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  1. Ok, I know to most of you if probably sounds a bit lame, "my first podcast" but for a newbie like me it's an achievement. I did this for a company I work for. Only problem is, I don't know how to offer people the podcast on the page. I'm using libsyn.com's system and it makes it easy for me to submit to itunes, I can work out how to put a link on my page for "Subscribe to this podcast for itunes" but what about everything else?
  2. thecount

    Newbie, to podcasting, pleeeease help?

    ok, I'll look into them. I already have web hosting for my site, why can't I use that / or why isn't it as easy?
  3. thecount

    Newbie, to podcasting, pleeeease help?

    like I said, an idiots guide would be good for someone complete new to podcasting, i.e a newbie. thanks for your help.
  4. Hi there, I really need help in getting into podcasting. I have a podcast which has been produced using garageband, I want to A) register it with itunes and put a link on my website for it and C) I want to upload it to my website/server. Is this correct? or am I thinking the wrong way? Can someone give me an idiots guide please?? THank you.
  5. Just a thought about the G4 tower I have, instead of purchasing a mac mini, do you think that woudl suffice? it's running OS 9
  6. thanks, i didn't check those final few replies as I didn't get email notification. thanks for pointing this out.
  7. ok, so basically: 1 x mac min 2 x lacie terrabytes, one for a duplicate back up and that would be iT? Could I hook up our machines to it via ethernet and still use the airport for internet?
  8. thecount

    Remote Desktop?

    does anyone know if there is an idiots guide to this? I have set it up, I have no problem in connecting via my own airport network, but I can't work out how I can access when I am at work and trying to connect to my home mac? :-(
  9. I need some advice on setting up a small office server for backing up and accessing files with three of us here int eh office. We currently use airport for internet. not if that matters does it? Also, I'd ideally want a terrabyte? that should do us all for now. thanks in advance
  10. oh, and will the G4 powermac have to run osx?
  11. great. So All I have to do connect the G4 to an ethernet hub? then all the other computers to that ethernet hib then?
  12. thanks for your post. sounds interesting. so basically, how owuld all four of our machines connect to that G4. I would be thinking either ethernet or wirelessly preferably
  13. Hi, we run a very small design company, just the four of us. We really don't think we can afford a xServer or anything and are just wondering what cost effective solutions there are out there. I guess we could get ourselves a terrabyte external hard drive but just wonder how we can all hook up to it at the same time. Also, it would need to be fairly fast to back up and transfer files. what do you think? any ideas? thansk in advance
  14. sorry, I think you misunderstood, actually need to record interviews without my laptop, "away from my laptop" i.e a device I can position by hand. I guess the ipod has many devised for recording but is this good enough?
  15. I need a cost effective way of recording interviews away from my laptop, is this possible? what records digitally as an mp3 track? tia