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  1. frank.burcaw

    Should I wait to buy?

    Why wait? Yes EDGE is crap. It's so bad in my area at least, that i can't understand why it's even offered. If you want to call it offered, you have no choice to pay the $20 a month for it. You don't want to hear my opinion of AT&T. Having said that. The iPhone is truely remarkable as it is. The WIFI feature more than makes up for AT&T's EDGE. You're missing out my friend. Go get yourself that iPhone. You won't regret it. It been 117 days and I still cherish it as if it were my own child. I use to watch movies streamed from my MacBook; I spend at least 90 minutes a day exchanging emails and visiting my favorite sites, like this one. When I do go back to my MacBook I sometimes forget that the multi-touch interface isn't there and I can't understand why I can'y flick the screen or make the pinching movement on my track pad. I belive that the iPhone interface is a preview of what's to come and it's very exciting to be part of it.
  2. frank.burcaw

    DVD Ripping for iPod touch

    Get yourself the latest version of Handbrake 0.9.0. It is an incredible tool that I've recently been learning the in's and out's of. My preference is to use Mac the Ripper to get the data off the DVD, however, Handbrake can do it for you - it just takes a bit longer. I've been playing around with the advanced H.264 options to create a single movie file that looks fantastic on my iPhone, Apple TV, and in iTunes. Here is what I use now, and I would like to hear other opinions on this. I spent many hours researching this and a lot of trial and error too. The presets in Handbrake seem to sacrifice quality to speed up the encoding process. I just use the queue feature and load it up with a dozen DVD's at a time at let it go. I started out with the iPhone preset and made the following changes: I changed the Average Bitrate on the Video tab to 2500; I changed the Sample Rate 48 and the Bitrate to 160 on the Audio & Subtitles tab; I changed the width to 640 keeping the aspic ratio; On the advanced tab, I changed the reference Frames to 2; checked the Mixed References; changed the Subpizel Motion estimation to 7. I also added a couple of other items to the option string to look like this: keyint=300:keyint-min=30:bframes=0:cabac=0:ref=2:vbv-maxrate=2500:vbv-bufsize=2000:analyse=all:me=umh:subq=7:no-fast-pskip=1:mixed-refs=1 It's been working very well for me and I believe you'll be pleased with the results on your iPod Touch.
  3. frank.burcaw

    Does the iTunes Wi-Fi Store work on Edge?

    It's not the same as subscribing, but I managed to get the personal web service up and running on my MacBook. I'm able to stream music and video to my iphone over wifi. Even with my slow upload speed of 512kbps. Over edge is a different story, its just not doable unless you sacrifice video quality. So in a way we all have a portable Apple TV.
  4. frank.burcaw

    Does the iTunes Wi-Fi Store work on Edge?

    Downloading podcasts was the first question my podcaster friend asked me. Unless Apple can add to the bottom line, I think we are stuck with iTunes as the only means of adding podcasts to our iPhones.
  5. frank.burcaw

    Numbers and Pages

    I just tried emailing a Numbers and Pages document to my iPhone, only to find that it can not view them. Why would Apple force me to conform to Microsoft's format? Very weak! Hopefully this will be addressed in the next iPhone update.
  6. frank.burcaw

    Streaming Video to your iPhone

    I did get it to work. I needed to set the permissions of the folder I placed my videos. It's pretty neat and I'm surprised nearly three months went by before someone posted it. One way to think about it is turning you 8 GB iPhone into a 1 TB iPhone. I really enjoy being as to watch my shows over my wifi and the time saved syncing since I only now place a few videos I my iPhone now.
  7. frank.burcaw

    Streaming Video to your iPhone

    http://embraceware.com/blog/2007/09/21/out...to-your-iphone/ Can someone here verify that is does actualy work? I've been at it for 45 minutes and I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Best regards, Frank
  8. frank.burcaw

    68 days....

    As a loyal Apple customer, evangelist, and shareholder I'm feeling quite disillusioned about my favorite company today. Where to begin. Let's start with those $1.98 ringtones. No thanks Apple, I'll hack my iPhone for free instead. Can someone, anyone point out to me when Apple had lowered the price 44% on one of it's most anticipated and sought after items after being on the market for just 68 days? As a shareholder, I have to ask why would Apple drop the price of what many analysts agree is Apple current top seller. Judging by the market close today, I don't think I'm the only concerned shareholder. 68 days people! That's under 10 weeks. I won't be holding my breath for an email from Apple offering me a free $100 gift card or better yet free Apple Care for my iPhone. Way to treat your most loyal and enthusiastic customers Apple, thanks. I guess I should be grateful that I was already an AT&T customer and didn't have to pay $175 more to get out of another carriers contact.
  9. frank.burcaw

    safari crashing

    You need to try a "Soft Reset". I took my phone into the Genius Bar complaining about Safari crashing, as well as Maps. Go to Settings; General; Reset. Select "Reset All Settings". This will not delete any of your media or contacts, but it will rest all your settings preferences. I'd sync first. I haven't had any issues since.
  10. frank.burcaw

    EQ Settings for Video

    Is there a way to use EQ settings (audio) for movies on the iPhone? This is my first iPod with video support so I didn't know what was available on the 5th generation model.
  11. frank.burcaw

    who got one?

    I have the Nokia 6682 as well. I get terrible signal strength in my office building, which is documented on AT&T's site. I live in an urban setting and I would say my iPhone works just as well at home than the 6682. Have you noticed that EDGE seems slower on the iPhone than the 6682? I'm sure it has something to do with using a full brower vs. WAP. By the way. Have you loaded up MAME on your 6682? It's pretty neat to be able to play Galaga anywhere you go.
  12. frank.burcaw

    Downloading itunes to NAS device

    Last week I picked up the Linksys Network Storage Link and spent my entire weekend trying to get it to work. Once i did, I found that accessing my iTunes library over 54G wi-fi was painfully slow. I'm taking it back today and will look into the new Airport Extreme.
  13. frank.burcaw

    Album Artwork

    I'm looking for a best practices guide on scanning my own album artwork. I understand that there are utilites out there that will allow me to download the artwork from various places, and I have used them. I've never liked the quality though. Also, I have a large collection of "imported" music in which I'm going to have to scan the album artwork myself. What settiings (dpi, size, file type, color depth, etc.) should I used that will give me the best quality artwork not only on my MacBook, but to look it's best on the 5G iPod and if you can speculate, the upcoming iPhone.
  14. I have a smart playlist that I use for my podcasts and my 3G iPod. It works out great! I have it set up so that once a podcast is played, it disappears from the list. When new podcast are downloaded, they get added to the list. I can't seem to get this functionality to work with my new 2G iPod Shuffle. Is there a trick to it? I hope so. I got it engraved, so I won't be able to return it.
  15. frank.burcaw

    Can't shuffle podcasts. Why?

    I just bought a 2G shuffle and I can't seem to get my podcasts loaded from my smart playlist. Any suggestions would be welcomed.