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  1. Looking for anyone with knowledge about modems. I just got my iMac G5 (PowerPC), and want an alternative to the $50 Apple USB Modem. Does anyone know of less expensive external USB modems, or do all modems require you to install a driver. Obviously most companies don't have OSX drivers b/c there was no need until recently. I have done some research but don't have a lot of time (and no knowledge) to work with. Here's an example of a Modem I found on eBay that only has Windows drivers. I called them and the sales reps have no idea if the modem can work without a driver. http://www.dynexproducts.com/pc-31-5-56k-v...afax-modem.aspx Any help? THANKS!
  2. pezhead

    Free iPod Nano - Didn't take long

    ha. not sure what you're talking about. they're not even links anymore, and they have no referral id. and they both lead to freepay, which is the Gratis Network. i wish i was clever enough to create a conspiracy theory on the MacCast Forums, but i'm just not. :wink: and now that i am officially not benefitting from this information: i have seen them work.
  3. pezhead

    Free iPod Nano - Didn't take long

    sorry. didn't intend it to be spam. just thought some other people wanted to try it, since i've seen it work. i took down the referral links.
  4. pezhead

    Free iPod Nano - Didn't take long

    yep. i work with a guy who got an iPod mini, and a Mac Mini, both for free from this company. you can do the PSP one here: www . freepsps . com i've actually gotten $20 gift cards to Lowe's and Circuit City for $1 a piece completing the offers. I don't think the Circuit City one is up anymore, but the Lowe's one is. Can't really loose by doing that, and they take the shortest time to register as complete. The Blockbuster one is a real good deal too.
  5. pezhead

    iTunes 5.0 upgrade - Be Aware!

    Thanks punica888, i REALLY didn't want to have to re-subscribe to all my podcasts, and "re-adding" the iTunes Music folder worked.
  6. Everyone's seen it done before, and maybe some have benefitted from it, now get a Free iPod Nano. www . freeipodnano . com