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  1. montae20

    Extract Audio from a Quicktime File

    It might take awhile but maybe Audio Hijack Pro could do it.
  2. montae20

    Apple TV and Visual Hub

    Nope, that is one of the drawbacks you do not get menus, but if you have separate files they become separate chapters. So you can take those files convert them and you would just select them by going to next chapter when you play it back in your player.
  3. montae20

    Apple TV and Visual Hub

    I have been using Visual Hub for awhile. It's one of the easiest video converters out there. My favorite feature of the app is that it can covert any video file and make it a dvd iso that you can burn and play on any dvd player.
  4. montae20

    movies to my psp

    I like using Handbrake Lite or PSP Ware. Since I updated my PSP to 2.80 it is a breeze to add a movie. Just use Handbrake Lite and convert the movie to the correct size. Create a video folder on your PSP and just drag the movie there and presto.
  5. montae20

    Simple Question

    OS X has stop asking me for my admin password when installing new programs. How can I make OS X asked me for my password again. Thanks
  6. I got the same programs. It kinda sucks because the only program that I would have really use was AppZapper but I already bought it so now I have two licenses. Oh Well, you still can't beat 5 dollars though.
  7. montae20

    movies to my psp

    I like using either Handbrake Lite or iSquint.
  8. montae20

    Application Launcher

    control>spacebar i live and die for. I honestly do not really know what else i can do with quicksilver but just launching applications is the greatest. its totally weird when i am on my windows machine or someone else mac and i try to do my shortcut and nothing happens. Quicksilver Rocks
  9. montae20

    MTR and handbrake

    i have used a program called yadex and it just rips the entire movie, but you won't get any chapters.
  10. montae20

    New Leather Case from Apple? - No thanks!

    for the price it could have came with a transmitter or even a charger built in. I really could never justify spending that match on a case especially when there is so many programs that I could purchase instead.
  11. montae20

    My friend's former iPos

    I also have a updated 5G 60GB iPod and I have not been having any trouble. It has been working normally.
  12. montae20


    i like the piratebay.org
  13. montae20

    Wireless Router

    I use a Belkin Pre-N Wireless router and it works really good once I changed some settings on it. It gives me alot of range throughout my home.
  14. montae20

    iPod or PSP

    I have both also and to be totally honest I regret purchasing my PSP. The iPod is just so much easier to pull out and sneak to watch video at work. The PSP is cool but it is really a pain to carry.
  15. montae20

    Garage Band tutorials??

    I really don't know any tutorials online, but Garageband 2: The Missing Manual by David Pogue help me out when I was getting my feet wet with recording a podcast in garageband. GB3 has made my life alot easier though, if you are serious about podcasting I would recommend upgrading for the podcast feature.