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  1. thespottedelf

    eMac 1ghz

    It has 1ghz, 512 mb Ram, 80 gig Hard drive, superdrive. It has Tiger installed right now and runs it great. make an offer, my email is thespottedelf at gmail dot com
  2. thespottedelf


    this september...
  3. thespottedelf

    Weird Proccess

    well i killed it... i haven't gone above 20% since i killed it... other then gaming...
  4. thespottedelf

    Weird Proccess

    no ideas huh? idk i'm thinking i might have to delete my user.... and start over...
  5. thespottedelf

    Weird Proccess

    So here is my problem
  6. thespottedelf


    flash is very easy... google is your friend...
  7. thespottedelf


    the new version is working fine for me under leo... i'm using the free kind btw
  8. thespottedelf

    Apple TV and podcasts

    if you have the lastest software update there should be a podcast section we're you can go through the store and subscribe to podcasts...
  9. thespottedelf

    Oh Microsoft, why do you look so desperate?

    how true.... drudge report FTW!
  10. thespottedelf

    Downloading HULU onto iPod or iPhone

    to be honest, since your already doing it illegally you should just torrent w/e show you want... I personally don't have a problem with it, cause i'd never watch it more then once. But everybody holds to their own standard i guess.
  11. thespottedelf

    Podcast ????

    ken ray talked about this in one of his podcasts awhile back... or maybe it was leo.. i can't remember...
  12. thespottedelf

    Want to get a little home security going

    you could use something like ustream or stickcam... they would stream your house to the internet 24/7 but it would be a bandwidth hog...
  13. thespottedelf

    Show off your Desktop

    told you it wouldn't be stock for long... new dock..
  14. thespottedelf

    Show off your Desktop

    (stupid rant that is off topic)politics is the single worse thing on earth... but we have to deal with them... i just feel people get their expectations too high for people in power and end up thinking they did a horrible job, but they could most likely do no better... ( end of rant) Click for full size - Uploaded with plasq's Skitch Fist leo desktop you'll never see it stock again :shock:
  15. thespottedelf

    They sell macs here!??!

    some might... but the ones i've been in don't...