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  1. chill_apple

    Hulu no longer on Boxee

    We do have a Mac Mini but it is our school computer. I wonder if Hulu would work on Safari on the Apple TV. I think you add Safari to the Apple TV. If this is true, then I am back on Hulu. If anyone has the answer, please let me know.
  2. chill_apple

    Hulu no longer on Boxee

    Here if the article from boxee. http://blog.boxee.tv/2009/02/18/the-hulu-situation/
  3. chill_apple

    Hulu no longer on Boxee

    My wife and I just recently hack our Apple TV to start watching the wonderful content on Hulu. Now after having it for three weeks, it is getting removed off of Boxee. Here is the link http://blog.hulu.com/. Does anyone have another solution for watching Hulu over AppleTV? Thanks, Calvin
  4. chill_apple

    I switched 3 1/2 years ago...

    I bought my first PC in '92. I thought Windows for workgroups was just ok. I tried Linux slackware, OS2, and then came back to Windows when '95 came out. It finally came to point where I was dual booting windows and linux. Enventually, I turn my old PC into Linux and used it as my firewall and other server needs (Still using Windows for the GUI). When OS X came out, I started paying close attention to it. I was looking for a easy way to move my home videos to the computer and make some VCD or DVDs. Apple had exactly what I was looking for. Also, as linux user, I really enjoyed the idea of having UNIX right there. My first purchase was a powerbook. I started taking it work and learning a little here and a little there. Now it is always with me . At work I use a Laptop with Windows XP for development. I was a VB/C++ programmer but for the last 3 years I have been doing java. I have tried several times to get my company to purchase a Apple machine, but to no avail. Since my purchase of the Powerbook, I now have a 17" iMac, and just recently a MacMini. My wife, kids, and myself love Macs and do not want to go back to the PC/Windows world (For home that is). Calvin chill_apple