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    I have just bought - on impulse - a Macintosh Classic 11 with keyboard but no cords and no mouse. Can anyone point me to a web site that will sell me all the bits and pieces that I need to get this up and running ? Any help much appreciated
  2. rosematthews

    podcast downloads greyed out

    update i use my eMac to download and store pocasts so i decided to wirelessly transfer the greyed out episodes to my MacBook and it worked ! So at least I can now load these eps onto my iPod but the problem is still happening on the eMac. I'm on a peak/offpeak isp so I set the eMac to wake up at 4am and download new eps automaticallly so using the MacBook is not really an option. I've backed up my iTunes library and tried a unsubscribe then resubscribe so I was thinking can I start from scratch? ie trash the whole iTunes app and then re-install it ?
  3. On Sunday I downloade 30 episodes of various podcasts and vidcasts. I have a dynamic smart album "recently added" where they all showed up but some of them were greyed out and unplayable. My isp meter indictes the right amount of Mbs gone from my account. I 'searched' iTunes but they were grey and unplayable werever they showed up. There is no connection as to which were grey and which were playable ie some vidcats worked some didn't some Coverville worked some didn't and it was random accross the time at which they were downloaded. I 'spotlighted' a couple to check that way. Spotlight found them but they were still unplayable. Thank goodness this problem hasn't affected Maccast Please help
  4. rosematthews

    print resolution

    I need to buy a new printer but I'm not real sure about numbers. Can someone explain to me how much better would 9600 by 2400 be over 5760 by 1440 and does the difference justify the $50 price difference ? Thanks
  5. rosematthews

    MacBook storage (gigs)

    Tried a custom re-install and made it worse. Disc 2 won't install I get an error message. Won't install disc 2 and won't allow disc 1
  6. rosematthews

    MacBook storage (gigs)

    Tried "Erase Free Space" got back about 1GB.
  7. rosematthews

    MacBook storage (gigs)

    where do i look ?
  8. rosematthews

    MacBook storage (gigs)

    The day after I picked up my new black 80G MacBook I noticed theMac HD icon on my desk top said something I thought was strange 74.21, 56.25 free. I understand the 74.21- 6 gigs of pre-installed softeware sounds reasonable but where is the other 18 gigs. I trashed the office demo, the truly pathetic games and ominoutliner which got back 2 gigs. The guy at the store said something about extra files cos of universal binaries. Is this reasonable and how do I get rid of these files. To buy an 80G cos I need extra room and end up with 56 is irritating. Do the 60G models only have 30G available? Any suggestions gratefully received OzRose
  9. Lets keep the web and maccast a kind supportive sharing place for as long as possible. I'm sure Adam had a lot of help getting to the dizzying heights of podcast superstardom and I think it's great that he donates some bandwith to newbies and underexsposed bands. I'm am still kinda bemused at how much my life has been enriched by the podcast community. Thanks for all your hard work work Adam. Long may it continue.
  10. rosematthews

    April Fools

    Is there anybody out there who - like me - was convinced for about 12 hours that Boot Camp was an April Fools Day prank?
  11. rosematthews

    burning a playlist

    iTunes appears to be burning a playlist in order but just as it's finishing up it shuffles the order and that is how the cd will play. it's most frustrating! Please help! I think I've tried all the simple stuff but please asume i'm an idiot and mention all the simple remedies. Thanks
  12. rosematthews

    burning shuffles playlist

    I'm trying to burn a playlist to cd but iTunes shuffles the songs around . How do I stop this . I need the cd to follow the 1-2-3-4 etc. order. help needed urgently. (need the disc for a very special party in 10 hours.)