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  1. jfmartin

    I'm about to switch.... back !

    With no Keynote at the Paris Expo, this may be a signal that no new major upgrade or product will be presented... so I may not wait for sept 20th to order my mac.... don't know yet... JF
  2. jfmartin

    Sept 7th & Apple Expo Speculations

    Well, this sound strange... I think that the announcment on sept 7th may be bigger than we think. Since, Jobs will still attend the Paris Expo and show at a Q & A session with journalists, this may be to answer questions about the sept 7 announcement and also offer an opportunity for the Press to talk about the Intel switch... and some other new products that does not requires a keynote... Then, this may also indicated that the momentum for Apple Macintoshes is still strong and there is no need to yet to boost the plateform with major nre upgrades... time will tell. JF
  3. jfmartin

    Mac tracker

    seems to be buggy on the windows plateform..
  4. Hi, Here is my two cents worth comments / predictions. First, sept 7th. Well, how many of you think that Apple would send this kind of invitation to the media just to be lunching a product mainly designed by Motorola ? Yes iTunes inside but, hey, is this really as revolutionary than iTunes and iPod in their current incarnation ? How many of you think that having a few MP3 songs on a cell phone is about to change the world again ? (Like the media invitation sent by Apple this week). How many of you think that using a place like the convention center to lunch a cell phone that plays music is the only reason to make sunch a big lunch ? This phone is not designed by Apple, but by Motorola... only the iTunes player may be mainly designed by Apple... is that enough to call that 'Here we go again' event ? I don't think so. Apple and Motorola will be lunching the mp3 phone... but Apple will have something more to show... Remember, this is a music related event like Apple says. So, expect something more. There is something that nobody is expecting and that will make the event very special. You know, looking at the state of the currently sold cell phones on the market, things are not looking good. Cell phones sucks... plain and simple. Sometime, I wish cell compagnies would stop making bells and whistle on the phone and make them more user friendly of the basic functions of the cells... like placing a call, looking in the address book... I think Apple will be lunching a cell phone on its own, yes with iTunes and iPod functions but the whole thing will be perfeclty integrated in a enjoyable cell phone to use... On the Apple Expo in Paris, I think Apple's Steve Jobs will, in its keynote, recapp all the announment of sept 7 plus a few great new upgrades on the Macintoshes... we may see iPod mini with color screen and flash memory. On this one, I'm not so sure about it because of the propability that the upgraded iPod mini could be also announced on sept 7th. Apple Expo will be showing new products for Mac plateform. We may expect an upgrade to the PowerBook titanium. Apple as to keep the momentum on the PowerPC based Macs if it wants to keep the sales going while waiting for the Intel Based macs... What do you think ?
  5. Hi, I'm about to switch... back ! What ? I used to work on Mac computers since 1985 up to 1996 (Mac 128K -> Power Mac 6100) then I quit for the other world... now I own an iPod (20G, 3G) and with all the momentum around Apple products like OS X, Macintosh, iPod, and the Windows XP 'thing', I'm really anxious to be back on the Mac. I'm waiting after sept 20th because of the Keynote from Steve Jobs at the Paris Apple Expo. Wonder what he will say on keynote. If nothing really different is announced on Sept 20, then I'll go the for iMac G5 20 inch. I'll let you know.