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  1. Filmore Slim

    Nano on the Firewire support

    I see what you are saying, but I have a 3G that i've gotten used to the speed of transfer on. It'd be like telling someone that they had to go back from broadband to dialup and eat a pie while he waits. Personally I don't think i'd use the internet much or pay for it if it was dial up.
  2. Filmore Slim

    iTunes 5.0

    Shoot, maybe it means the next powerbook won't be made out of titanium (aka brushed metal)
  3. Filmore Slim

    BIG Question - nano or shuffle

    I say shuffle if you are gonna skate alot with it. The shuffle will take alot more abuse since it's got no screen to break. Plus what hurts more, breaking a 99 dollar player or a 200-250 dollar player. In any other case though i'd say the nano easily wins though.
  4. I'm really bummed to find out that the Nano does not support Firewire. My Dual 1ghz G4 does not have USB2 and spending 30 dollars on a PCI card for an inferior standard really burns me. Along with my 20gig 3G I also have a Shuffle which also only supports USB but it's not a big deal with only 512 megs but 4 gigs would be painful over USB 1. My intentions are to replace my shuffle with a nano. I may just have to bite the bullet since it sounds like it's going to be USB 2.0 from here on out. Firewire R.I.P.
  5. Filmore Slim

    iTunes 5.0

    First off let me say what's up my fellow maccasters being my first post and all. As far as iTunes5 goes I think it looks like a windows program with the almost squared off corners and rectangular status screen. Even if you take Mail in Tiger the corners are more rounded off. I don't get it. The other thing that is weird is the two tone color in the status screen. I also prefer the brushed metal as opposed to more solid grey. Other than that I like the new slim downed look and the folders. I'm also still dissapointed that they cannot seem to implement gapless playback.