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    Buying an iMac and the price of memory

    You are probably right but it doesn't send out a good message to the possible switchers who think that you have to be a rich software snob to buy a Mac. I have been in the Mac camp for nearly 2 years now with 2 Macs on my desk and I wouldn't go back. There are many people out there still though that buy solely on price and worry later about the time and money lost with getting rid of malware, spyware and viruses. Mind you I still do stuff with my Macs that makes me go WOW that's sweet¨, that I never got with the other side of the coin.
  2. I am looking at the prices of the iMac 24in 2.4 and I would need to get 4GB of memory in there and I have to wonder how it is that Apple can post the price of 4GB upgraded from 1GB to be €780 which is roughly ten times the price of what the memory can be bought from a reputable supplier like Crucial. There is no way anyone in their right mind would by a memory upgrade from Apple when I can by a kit for the 4GB from Crucial for 97.51 Euro. You have to wonder what is going with Apple that the pricing system is so crazy. Are we getting ripped off elsewhere with Apple, to be able to have the best in computing.
  3. I use my Mac Mini or my intel iMac to make the Podcast in which I talk about making money online. In the latest Podcast I talk about my experiences using SureBetPro to work the Arbitrages in Sports Events. I comment on software I am currently testing for trading on the Forex market. I have a demo Forex account and I am trading it using the Mac Mini. Can do all I need to do - buy, sell, create limits and stop losses. I use the Intel iMac with Parallels to run the windows software for the Arbitrage and also to run a betting bot Bet IE that allows me to easily trade on BetFair. With Bet IE I can trade on the prices, dutch or hedge horse racing. Works pretty well and it could only be an improvement if I could have it as a native Mac program. I use the Mac Mini also to make money with the Football cash generator, which is a spreadsheet that gives you all the info - amounts etc to trade football matches on Betfair. I have had success with it during the World cup. Get the podcast in iTunes - do a search for Wizardgold and you can subscribe. or go to Wizardgold Blog and Podcast I post the link to the Podcast mp3 file for direct download
  4. wizgold

    Parallels user report

    I got the Parallels software because of 2 bits of software that I have to run and are only available as Windows apps. I didn't want to do the boot camp thing because I bought a Mac to run as a Mac. Still annoys me to have to run windows on my lovely Intel iMac. I got the pre release version and intsallation was super easy, just had to choose all the parts of the Windows machine I wanted, like USB and sound etc. Installing Windows was easy enough, works faster if you do it from an ISO file rather than a physical CD The memory had to be set at 148 because anythng more made the software run really slow. With it set at 148 though, it works great, faster than some PC's I have had the misfortune to use. I know I need to get more physical memory in the iMac as it only has the Apple standard of half a gig.That will allow me to have more programs running at the same time as having Parallels runnng Windows. I just have to click inside the window to be able to use Windows and I use Control alt to get back to the Mac environment. It is I am sure a better solution than BootCamp to the problem of needing Windows because of no other way of running the program. At least all I have to do to get back to the Mac is a simple key combination and no rebooting. Better than having a horrible looking PC on the desk also. Other good point in favour of Parallels is price. I got it at the pre release price of $39, it is a little more mow but still a great value. ------------------------ 17in Intel iMac and a Mac Mini side by side on my desk
  5. wizgold


    Keychain looks after all your passwords. Simple job but helpful if you visit alot of sites with Safari or other browser, I use Camino mostly. I think the passwords are stored encrypted because to be able to see them when you go into Keychain and click on info, you have to put in your admin password to be able to view your other passwords.
  6. wizgold

    iPod or PSP

    This is the way it worked out in the end... I bought a PSP from E Bay. I was trying for a iPod but they were getting bids out of my reach. I had just what I had in my PayPal account to play with. For what I want to do with it it is working out fine. I wondered about the capability that you have with the iPod to play it on a TV if you have extra cables but then I reasoned that If I am in that situation they probably have a DVD player and I will have a DVD with me. Putting the movies on to it if easy with PSPware although there is a limit of how many with the shareware version. I have been converting the movies using Handbrake and that was painless too. I reckon also that there may be a true video iPod at some time and I can pass on the PSP to one of my sons as a gift. I am sure it will be appreciated.
  7. wizgold

    iPod or PSP

    Looks like the iPod is going to be the best option for what I want to do. I will sit on the fence for while though to see if the real iPod Video makes a debut. Though there will come a time when I can't wait any longer. It is for business purposes I want the iPod for and one day I will just bite the bullet whether the real video iPod has surfaced or not. Thanks for all your input on this guys.
  8. wizgold

    iPod or PSP

    No it has got to be hand held for what I want to do. I don't want to wait for booting up and it has to be small and possible to fit ina pocket or small bag
  9. wizgold

    iPod or PSP

    Adam - you said you had a PSP in one of your shows, have you used it to view Video? If so - with its bigger widescreen display does it work out to be a better experience than watching a Video on the iPod? The notion that Apple migh be coming out with proper VideoPod would make me wait for a while but I do want to get my hands on something that will show video for me on a hand held. While I would prefer an Apple Product to do the job I would get a PSP if it does the job better than the iPod for what I need to do now. Is the only way to put video on the PSP by using the memory stick and does it have speakers that work well enough that head phones would not be needed except for private listening. I know most of my questions seem to be more PSP but it is really a comparision of features that I am interested in and I know you have both the PSP and a 5th Gen iPod. maybe other forum users have the answers to this also Thank you
  10. wizgold

    New iMac Ordered!

    I ordered it late on Monday evening and Thursday I have the beast on my desk and I am a very happy bunny. Taking a while to get used to the apple keyboard after using my mac mni with a win keyboard. Was both helpful and a pain in the rear when I was switching over to the Mac. This is one sweet machine......
  11. wizgold

    New iMac Ordered!

    I just ordered an iMac too - bog standard because I don't want to wait too long. The site said 3 - 8 days - they gave themselves plenty of leeway there. Wish it came with 1GB mem standard- I will order 1GB from Crucial in the UK - much cheaper than buying the extra memory from Apple. Easy to put in also I have seen some pics somewhere that shows how easy it it. Can't wait........
  12. wizgold

    Voice in GarageBand 05

    I had the same problem when I tried to bring in an audio file I recorded elsewhere and posted a question up. I didn't get any answer that sorted out the problem though. I hope you have better luck than I did
  13. I want to add an mp3 to my podcast. Either doing it in Garage Band or in Audacity afterwards I get the new sound file coming in all speeded up and un listenable What am I doing wrong? I was trying to put the intel "dull little boxes advert " at the end of my podcast. No joy with it at all.
  14. wizgold

    Looking for FTP program recommendations

    I use Cyberduck and it does the job for me really well. I drag and drop files from finder and they are ftp'd to my server very easy and I would recommend it for sure. Didn't cost anything either....
  15. wizgold

    My Podcasting Setup (updated)

    Don't know how good the software is but it costs 29.95. Not much I know but I have my RSS feeds set up for free with feedburner libsyn gives me an RSS feed too.