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  1. dave_valler

    iLife 08 / iMovie Downgrade?

    Yeah I think one of the first two is most likely. I don't think they'd make another app in between iMovie and FCE, that would be getting a bit crazy. What i wanna know is whether they just were pushed for time so released this version of iMovie slightly early and incomplete and are therefore hopefully gonna shortly release an update with the missing bits filled in. Or is that it for iMovie for now? They might have thought that they can't just keep on making iMovie better or it would make FCE look a bit pointless. But then who knows, this is Apple after all, anything is possible.
  2. dave_valler

    iLife 08 / iMovie Downgrade?

    I was pleased to see an update to iLife and there seems to be quite a few new features that look like good additions to the existing package. However on hearing reports that iMovie now has less features in terms of video fx and no timeline etc I felt slightly disappointed and it made me hesitate before going out to buy this version. I know the old version of iMovie is kept on the system, but it seems a bit odd to provide less features than the existing version, even though the new scrub feature and clip splitting look like excellent additions. Is there any word or ideas on why this has happened? I wonder if perhaps Apple will release an update to iMovie before too long, with the Video FX section brought back in and maybe a return of an option for editing in a timeline. If not, then I have to assume Apple are deliberately dumbing down iMovie slightly to make it a bigger jump to Final Cut express. Perhaps to put it more in the region of the difference between Garageband and Logic Express. Has anyone got the new version and could explain if the lack of those features is really a big issues with the new way of putting the movie together? iMovie was one of the most amazing things about iLife when you consider the price of the whole package, the upgrade on the face of it looked great but this change has made me think twice before running out to grab my copy.
  3. dave_valler

    Running a second keyboard and mouse?

    Great! thanks for your help guys. I will order a wirelss keyboard and mouse and go for it! Cheers
  4. Hi, I was wondering if it possible to run 2 keyboards and mice to control the same computer? I know it sounds a bit odd, but I work in a studio where I have dual monitors and they are located at other sides of the room, so I would like to get a wireless keyboard and mouse that I can keep next to one monitor and then use my existing keyboard and mouse in front of the other one. This is so I can have seperate programms running on each screen controlled by whatever keyboard I happen to be nearest. Anyone know? Thanks Dave
  5. dave_valler

    Mail suddenly acting strange

    Yeah, thanks for the sugestion, I trashed that plist and unfortunatley it didn't work but since then i've had a reply on the apple discussion forums that has worked so here's the link in case anyone experiences the same problem. http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?m...2352819#2352819 I basically had to trash the launch services plist in a couple of different locations. If anyone needs guidance on this and can't load the url then feel free to contact me and i'll explain what i had to do. Thanks for all your help here though guys. Much appreciated. [/url]
  6. dave_valler

    Mail suddenly acting strange

    No, which one should I delete? I think that might be the issue becasue in copying mailboxes over from my old Mac i think i coppied some irelevant .plists as well. Do you know which one's i should try? Thanks
  7. dave_valler

    Mail suddenly acting strange

    Hi, This morning i woke up to find that Mail was recieving ok but decided that it wouldn't reply or send anything. It's not an issue with an account or ISP or anything like that, it's literally the buttons don't work anymore, and even manually trying to reply or send from the message menu fails to work. New mail, delete and forward all work. It's like it's got a bug. So I did the usual repair permission and that didn't work, so i switched accounts and everyhting is fine in the other account, obviously meaning this is an account specific issue. I have recently imported a load of mailboxes becasue i just changed computer and it did have a couple of keychain issues, but after entering a few passwords and saying 'always allow' to a keychain problem it hasn't come up with those errors anymore. The only other thing it does weird, is that you can type into the 'To:' field and the subject field ok, but in the main text window i can only write until i hit the spacebar and then it deselects the message so it's like the keyboard has stopeed working. - The keyboard is fine in all other apps and every key is working. So it's all very odd i know, but any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.
  8. dave_valler

    What hardware does Apple actually make?

    ok, Thanks a lot for your help guys. So last question, why then do we always talk about how well apple's sofware intergrates with the hardware? Why is it that Apple's software works better with standard components and Microsofts doesn't?
  9. I know this is a strange question and I'm not sure if it has a simple answer, but often I use the old argument when chatting to PC friends about how Apple makes it's own hardware, and so the integration with the software is better. I was also saying to someone the other day how much better the screens were, and that other than being able to view an Apple display at about 170 degrees I could also look at them for ages and not feel tired. Well they just laughed at me and said that there were only about 3 main manufacturers of LCD's in the world and everybody uses the same basic technology. Is this true? And if so, what about the components of an Apple computer. Does Apple actually work through from the design stages through to owning factories that make their own specific Apple branded CD drives and motherboards? Or does it import these things from other manufacturers and just assemble them at Apple and work with the software at that stage? Sorry to be ignorant! I'd love to be able to say that Apple designs and builds it's own LCd's and components but I just don't know! Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated. I need ammunition, you know how it is!
  10. dave_valler

    Audio File Format

    deffinately. Still they'd need an increase in iPod disk sizes coz one song at 24bit is about 50MB as opposed to the 3 or 4MB for the Mp3! I hope one day we can get back to better quality music tho.
  11. dave_valler

    Top 10 reasons NOT to switch

    very cool. Nice way of doing it.
  12. dave_valler

    Audio File Format

    lol, OK, nice to know someone still cares about a bit of quality! In my business we strive to record at 24bit 192 KHz to get the best sound possible, then the record eventually sells on iTunes as an MP3! Aaargh! (still, ultimately i think its better people being more interested in the music than the sound quality)
  13. dave_valler

    Audio File Format

    Hi Matt, looks like you did what i was gonna sugest, but just thought i'd mention incase didn't notice that you can also convert the file to MP3 using the iTunes encoder. that's another great way to send an audio file via e-mail. Just go to the iTunes preferences, click the advanced symbol, then the importing tab and then you have the list of all the different file types you can convert to. You also have loads of options inside the Mp3 section about what size and quality you want to use. I'm sure you already knew that but just thought i'd put it on here just in case. Ok Cheers.
  14. dave_valler

    Save yourself 2Gb with one little app.

    Great tip Matt Thanks! I will be doing that tonight.
  15. dave_valler

    Comment about Robert Owning an Apple Store in OKC.

    yeah i second that about the show. hope you didn't think i was taking the mick or anything. Looking forward to hearing reactions on the new iPods and iTunes6. Thanks for the great show Adam.