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    e, We've been with BD since 2005 - Our site went live in 8/06. We haven't had the best time dealing with them. We've had to resort to throwing a tantrum several times to get things done and questions answered. Not fun. Exact has assured us that other providers will be coming online soon that support e-commerce/macola... competition will be good. I'm no code jockey but I have learned a few tricks in the past year or so for uploading HTML pages into the categories: 1. copy all your code into a PC's "notepad" app. This will clean out the code's odd characters. 2. Copy the code from Notepad into the category's HTML Text tab. There will probably be more cleaning neccessary - especally for pages containing a lot of text formatting. BD's HTML engine sucks. It can't handle large pages without freaking out... 3. Keep it simple - if it doesn't all need to be on one page - don't put it all there. I hope this helps. You aren't using BD with a MAC are you?