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  1. chronicfathead

    10.4 printing issues

    Tried updating using the correct HP drivers, but they didn't show up in the driver list. I have installed an update to the Gutenprint drivers and still no change. Danny
  2. chronicfathead

    10.4 printing issues

    Hi I have a customer with an early core2duo Macbook Pro running 10.4.11, which is part of a company domain. All the other PC's are Windows boxes, mainly XP and the 2003 servers. The MBP prints to a HP1220c inkjet box, via a shared driver on an XP box. I can set the driver up fine, but whenever I try to print to a shared driver on the network, it will not print. I end up with Samba errors and NT access errors. I know the username and password on the XP box, the firewall is off, and it used to work. The XP box prints fine to the printer, as do other Windows boxes to the shared driver. I have tried: New 10.4 user profile different shared printers (OK to a Toshiba, but not to another 1220c) Reset the printing system Removed samba entries from Keychain. Run keychain first aid tried domain admin credentials when accessing the pc via smb. got the mac user to log onto the windows box with his credentials. I can print to the printer if I connect my 10.6.2 MBP to their network, and print to the windows shared driver. I have spent hours trying to get to the bottom of this, but I am struggling. The MBP cannot be upgraded to Snow Leopard, as the user would have to upgrade to Adobe CS4, at great expense. Thanks in advance. Danny
  3. chronicfathead

    Any ideas how to make my G5 cooler

    As above. As it's a 1.8GHz it shouldn't be water cooled, so it must be either dust build up something like a loose CPU heatsink. Have a look at this guide for some ideas. http://www.sharpeningbeneath.com/g5guide/