thanks Joshimacvid
  2. ramtha1973

    XCode developer tools

    I know installing the entire X Code suite when I don't know the first thing about programming might seem a little extravagant, but I realized the other day that there is no way of adding a customized RSS feed to the RSS Visualizer screen saver. I want the stories which make it to the front page of digg.com to effortlessly glide around my screen as-per the built in headlines with the RSS feeds visualizer screen saver - but it seems that having dugg (excuse the pun) around the internet for a solution that the only way to hack the RSS Visualizer screen saver is to use Quartz Composer.app in the X Code developers tools. Now having opened this application I can see why developers who like the Mac love X Code - it all seems very simply if you know what you're looking at - but sadly I just don't. So I guess my question is this. Are there any developers out there who can tell me and other MacCasters in plane English how to add an RSS feed to the RSS Visualizer screen saver. Thanks!
  3. ramtha1973

    Use the dock with your keyboard

    Ctrl + F8 opens the Apple Script menu.
  4. ramtha1973

    how do I make a 'moving screenshot'

    I take it you did'nt notice he said "..a FREE way"? This article.. http://www.newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=04...4/08/16/2128226 ..details the journey one Linux journalist took towards screen capture video open source.
  5. ramtha1973

    Software Update

    No matter what program is currently active Software Update is global - it checks in with Apple.com and compares your local list of installed software with it's list of available updates and gives you the option of updating any which match. In other words, when you say, "whichever program im trying to update with closes after it gets to a certain point searching through the new updates" - I assume you mean that even if only Finder in running, Software Update has an issue. You might try inserting your install DVD, which came with your Mac and restarting with the "C" key held down, until your computer boots from the install DVD. In the menu, choose Disk Utility and "Repair Disk Permissions" Restart and think of England.
  6. ramtha1973

    Can't Delete File

    Joshr. Got to Applications > Disk Utility and highlight the hard disk with the problematic file on it in the left hand side panel. Choose "Repair Disk Permissions" button from the bottom of the window and restart your Mac once that's done. If it still persists let me and the group know.
  7. ramtha1973

    VCD > H.264

    H.264 might take a long time to transcode but it's worth it in the end - it con squeeze old VCD down a much smaller neater file. ffmpegx is for sure a good solution
  8. ramtha1973

    Wake up internet 2.0

    My podcasts and blog about tech, with a particular slant on Apple. http://homepage.ntlworld.com/jimgardner
  9. ramtha1973

    Comp doesn't recognize iPod

    This is either a joke or someone doesn't understand basic electronics. If you want to put music on a music player - be it an iPod or not, you have to have a computer.
  10. In a follow up to this: I waited a week for HMV record stores, where I purchased the cloth, to contact me with details of how they proposed to replace the nano, as promised to me by someone who it now turns out was only the duty manager. Having spoken today with the actual manager it seems I'm going to have to jump through some hoops to get a replacement - but I'll keep everyone posted. Watch my homepage blog for more on this and for pictures of the damage.
  11. THE RED CLEANING CLOTH INSIDE THIS PRODUCT PERMANENTLY DAMAGES THE CLICK WHEEL AND CASE COLOURS!! http://homepage.ntlworld.com/jimgardner/in...que-entry-id-13 - Pictures of my messed up nano and product numbers to avoid.
  12. ramtha1973

    New to networks - PLEASE HELP!

    wOOt! I figured it out. Like a flash of light, inspiration came to me and I just went ahead and guessed how to do it!! Thanks all the same.
  13. I recently bought a cheap, used Pentium 3. I use it as a Linux experimentation machine and so far I'm really happy with SuSE. Both it and my Mac Mini connect to the internet via my broadband router. Assuming I know nothing about NAT, or for that matter anything at all about networking and so on, how do I now go about being able to see the files on my Mac from the SuSE linux machine and visa versa? There are a bunch of scary looking configuration pages "inside" the router which appear to allow me to do this, but as I say - I don't even know where to start looking for walkthrough's and tutorials on how this might be done. Thanks in advance MacCasters.
  14. ramtha1973

    Safari buttons

    When you group several links together in the bookmarks manager of Safari, so that one click on the button opens more than one Tab, if you only want (occasionally) to only open one of the links in the button you can hold the mouse down on the click for a second and pop the menu open as if it were a regular toolbar folder (see screen shot 1.1). Similarly, if you want to navigate back to the tabs you had open before you clicked the button, (since doing so replaces all the tabs you currently have open) you can simply navigate backwards using the previous page button, or Apple key + [
  15. ramtha1973

    Chat with me

    Anyone know a good place to meet Mac users for live chatting on your chosen client (adium)? I need Mac chat.