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    Best DVD conversion software

    There is a new entry on this scene "RipIt" from ripitapp.com. It creates a single file rather than the somewhat ugly VIDEO_TS folder. That single file plays with DVD Player and also can be converted with Handbrake. Initial tests: was OK on several not real new DVDs, but failed on a few one. Check it out, I guess! mike
  2. mike4dice

    Superdrive Problem

    This is on my dual G4 1.25Mhz Mirror Door Power Mac My Superdrive seems to have lost half its mind. Here's what happened: I put a DVD movie into the drive and closed the drive drawer. DVD Player started (usual behavior) and then nothing happened. I waited a bit and then discovered that the DVD Player was not responding, so I did a Force Quit. I ejected the DVD and then put it back it. DVD Player did NOT start, but rather, the DVD was ejected. This behavior continued after a restart. After some further investigation I have discovered that my Superdrive will not read or write DVDs. It is OK with CDs, however. Any ideas of what I might do to fix this problem? I'm out of ideas. Or am I going to have to recplace the Superdrive? thanks...mike
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    Well, a quick jump from February to mid-August and this thing has yet to see the light of day. They don't even update their "corporate" (what a joke!) website with info. Anyone know anything about this? Will we ever see it? Or did they just take the shareware fees and run? mike
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    Music Editing software

    I use Amadeus II and like it a lot! http://www.hairersoft.com/Amadeus.html
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    AppZapper does'nt get everything.

    I agree that AppZapper does not do the job completely. I deleted an app and it found the plist. That's fine. But it did find that the app was a log-in item. Had to change that manually. Not so impressed!
  6. mike4dice

    Another System Utility

    Take a look at YASU, available at: http://www.jimmitchelldesigns.com/yasu.html Yasu is a Cocoa application wrapper built with AppleScript Studio that allows system administrators, as well as standard users, to conveniently run various system level Unix shell scripts in order to perform maintenance routines and clear the various cache files used by OS X. Yasu was designed to be a simple, first line of attack for a workstation that has started "acting up." More often than not, a thorough purge of the cache files of a Mac will bring its behavior back into line. Be aware that there are different versions for Tiger and Jaguar/Panther users. Be sure to get the correct version. I've been using this for a long time with success. mike