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    Bought a new MacBook: it moos!

    Here is the video Animal posted about: http://www.gizmodo.com/gadgets/laptops/a-m...-you-176624.php It is the fan causing the moo sound, not the hard drive.
  2. Joshua


    Senuti is Mac-only. For Windows and Linux, use EphPod (it's free). http://www.ephpod.com/ There's a commercial program to do it too, but I would only use that if EphPod doesn't work. http://www.copypod.net/
  3. Joshua

    Timing Out

    No, that will cause you to log out. I'm guessing Apple sets, for security reasons, the cookies to expire around that time.
  4. Joshua

    Make your Mac look like a PC

    Perhaps your "friend" should look getting some medical help. http://www.colorado.edu/physics/2000/tomog...aphy/index.html
  5. Joshua

    << free macbook's >>

    You're giving more than an email address - a succesful referral consists of completing an offer from a sponsor (some a free trials, some aren't - all consist of using your credit card). As you progress in the program, less and less offers are available (this differs from company to company).
  6. I noticed that Adam has been saying "its time for your MacCast" whereas he had been saying "its time for the MacCast". Which do you like better?
  7. Joshua

    ITunes is putting spyware on Windows.

    I wouldn't call this "spyware". It transmits the song you are listening to (naturally, so it can return relavant results!) and your account information (the only possibly bad thing).
  8. Joshua

    Intel Core Duos are 32bit

    Guys, Tiger wasn't 64-bit. You could create 64-bit apps, but not GUI based ones, only command line. These 32 bit processors are faster than the G5, though the G5 is pretty close. The Core Duo's are many times faster than the G4.
  9. Joshua

    External HD Help

    It's probably a bad idea to set the external HD as your scratch drive. It would bottleneck performances.
  10. Joshua


    And the post of the year award goes to: [drum roll] mTorbin! *Sigh* It's a pity I'm home alone, surfing the MacCast forums on New Year's Eve. At least I have threads like this to amuse myself...
  11. Joshua

    Mac mini: should I wait?

    January 9-13th. Wait until after then to buy it - it's only a few days, and if you want a PowerPC one, I'm sure you will still be able to get one, possibly at a better price. To all the anti-Intel people: Please put some facts behind your opinions. Otherwise, it is meaningless. I've seen OSX running on non-Apple Intel hardware and it performs much better than current G4 based PowerPC machines. What more do you need to hear? Intel is not the reason PC's suck - Windows (and lower quality generic hardware) is the reason! Waiting will not hurt you, whereas going ahead and buying has a much higher potential to.
  12. Joshua

    PGR:3 for XBOX 360

    Those are pretty impressive visuals IMHO. I'm not sure what standards you are holding it up to, but they are nice.
  13. Joshua


    -0.593291 / sine(542) That one will require a little more work to get.
  14. Joshua

    What will the next version of macs be called? The G6?

    It's okay to release a computer called the "G6" even though there is a car named the "G6". Now, if Apple produced a car, they would not be able to call it the "G6".
  15. Joshua

    So what did YOU get for Christmas!?

    - Griffin iTrip [radio transmitter for iPod] - Polo Blue [cologne] (girls are better than Macs, well, sometimes... )
  16. Joshua

    Should I buy a Power PC Mac now or wait?

    Wait a month, then buy one.
  17. Joshua

    Mac OS X q.

    If your harddrive (and hence your operating system) is , how would you be able to run an emulator? I doubt running it in an emulator would make a difference anyway.
  18. Joshua

    Engadget: Switched On: The Year of the Switch

    Intel's desktop processors (NetBurst based) are crap. The Pentium M, however, is a completely different design, created by their Israeli team (Jew power!). It is similar to the approach AMD and PowerPC take for their processors that gives them the higher processing power per clock cycle. All of the new Intel processors are going to be based on the Pentium M, including Yonah [aka the savior of Apple's laptops]. The fact of the matter is Apple's portables were suffering. A dual-core 2.0GHz Yonah can and will make all the difference in a PowerBook. Just wait, you'll see and all your worries about "intel not being as high quality" will go down the drain.
  19. Joshua

    Yonah Preview Pt. 2

    Yes, but in those tests, the Pentium M beat all of the processors in the benchmark, including those high end AMD64 X2's. That's due to it's 10 step core, and a higher score in Winmark doesn't mean it has better performance. It performed extremely well in a lot of the other benchmarks.
  20. Joshua

    Yonah Preview Pt. 2

    The second part of the Yonah (Core Duo) benchmarks are out. It is performing very well: http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showd...aspx?i=2648&p=1 Interesting benchmarks here: http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showd...spx?i=2648&p=10 http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showd...aspx?i=2648&p=8
  21. Joshua

    Lost Torrent Files!

    Check out this thread, I believe it is relavant (its about recovering deleted files): http://www.maccast.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=3733
  22. Joshua

    Mighty Mouse

    "No honest mom, I was on the MacCast forums! I promise!" Hmm, that *would* be useful...
  23. The lack of a screen, and my 20 GB library.
  24. Joshua


    Don't get Gentoo unless you really enjoy having to tweak everything. If you're like me, and want a computer that works without being a pain, use Ubuntu. Order the CD's and download them. Both are free. The advantage of Ubuntu (and other debian-based distros) over say Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSE, is the way you install new programs. It has a huge online database of applications you can install and it will automatically get any dependencies. That will save you a lot of time hunting down dependencies.
  25. I believe what iBasden meant was he's against the stereotype liberal views, pro-abortion, etc.. I'm very liberal when it comes to freedom of speech, and availability of information, but the issues you see on TV that are labeled as "liberal" I'm usually against.