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  1. Can you hear the hard drive spin up? Does it make a grinding noise? Are all the cables plugged in for the hard drive?
  2. mac user X

    Shareing Harddvive

    As almighty_spork pointed out, you can use those programs to have either Windows or OS X access either partition but the reason being is Windows cannot write/read HFS+ and OS X can only read but not write to NTFS formatted drives out of the box. P.S. congrats almighty_spork for joining up on Fredric's Blog! Edit: Added almight_spork's correction.
  3. mac user X

    HP Office Jet / Airport Express

    Scanning is not supported by Airport.
  4. mac user X

    Give me few good reason to buy Apple TV

    You could always buy an iPod and use the composite out cable (not included but is the same used with old camcorders, just switch red and yellow and it'll be perfect, trust me) to hook it up to your TV.
  5. mac user X

    New iMacs?

    There was a recent article saying Jonathan Ives has started work on the next iMac which will be sleeker and slimmer.
  6. mac user X

    iBook G3 Clamshell

    i need a iBook G3 clamshell W/ firewire and 10 gigia bytes or more of storage. :|
  7. mac user X

    I my Mail trash folder is gone!

    My trash can in the side bar of Mail is gone! Tried a complete re install of it, tried designating another folder as the Trash folder but it does not work! Whenever I delete something it just goes away and when I select view trash from anywhere in Mail it does nothing. Help....
  8. In order to reduce or cable bill we have decided to kill it altogether due to the lack of shows we watch. We have concluded that using the Internet to download our shows and Podcasts would be beneficial and pay for it self within a year. I need to know what are the minimum Specs in order to display 720P content in Mpeg 4 format. I am looking to spend 200-350 on the PowerMac (G4 Models) and need a HDMI video card or even one with DVI, but HDMI is preferred. Any wireless remotes I can get ? Is there a Front Row substitute I can use? Also about TV show downloading. I intend to torrent it or buy it off iTunes but I do torrent I need to be able to run Scripts that will automatically convert the files via iSquint, add the proper tages (Genre, type, show etc.) and them into iTunes. Thank you.
  9. mac user X

    Using an old PowerMac G4 as a Media Center

    Dude, you have helped tremendously. I now know that at least a 433 MHz G4 will do 720p. Yeah, I do use Democracy player but it's always been fast on my FiOS connection. Maybe it has something to do with your settings.
  10. mac user X

    Using an old PowerMac G4 as a Media Center

    yes I had considered the iTV, it would work perfectly but I would have to use my PowerBook as the server, running 24/7 and I will quickly run out of room. The Mac Mini, as much as I love it wouldn't be effective for my needs. Too small and not upgrade.
  11. iPods and cases go hand in had do when I got mine for Christmas it went right in to an iSee Showcase. All was good, great case for protecting the iPod but once I lent it to my little brother the front side was adorned in small scratches. I wasn't too concerned until halfway through a video I noticed a small rainbow spec in the middle of the screen (not on the iPod but the case itself.) It turns out this scratch was one of the deeper ones and was refracting the light from the iPod. I've tried Windex, iClear wipes, rough towlets, and some Micro-fiber cloths. but the scratches will not come out! Any suggestions? I never thought I'd worry about getting scratches out of a case, thought it would be with the iPod but this scratch makes watching videos very unpleasant.
  12. mac user X

    Can't Log In To My User Account!!

    I tried Vilefault and it was an absolute nightmare, slowed my Mac Mini and messed up my User Folder. I'd geuss that File Vault was the culprit. I'd try just making a Sparse Disk Image in Disk Utility with password protection for your important files. Filevault is overkill in my opinion.
  13. mac user X

    Imported profile slower on Intel Mac?

    I suggest running a utility called Onyx and clear out all the Cache files and other stuff.
  14. mac user X

    iBook problem

    It is definitely battery related. I will chime in latter with more info.
  15. mac user X

    Removing scratches from iPod case

    I wasn't too crazy about the iSkins. Having my iPod case-less is not an option for me sadly. It has to come with my to School and survive in my backpack then has to survive through P.E. at my waist because I do not trust the "high grade" lockers in the locker room.
  16. mac user X

    upgrading PB G4 processor?

    In my opinion the PowerBook will last you a while, that's why it's called a PowerBook I'd wait until you need to upgrade to a MacBook Pro or other Intel based Mac. You aren't going to see a huge speed boost for that kind of money upgrading the G4.
  17. mac user X

    Can't Log In To My User Account!!

    You could try an Archive and Install and then see if that works.
  18. mac user X

    eMac freeze - 10.4.8

    Does it the eMac display a grey screen saying in several different languages "Please restart the computer"? If so that is a Kernel Panic. It usually a Hardware issue, very rarely Software related and in this case is not. If any part of the Hardware is bad the Mac will crash, by the looks of it you have a damaged Video Card. The Card was probably malfunctioning due to heat related issues.
  19. mac user X

    Good DVD Ripping Software.

    Well Handbrake will do that.
  20. mac user X

    Discussion: ipTV

    Well as a top Digg user Digg has been one of my main sources of gathering news along with Diggnation too. I honestly think it will take a couple more years for IPTV to really take off and replace cable. The battle over Net Neutrality had retarded the growth of the Internet slowing down that 15-Megabit connection we were all promised to get. Once we get some very fast connections HD streaming will finally kill cable and possibly end the format wars.
  21. mac user X

    Installing iphoto from installation disc

    There is an Application called Pacifist that will show all packages on any kind of media and install them for you.
  22. mac user X

    OSX Maintainence Software?

    Mac OS X already has built in Maintainence scripts that run daily, weekly and monthly. Just by leaving your machine one over night or extended amounts of time will automatically run these scripts. I do recommend Onyx if you need it in a quick pinch but that's it. Also Mac OS X has built in defragging tools that run in the background. If the file is not busy and under 20 MBs OS X will defragment those files.
  23. mac user X

    Yahoo Groups type of programs

    Well what you can do is set up an Automator workflow to send the newsletter to yourself then BCC it to everyone else.
  24. mac user X

    Good DVD Ripping Software.

    Hi Justin, if you are looking to just rip the actual video without converting I recommend Mac The Ripper. MTR will rip the raw Video_TS files to your Hard Drive for later viewing and is packed with many great features. If you are looking for ripping and converting all in one app, HandBrake. HandBrake has many settings for converting and has the appropriate settings for the iPod Video. Hope this helps
  25. mac user X

    Norton Antivirus and Firewall

    Why not just do a search for norton from the Finder search, drag all the files to the trash and click secure empty trash?