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    Third party USB iPod shuffle connectors for lion

    No, nothing seen in disk utility and I guess I should be able to charge the iPod irrespective of whether iTunes is running or not. When I plug in the iPod i get a half a second of power indicated by the iPod light, then nothing. That suggests to me that the mac is 'seeing' the device but cutting power to the usb port when it recognises that a non apple connector is in use.
  2. Hi, Ive just upgraded to 10.7 and generally been very impressed. Just one small thing I've noticed is that my cheap third party iPod shuffle USB connector no longer works. I really don't want to have to spend what amounts to ten times the price for the apple product - £15 ($25) for a usb cable, seriously!!??. Does anyone know of any cheap third party USB connectors for a 2nd generation iPod shuffles that will work with 10.7? Thanks Jon
  3. Just updated to the latest version of Safari and it now seems im unable to use the iplayer, anyone else with the same issue?
  4. Hi there, My mum needs a hard disk for backing up via time machine. I thought id get a network hard disk, making it available to both macs in the house. Firstly, would this be a straight forward process for me to set up and secondly would she be able to switch the HD on and off without having to reconfigure Time Machines backing up schedule. Oh and thirdly, anyone got any suggestions for the actual device, i do like the Time Capsule, its just a little pricy for me. thanks J
  5. jon101247

    Creative Zen

    Hi, My sister is hell bent on getting a Creative Zen, even though shes a mac user. she basically really needs a some sort of recording function and the ipod answer seems a bit expensive. Judging by the reviews, the Zens look pretty good although what does concern me is the software. Anyone know what the mangement system is like on a mac? If she wanted to use itunes or iphoto, would she be able to use the same library?
  6. ....and before I just tell him to go and buy the latest Mac Pro, thought id just run it by you guys first. I think he's looking at a Media Centre PC so he can replace the TV. Just want to make sure all the functionality of the Media Centre, could be achieved on the Mac. Also, there's the linux issue, is it possible for him to run linux programs from within the Mac OS. Anyway here's the requirements in full 1. Must run linux programs, especially abcm2ps 2. Big hard disc to contain my entire cd collection 3. Fast action to run dvds (low latency) 4. Quiet working (PSU silent fan for CPU) 5. State of the art sound card to reproduce midi files accurately 6. TV card and TVR (MPEG) to record programs, listen to fm radio etc 7. DVD writer/reader 8. 19" TFT monitor to watch football games in real time 9. Wi-Fi card Cheers, jon
  7. Does anyone know whether its likely that an intel motherboard upgrade will become available for current PowePC based hardware? Would this even be possible? thanks JT
  8. Wonder if anyone has encountered this particular problem which has now happened to my mum twice. It seems to occur when dragging a jpg file from the Mail application to the desktop. The file seems to get corrupted during the copying process and this results in crashing the Finder which reboots itself only to crash again and again and again. I was able to access all the other applications including Terminal which after listing the Desktop directory identified the file which was named '?????????.textfile' . Tried to delete it using the rm command but got a 'no such file'. Ended up having to create another account from which i could delete the file. If anyones got an easier way my mum would really appreciate it. thanks Jon