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  1. I recently bought / installed a Mac Mini that I'm using to drive a lobby "display" in my office. I have a looping slideshow that is working fantastic (in all Apple-y goodness!) , for the most part... I'd really like to include some slides with "dynamic" content... Current weather, 5 day forecast, news headlines, etc... Can Keynote do this? If not (From what I can tell, it can't... Feh.) , are there any other (preferably low-cost) OSX applications that CAN? Help! -Tim
  2. tbillini

    OSX Snow Leopard - App Store Won't Launch

    Perfect! This worked. Thank you. You ROCK! :-) -Tim
  3. OSX Snow Leopard 27" Aluminum iMac My App Store won't launch. At. All. The dock icon bounces a couple of times, then stops. Nothin. I've tried launching it from the Apple Menu, Spotlight, and the Applications folder, all with the same result. I have tried the terminal entries here: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2744312?start=0&tstart=0 Nuthin. Help! Grrr... -Tim
  4. tbillini

    ? Spotlight-Searchable "Tags" for .pdf ?f

    HA! Of course... All of the functionality I seek is in the "Spotlight Comments" section of the "Get Info" window. Of course. *hangs head*
  5. Q: Is there a way to assign Spotlight-searchable "tags" to .pdf files? Here's why-for... I have dozens of scanned receipts, ticket stubs, etc that I want to archive. Of course the file titles are Spotlight-searchable, but that's pretty limited. If I could assign multiple (searchable!) tags to each file, that would take a lot of hassle out of the file naming, folder structure creation, etc. It looks like HoudahSpot will do this, but perhaps there's a better / easier / less $ (free?) way to do this. Thoughts?
  6. Is there a way to export a "workable" (ie, editable) iPhoto 11 slideshow project from one Mac to another? I have a slideshow that I have assembled on a desk-bound iMac, using iPhoto 11. I will be taking a MacBook to the event to present the slideshow. This MacBook also has iPhoto11 installed. Is there a way to move the slideshow project from the iMac to the MacBook so that I have a tweak-able copy on site? (I have several options for playing the actual exported file as a complete "show" , start-to-finish...this is not my issue) Thanks in advance! -Tim
  7. Q: Are the Griffin EarJams compatible with the iPhone 4 headphones? I have used EarJams in the past, but that was several "generations" ago, Apple Earbud-wise! I know that the EarJams ship with different snap-on connectors, but I'm not sure of the "generation" of the iPhone 4 headphones. I like the functionality of the mic / control on the headphones, but I can't keep them in my ears (without them falling out!) as-is.
  8. tbillini

    MobileMe Contact Syc

    Help! I have my iPhone 4 set up to sync contacts with Mobile Me. Push is enabled, and my accounts are linked on both the phone and Mobile Me. When I add a contact on Mobile Me, it is properly "pushed" to my iPhone. No problems. Easy-breasy, and super-fast. However, if I change or delete a contact on Mobile Me, the changes are NOT pushed to my iPhone. Any idea why the sync would be "one-way?" That is, why I can add, but I can't delete / change?
  9. tbillini

    iPhone / iCal Basic ?'s

    I have rid myself from a pesky Verizon contract and will FINALLY be purchasing a pair of iPhone 4's. Woot! I'm an unapologetic Apple FanBoy through and through, but couldn't wait for the Apple / Verizon marriage any longer. That said... My wife and I are both heavy users of Palm based calendars. I'm looking for tips, insights, etc re: calendar management on the iPhone. For everything that I know about the iPhone (I've been window-shopping for / lusting after one for YEARS!) , I don't know much about calendar maintenance / sync. Is iCal the client? Are there other calendar apps, or is iCal the preferred one? Do you LOCAL sync via iTunes and the options in iTunes, like you would for an iPod Classic / Touch? If I want www access to my calendar (say on a work desktop machine) , will I need to sync with Mobile Me? (I have an account.) If so, will my wife need a separate account? I might have more ?'s, but they each would be pending the answers to these, so I'll stop here. Thanks! -Tim tbillini@gmail.com www.timborbely.com
  10. Indeed re: "Free." Just didn't want to waste the time / effort to d/l / install if there was an obvious "better choice" out there. It worked PERFECTLY. Highly recommended. Woot!
  11. The Flash Drive route is getting a little old, so I'm looking to add a media server to my PS3. I thought about buying an additional hard drive to do so (I have a free USB port on my Airport Extreme) , but it looks like I might be able to do it without any additional purchases with this. (+ iMac, AirPort Extreme) Does anybody have any experience with this program? I assume that my iMac just has to be on the network, not necessarily cable-connected to the AirPort Extreme? (It's not) // Would also entertain any other alternate routes as well... Thanks! -Tim
  12. Question... When repairing permissions (as general cleaning / maintenance!) is it necessary to do so for each User Account, or will one repair from an Administrator account suffice? That is, do I need to 'sign in as' each individual user and repair the permissions? Thanks in advance! LOVES me some MacCast! -Tim
  13. I have two audiobooks, both purchased from the iTunes store, neither of which will play on my iPod nano. (Most recent generation) The files DO play from within iTunes. The files DO sync to the Nano. I CAN find the files (recognized as Audiobooks, too!) on the Nano, bu they will not play. When I navigate to the files, nothing happens. I have tried un-authorizing and re-authorizing the iMac (computer that contains my iTunes library) to no avail. Suggestions? -Tim www.timborbely.com
  14. tbillini

    Time Machine Backup for MacBook

    Decisions, Decisions... Not sure which route I'll go. Glad to hear I have 2 options though. I'm actually choosing twice... I'm adding the MacBook to my existing setup / back-up scheme, then will be purchasing HD(s) to set my parents up as well. (Similar equipment...iMac and MacBook) Thanks for the input! -Tim
  15. tbillini

    Time Machine Backup for MacBook

    I might go this route. I was worried about the speed...sounds like rightfully so!