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    Disappointing Announcements

    I reckon the iPod will be released by March. It will be similar to the iPhone, but without the phone and internet capabilities. Apple stock dropped about a dollar on the announcement of the pricing, contracts, and cingular exclusivity. Hilarious. But it climbed back to finish the day at over $90
  2. pq101

    Dead iPod

    I can only restore from Disk Utility, and it's asking me for a URL to restore from. Is there on? Should I just go from the latest iPod Updater. Which one is it??
  3. pq101

    Dead iPod

    No warratny... They will do nothing after warranty expires.
  4. pq101

    Dead iPod

    My iPod 20GB 4G is dead. It started when my main computer, an eMac, went in to get fixed. I was using my brother's MacBook, but the iPod would not recognise in iTunes. It showed up in disk utility as a HD fine, but the iPod image was not mounted, and refused to. Sometimes iTunes would recognise it, and say it was corrupted, and ask to restore. I was otherwise working fine, and my music was on the other computer, so I didn't restore. Other times DU would recognise it as a USB drive, but not an iPod. There was an image there that also refused to mount. The image was called IPOD, which is not the correct name. Then the other day I was listening to it, got sick of what I was listening to, so put it to shuffle a playlist. I pressed play, and put it in my pocket, but nothing happened. I thought maybe I didn't hit play, or it was turned down or something, so I took a look at it. I saw the last few tracks of the album go by, as if I were repeatedly hitting the 'next track' button. It got to the end of the album, got to the first song of then next, then turned off. No problems, I thought, so I went to reset. The Apple logo came up, and the disappeared, then it came back, the disappeared. This repeated all afternoon and night. I plugged it into the Macbook, and I saw a strange sight. It was the 'Charging' icon, but without the heading, or lines to the top and bottom. And it did not animate, just stayed about 1/3 full. It would periodically revert beck to the apple logo. I got the eMac back today, and was hoping it would work, but nothing has changed. I listened to the Hard Drive, and it sounds fine, it just will spin up when the logo is displayed, and the stop when it disappears. I my iPod now officially dead? Is there anything else anyone can suggest to help? It is out of warranty, and I hope to get a 6G if they come out January, but it would be nice to fix the old one until then, and to give to a friend. UPDATE: I left it plugged in to the eMac overnight, and at some point it decided to work. Sort of. It say 'Do not disconnect' but is not recognised by iTunes or Finder. Here is a screen shot of the relavant part of Disk Utility: It also seems quite hot, as the HD keeps starting, running for about 1.5 seconds and the stopping and starting again.
  5. pq101

    Name this app! ...please?

    At the end of the day your another day older, And that's all you can say for the life of the poor... Love that CD...
  6. Hey guys, My main computer is in getting fixed, and i bought a new cd and wanted to put it on my ipod. so i put the CD on my bro's macbook, and then pluged in my ipod to sync and it wasnt there. The iPod showed up in the finder, but not itunes. any ideas?
  7. pq101

    Black or White?

    Ahh the age old argument (actually its about 6 months old...) I put it in the words of that great bastion of knowledge, The Joy of Tech. "It's black, it has Intel Inside and it runs Windows... Congratulations Apple, you're selling a Dell!"
  8. pq101

    MacCast software

    I would love to help, but, like others, i have absolutely no coding ability. If i wanted to learn to code, what languages would be best? I would love to help, but, like others, i have absolutely no coding ability. If i wanted to learn to code, what languages would be best?
  9. pq101

    Viewing files on a video iPod

    maybe take screenshots? Make sure you change your preferences to take screenshots as jpegs, as i dont know if pngs are supported by ipods. Unfortunately i dont remember how to do this. anyone?
  10. pq101

    Free SW with new Mac Pro?

    I was stoked to get Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 on my eMac in 2004. Shame it ran really slow...
  11. pq101

    Best way of making processor hot

    I'm assuming he wants to heat up the old iMac, rather than his macbook. It's a good idea, and if anyone can find something i would use it. These computers dont have fans, making them heat up quicker and hotter.
  12. pq101

    Who should be the new "Mac" in Apple's ads?

    Ellen Feiss. Just because they can...
  13. pq101

    slow scale or genie efect

    This has been posted in another place, but still cool... open terminal and write 'Killall Dock' but do not hit enter. Holding shift, minimise a window, and while it is minimising, hit enter in terminal. The window will stick halfway, but will remain pefectly operational.
  14. pq101

    Display advice

    Apple's Cinema Displays don't have built in cameras... But I just noticed they have 2 USB and 2 Firewire 400 ports. Do others have these?
  15. pq101

    Mac Mini + iMac G3

    I own an iMac G3 and I have a crazy plan. I want to gut it, put in a 15" LCD and a mac mini, and use it as a mac mini with an iMac shell. I have a fw questions: 1. Does anyone know if anyone has done this before? (link?) 2. I would be pulling out the CRT monitor, but i have heard of safety risks with CRTs and discharge or something. Can anyone shed some light onto this? 3. Is a Mac mini's RAM user upgradable? I have seen tutorials on how to do it, but will this void the warranty? 4. Will putting the mac mini inside an iMac void the warranty? Can't think of any more questions as of now, but I'm sure they will present themselves... Cheers