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  1. ipodman

    Found iPhone

    ok now it says "iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes" still can't get into it, should I try and restore it? If I do restore it will it need reactivating or something, I just need the ph number. and also i tried to put the sim in another phone and its different to my other one. Its kinda got a smaller chip size, like the whole thing is the same size but just the metal bit in the middle is smaller.
  2. ipodman

    Found iPhone

    it doesnt show up in itunes, it just comes up with "iTunes could not connect the iPhone "name" because it is locked with a passcode. You must enter your passcode on the iPhone before it can be used with itunes"
  3. ipodman

    Found iPhone

    Ok so my dad found an iphone and we want to return it to the owner. It ran out of battery before we could get any details off it, we charged it up but its come up with the passcode screen. Is there any way to get the data off the iPhone thats not through itunes? or maybe get the sim card out and put it in another phone and get numbers? thanks
  4. ipodman

    New Mac Mini

    Long time no see everyone! so they just put out a new mac mini. but you know the thing is its stupid. because the old mac mini wasnt small enough, lets spend heaps of money and apple power to make a smaller one. its underpowered and overpriced. the whole point of the mac mini was to be cheap, the original one was $499. they should make another powermac cube with decent guts in it.
  5. ive turned the firewall off and i think i opened up the ports properly. my mac laptop and windows desktop. didnt work on my old dlink router and still doesn't work on my new Belkin N wireless router. It occasionally shows up and i can do the sharing (and home sharing) fine for a bit then it drops out. Most of the time it shows the network home sharing library in the sources bar, so i click on it. Comes up with nothing. then in a few seconds it will turn into a regular sharing library still with nothing then it will disappear. they both work fine with other computers of their kind (the mac works with other macs, pc with other pcs)
  6. ipodman

    Weather widget is completely inaccurate

    Look outside!!? That is way to hard, I would have to go all the way over to my window and open it! nah but thanks for that looks much more accurate now
  7. hey everyone anyone else notice that the weather widget included with os x is inaccurate. it says sydney is like 30 sumthin degrees C when its in the middle of winter. is there some setting i have to change. i find this ironic because the source of the weather as it says on the back of the widget is Accuweather. is there any way to change the supplier or do i have to find another widget?
  8. ipodman

    Blue-black iPhones?

    anyone looked at it really closely in the sun? edit: i just found this thread on macrumours http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=524700
  9. ipodman

    Blue-black iPhones?

    My friend at school just got a new black iphone and I was amazed to see that that black is actually blue, I'm pretty sure it wasn't the sun and out blue school uniforms like the guy said, but it was really not black, like really dark blue. Also did anyone remember that guy who got his leg burnt by the iphone when it melted, the pic showed it really blue. I don't have one, but could someone confirm this for me?
  10. I just got back from my holiday for a month and found my imac screen blank. I had unplugged the power completely for the month. It is still working like i can hear the fan and the popping sounds when i press the volume buttons from the speakers.
  11. I've just got a new pair of sennheiser in ear-buds and plugged them into my 20" Aluminium iMac. I'm getting this weird R2D2-like noise coming through the headphones, I can't hear it on normal Apple earbuds but I think it's because the in ear buds are really sensitive so you can hear everything like pick up noise on guitars as well as this iMac noise. Is there a way of disableing the headphone output when they're still plugged in, the noise is really annoying.
  12. ipodman

    WWDC Keynote

    I guess that means in Australia the iPhone will be the same $199 and $299 with an expensive contract, then something like $499 and $599 on prepaid.
  13. ipodman

    WWDC Keynote

    That would be the most obvious thing they would do but steve specifically said that the new iPhone will be max $199 internationally.
  14. ipodman

    WWDC Keynote

    In Australia it's on Optus and Vodafone PREPAY!! I'm so glad they did this I can't possibly think of any way could have done it, it's way better than in the US. This is a great decision because all the kids including me wil go out and buy it. I hope they don't put the price up a lot for the prepay version.
  15. ipodman

    Movie rentals suck

    these are straight from the itunes rentals customer reviews on some of the top itunes rentals.