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  1. typicalpcuserhost

    Maccast loop

    This is Victor (user name goes back to before I owned a mac). The talkshoe servers were part of a GoDaddy issue yesterday so the download was really slow. Usually it is not this way. It should be pretty much as fast as the normal maccast, although they are in two different locations. It's nice to see feedback on the show and I'm proud to be a small part of it. Victor Cajiao
  2. typicalpcuserhost

    Tyical Mac User Podcast

    Happy to announce that the Typical Mac User Podcast Widget is now a part of the Apple Web Site. http://www.apple.com/downloads/dashboard/b...castwidget.html It's very cool to have my Widget on the official Apple Web site. Check out the show at www.typicamacuser.com
  3. typicalpcuserhost

    Need some Ideas for my next Podcast

    Jubilee , it's Victor from the Typical Mac User Podcast www.typicalmacuser.com I was not aware of your podcast but downloaded it today and I am listening to some. Sounds like you do Apple support for a living (is that right?). Anyway we should plan on doing a show together on Skype . I can be contacted at typicalmacuser@gmaii.com Thanks
  4. typicalpcuserhost


    Well, I really appriciate the plugs for the show guys. I'ts my pleasure to help and to do the show for anyone who wants to listen. Victor
  5. Well this weekend I took the plunge and decided on a Power Book 15" vs the new Mac Book Pro. One (but not the only one) of my deciding factors was my need to use EVDO technology http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EVDO in order to get on line access anywhere, anytime. After purchasing my Power book I went to my local Verizon store and within 20 minutes I had invested $179.00 for the Kyocera KPC650 EVDO Card http://reviews.cnet.com/Kyocera_KPC650/450...7-31383678.htmland had upgraded my plan to an all you can eat data plan for $60.00 month. The card is one of the only ones that easily work with Macs and it was an easy plug and play operation. I spent the rest of the day going do different places to see what kind of bandwidth I was getting. I live in So. California, so yes we have good digital coverage. Everywhere I went my average download benchmark was 606Kbps download and 69Kbps upload The advertised rates which Verizon says you will get is around 445 to 512 kbps down with bursts that are greater than that. Time will tell if I continue to be happy with this card. However this is at least 3X's faster than I was getting using my TREO 600 as a Modern on my "old" PC Based laptop. My remote browsing experience will no longer depend on Starbucks or Wi-Fi being available where I'm at. I will ride the EVDO digital stream when it's available, and when it's not the card will do down to speeds of 56K to about 145kbps downloads (still not bad). I wanted to open this discussion up to the community as I had not seen a similar one. Please remember if you are a new Mac User (like me) to visit my podcast at www.typicalmacuser.com Enjoy Victor Cajiao
  6. typicalpcuserhost

    I DID IT!!!

    Congratulations on your switch. You are wise in switching to Mac and in listening to the MacCast. I also have a podcast for switchers (since I just switched in Oct 05). You can find it at www.typicalmacuser.com Your welcome to come on over and listen to some tips and tricks for us Mac switchers. Victor
  7. typicalpcuserhost

    G5 Fan noise.....what?!?!?!?

    I have a 20" G5 and yes when I'm working with Pro apps doing editing for my podcast it gets very hot and the fan is very loud. However other than that it's quieter than my P4 PC. Victor
  8. typicalpcuserhost

    Tyical Mac User Podcast

    Yeah it's great having Matt as a contributing editor to the podcast and blog. Thanks Matt.
  9. typicalpcuserhost

    New Typical Mac User Podcast now on line

    Hi all I am Victor Cajiao the host of the Typical PC User Podcast. As of today 1/1/2006 I have put out the first Typical Mac User Podcast. The Typical Mac User Podcast will be a show where the listener and the host will go on a journey in the everyday typical use of our Apple Macintosh computers. The show will provide tips, tricks, software and hardware reviews for the the Mac. Together we'll discover what there is to learn in the world of Macs. If you are a switcher or new Macintosh user, subscribe to this podcast. This will be a short once per week 15 minutes show. Being a huge Mac Cast listeners and supporter, I would love if some of the newer Mac Cast listeners woudl give my show a try. Website: www.typicalmacuser.com Subscribe via RSS: http://feeds.feedburner.com/typicalmacuserpodcast Anything this community can do to support the show, I'd appreciate. Thanks Victor
  10. I have my Mackie VLZ 1402 mixer which I have been using to do my show the Typical PC User Podcast and the Mac Switcher Chronicles. You can see more details here http://www.mackie.com/products/1402vlzpro/ So if you are interested in buying the mixer that 77 Typical PC User podcasts were recorded you can buy it, just contact me at typicalpcuser@gmail.com The prices is only $150.00 plus shipping (continental United States only). I will accept, Cash, Money Order or PayPal. This posts is also on my web site http://www.typicalpcuser.com
  11. Folks I'm Victor Cajiao host of the Typical PC User Podcast http://www.typicalpcuser.com Adam has been very suportive of my show and has mentioned it several times. I also have started doing a show called The Mac Switcher Chronicles, where I go through some of the ups and downs of my switcher experience. I just released show number 4 yesterday. You can find it at http://typicalpcuser.biz/tpcu/?p=173 Come take a listen and please provide me feedback at typicalpcuser@gmail.com Thanks Victor
  12. typicalpcuserhost

    New 5th Gen iPod scratches easy too

    They look good but no one has any 5th Gen stuff yet. If anyone sees any let us know.
  13. typicalpcuserhost

    New 5th Gen iPod scratches easy too

    I just got my new 60 Gig Black 5th Gen iPod last Wednesday. Mind you I have kept it in a DLO soft (cushion like) case I have for my 4th gen almost the entire time. I noticed today Sunday that it as some minor but visible scratches in towards the bottom of it, that appear to be caused only by slipping it, in and out of the case. I had a 4th gen and third gen (white) and never noticed this issue. Again, probably not something that I would return it for (yet) but it does seem to be a lot more susceptible to these scratches. Don't know if it's because it's black and I'm just paying more attention. Lastly the wheel is also getting scratches too, and that was never a problem. Functionally however this thing rocks.
  14. typicalpcuserhost

    60GB ipod frustrations

    I was having this problem wiht a 4th gen 30 I had and I replaced the interanal software using ipod updater and that took care of it. Might want to give that a try if you haven't alreay. Just got a 60Gig Black Video and we will see what happens.
  15. typicalpcuserhost

    burning dvd's

    Need to convert some VOB files to MP$ or something that will work with the Video iPod. No problem doing this with my existing DVS (on disk) but this one is in my HD. Thanks MAC Geeks