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  1. Video Camera Recommendations

    im fairly sure that you need a firewire camera to work with imovie. on a similar note, does anyone know of a good cheap midrange dv camera. ive been looking at the Canon XL2 but that is just way too expensive. Thanks.
  2. April 1st?

    aha! i have ultimate control over apple inc. and just to spite you downing i made them not release anything! MWUAHAHAHA....
  3. April 1st?

    downing, i saw that on digg i think. but what sources? the media is just getting rumours from sites just like maccast and digg, and many other rumour sites. there are no sources. their sources are just people like you and me. i dont doubt that we'll see a macbook/ibook. but i do doubt this ipod video with touchscreen. it just doesnt seem plausable (sp?) right now.
  4. April 1st?

    downing. i agree that a new ibook/macbook would be cool. if apple upgrades final cut to universal by april 1st, ill go buy a new mac mini. if not, ill cry. cause i wont be able to buy a power pc mini. i think, based on apples movement into the living room, i think we're going to see some type of surround sound product. but video support for airport would be so cool. but who knows.
  5. April 1st?

    if im right you're all going to be eating your own words. downing, i didnt mean to seem uptight or anything. i just think that if you're going to give your opinion on something, that you should have better evidence to back it up than, 'i said so'.
  6. Mac Mini G4 Question

    i know its not using front row, but i have all my music on my external hdd to my powerbook and whether im using wireless or ethernet networking, if i have 'share my music' enabled in itunes then anyone can listen to my library. provided i havent enabled a password.
  7. April 1st?

    i dont agree with anything you said. 1. so jobs referenced the date. that does mean that something is going to happen. maybe not even a keynote but we will definately see something. HOWEVER, how is this evidence that we're going to see an iBook? 2. "The iBook is surely the next in line to get the Intel treatment." ohhhh i see. well thats pretty hard evidence. /sarcasm. i dont mean to be rude but how is that good evidence that we're going to see an ibook next? just because you say it's 'surely the next' to get upgraded to intel, doesnt mean diddly squat. sorry. 3. so since you've been holding out, now that you've finally ordered a mac book pro, apple has decided, out of spite for you, random customer, to release an intel iBook. i see. 4. he never said anything about duel core solo (because it wasnt out yet) and he never said anything about apple offering black or white. that is a rumour that has come up in this thread. seriously guy, if you're gonna speculate, have something to back up your thesis.
  8. iPod Album art

    from the screen shots i can see that it gets rid of the title bar and makes the background black. but so what? i like being able to look at my ipod and see what the time is
  9. iPod Album art

    with the new album art feature thats promoted in the hi-fi stuff, im kinda confused. how is that different from any other time? if you start playing a song, and it has album art, push the center button two times and you get the album art. first go into settings and turn the backlight to 'always on' and away you go. whats different?
  10. April 1st?

    i understand what your saying but tell me this, if you were gonna watch HD-Tv, would you really want to watch it on a tiny little screen. even if it is bigger than teh 5G ipod. no ficken way. so they didnt call the 5G ipod, ipod video like they did with the 4G ipod calling it ipod photo when it first came out, but remember, this is the same company that came up with the name, "macbookpro". lol
  11. April 1st?

    i still think everyone is blowing this 'true video ipod' way out of proportion. you're all talking about it as though its the truth. has apple ever said anything about the 5th gen not being a video ipod? just because they chose not to call it a video ipod doesnt mean it isnt the 'true' one. all this crap about there being a true video ipod released is just rumours, but you all base your lives around the fact that there's going to be one released. ive even heard people say, 'im saving up for a true video ipod'. WHAT?
  12. April 1st?

    what is wrong with you people? just another reason to buy a €400 windows machine? do you know why its €400? BECAUSE ITS A WINDOWS MACHINE!! seriously. do not waste your money buying a pc. if you want to waste your money buying a pc, give your money to ME! and i will give you a matchbox with a window frame drawn on it and inside it will have lots of worms and bugs and maggots. you know what i want for april 1st, or what i think we'll get. itunes movie store, airport update (video?) apple surround sound wireless.
  13. New Mac Mini

    for a while i was trying to edit video on my powerbook 500mhz. i think the macmini 1.42ghz will be better than that. its not hardcore video editing i want to do. just 20minute web video. id be using final cut express not final cut pro.
  14. New Mac Mini

    so i just rang up the two apple resellers in my town. both of them only had 1 high end G4 mac mini left. i told the guy at the second shop that i wanted to layby it and that i have $300AUD saved already. he's gonna hold it for me till tomorrow when i can go put a deposit on it. dont even start with the ipod hi-fi. check this out. WHY buy a $599AUD stereo system that, a) doesnt play cds, tapes, radio or vinals, when you can use your current stereo with your ipod plugged in to the AUX inputs. if your stereo is anything like mine, (mine is about 6 or so years old) then it has RCA inputs at the back of it. just get a standard jack to RCA cable (comes with most video cameras) or buy the ipod to RCA cable that apple sells, and plug it in to the back of your stereo. ipod back of ipod. white cable is going to apple usb power adaptor. black cable is going to stereo. back of stereo. because im using a standard jack to RCA cable, i had to switch them around. yellow now goes into white, and white goes into red. blame apple. finished. works like a charm. sounds great. i just saved $599AUD
  15. New Mac Mini

    I admire you. why? ive been saving for a mac mini for a couple of weeks now and im going to get one. but i dont want an intel one. i do alot of digital editing and one of the main reasons why i need a new mac is cause im starting a video podcast. 1. you cant run any pro video editing apps on the new intels. not yet anyway and im not paying for a new version of final cut just so it can be universal. 2. photoshop runs like crap and they wont be universal till CS 3 or whatever.