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  1. 5valvethumper

    Mac Pro open CD drawer command

    Thanks Fury- I was about to do that...then I remembered I paid for Applecare. (oh yea...) I called them - the guy on the phone was stumped for a little. He pointed me to Finder - MacHD - System - Library - Core Services - Menu Extras - Eject.Menu. Clicking on this puts a little eject icon up top next to the clock. Very Cool! Just what I was looking for. Maybe I'll try the script in Automator too, because I think I need some practice in that. Thanks All!
  2. 5valvethumper

    Mac Pro open CD drawer command

    Well - you would think anyone of these should work. They all do if you already have a disc in the drive. If you want to open it to put one in...that's a different story. There isn't a button on the exterior of the Mac Pro. I have a Logitech Explorer keyboard - no Mac driver or software. The "drutil eject 0" does work! - but, do I have to open terminal every time? Is this something I can program in Automator? None of the key commands work - I can't believe this is this difficult. I'm going to try Apple directly and see what they say. I'll post what I find... Thanks All!
  3. 5valvethumper

    Mac Pro open CD drawer command

    I feel like an idiot. I can't figure out the command to open the CD drawer on my mac pro. I hate the keyboard that came with it. I've tried to use it for a month, and my fingers still can't get use to it. So I pulled out my trusty logitech. Except there's no "eject" button on it. There are ways do it through iTunes, etc. But if I just want to open the CD drawer to put in a disc, is there a command for that? Thanks - I know there's an easy answer for this one, but I can't come up with it.
  4. 5valvethumper

    PB Battery meter reset?

    Cool - thanks. I'll try that and see what happends.
  5. 5valvethumper

    PB Battery meter reset?

    I have a three year old PB 1Ghz running 10.3.9. The original battery usually gave me about 3.5 hrs. Overtime, it's good for about one hour now. I have the battery meter set to count down time wise, but when it says there's about one hour left it goes to sleep. Ok, time for a new battery. My wife got a new battery for her powerbook (866 MHz?) about 3-4 months ago...but now is turning her's back in to her employer....sooo, I switched batteries. Her's is relatively new, she teaches, so it runs unplugged a lot keeping the battery in pretty good shape. The problem is: the battery meter reads the same with the newer battery, and it still goes to sleep when there's an hour left. I remember Adam saying something about this - is there a utility that re-examines the battery for a more accurate reading? I've searched and haven't found anything.
  6. 5valvethumper

    5.0 and iPod problem

    OK - My bad. I ran the iPod updater, except I ran the wrong one. I have all the other versions of updater, I figured the new one would be on top. I looked at the file created date for the one on top, it was from 2002. I should have followed the lead from podcasts on my iPod, new on the bottom, not top. Hope this helps someone else too.
  7. 5valvethumper

    5.0 and iPod problem

    Thanks - I've haven't been able to fix it yet, but I'm glad I'm not the only one. Hopefully someone will figure this out. The main problem really is: Music I purchased isn't on my iPod! WTF!
  8. 5valvethumper

    5.0 and iPod problem

    10.3 on 1Ghz powerbook - I upgraded to iTunes 5.0 yesterday, so far so good. This morning my iPod dosen't have any of my purchased music on it. There is a message saying my iPod software is "Too Old" and I should run iPod updater. After doing that, it says I have the most up to date version already. I'm still able to play purchased music on iTunes on the PB, but not on the iPod. I tried restore on the iPod through updater, which greets me with the spinning beach ball of death. I let this go for about a half hour, force quit and tried it again with the same results. I've gone to the iTunes store to make sure I'm logged on, and everything looks good. Am I missing something...Help!