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  1. I have IMAP available on my Google Apps account, but using Google's settings in Apple Mail, my account won't sync. Has anyone got their Google Apps email working? What settings do you use?


    I'm using:


    incoming server: imap.gmail.com (also tried imap.googlemail.com)

    username: bob@mydomain.com

    port 993

    Use SSL

    Password authentication


    smtp server: smtp.gmail.com

    username: bob@mydomain.com

    port 587

    Use SSL

  2. I know that the Mac is renown for not being inundated with adware, spyware, malware. However, I'm interested in a related question:


    Other than actions I initiate (send/receive email, surfing the web), are there any processes that the Mac initiates, or any known adware/spyware/malware that communicates with the Internet in the background?


    The reason I ask is that I work for a nonprofit that uses a satellite modem when we are in Zambia. Satellite broadband is charged by the amount of data sent, so any background processes that communicate with the Internet end up costing us a lot of money (I know, we took a PC last time and got dinged heavily because of all the spyware on the system).





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  3. I have a 20" intel iMac dual displayed with a 20" Apple Cinema Display and (to my eyes at least) the ACD does look better.


    I think that it is a difficult choice. If the computer is in a public part of the house where people will look at it and space is a premium, then I would get the iMac. If you think you will be tinkering with it and may need more HDD's, better video card later and so on, and you have tons of space then get the Mac Pro.

    Let us know what you decide!





    Hopefully this will work...


    I recorded this on the internal Mic in an iBook, so apologies for the sound quality.


    My comment


    Thanks, Matt! No need to apologize for the sound quality, it sounded good.



  4. I'm in the market for a new Mac. I currently have a 1.6GHz Power Mac G5 w/2GB RAM. This machine is still a fast machine for what I do (moderate graphics and audio editing, moderate business applications, plenty of coding for the web, mail, web surfer), I'm just passing it down to my wife so she can dump her G4. I'm trying to decide between an iMac 24 (whatever is the fastest chip Apple is now selling) and a Mac Pro 2.66.


    I've read a bit here in the forums on this topic, and I understand the issues around the dearth of upgrades available for the iMac and how all Adobe applications will suffer.


    That said, the larger screen and all-in-one design are appealling. I'd be interested to hear what iMac 24 or even 20 owners have to say about its performance day to day, assuming you are running a similar suite of applications.


    My two areas of concerns are:


    - running a wide range of software: I don't run anything all day except Firefox and Apple Mail. But I do run all of these applications every day: Creative Suite CS2, Word, Excel, TextWrangler, Dreamweaver 8, Transmit, Peak, .


    - I've read in places that the LCD in these iMacs is not up to par with the stand-alone displays Apple sells, mainly in terms of color accuracy. What is your experience?





  5. I installed iTunes 5.0 on my 1.6GHz G5. Couldn't get it to launch. I booted off my Tiger CD, repaired my permissions, reinstalled iTunes 5.0, and all was fine. My iPod wasn't being recognized, though, so I reset it by hold the Menu and Play/Pause button until the Apple logo appear.