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    no australian winners for show 100

    well i am bald so the hair's not a problem- but the moldy bed might be...
  2. we got dissed.... again!
  3. djp72

    no australian winners for show 100

    i'm still crying in my pillow!!
  4. djp72

    no australian winners for show 100

    yeah but there was UK winners...
  5. g'day y'all. {first post! - love the podcast by the way} sorry for the long post- but i would love some answers and i want to explain fully what i am doing.... sorry also for the multiple posts... I am a professional photographer down here in australia. I use Mac's exclusively and i love my 60 gig iPod photo. I use it for showing clients my work when i visit them at their houses/offices. I just plug in the ipod with the av cables into whatever TV they have around and do a slide show- I have pre-loaded a bunch of different albums and a bunch of different playlists, mix and match them to the clients taste... and bam- they love it. and i don't have to carry stacks of albums around etc. I love it. I now have a new concept i want to market to my new wedding clients. I am really excited about it. --get all your wedding pictures {about 300 to 400 of them} on your own new iPod!-- so that leads to a few questions: a} would the new iPod nano - 4 gig - be big enough? - is the iPod nano able to do a AV slideshow out to a TV? b} would i be considered an apple reseller? {if so what's involved in that??} c} how would i go loading the pics and some cleared music onto a new iPod from my computer and then giving that to another person- how would they go if they hooked it up to their computer? d} is this fantastic idea doable? and what do i have to do for it?? :roll: thanks everyone.
  6. oh- and i know the new nano is not the way, i found out it doesn't do AV out. so what iPod model is the go?
  7. well, they would also be getting a CD/DVD with all the pictures on them. my biggest concern is the clients being able to use the iPods with their own computers after i load their pictures and music from my computer...