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  1. bd303

    Sync two iPhoto 08 Libraries

    Sweet! I'm glad it worked out. I'll give it try myself either tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for your help.
  2. bd303

    Sync two iPhoto 08 Libraries

    Just to clarify, are you refferring to a folder alias? If so, I've read about people having some success with aliases that allow Adobe Bridge (and other non-Apple applications I would presume) access to the iPhoto library. Just not sure how it would work with ChronoSync... I'll have to try it to see if it will work.
  3. bd303

    Sync two iPhoto 08 Libraries

    Thanks for the link I will definetly check it out and give that a try. Please let us know if you have success as well.
  4. Using ChronoSync I've been able to bidirectionally sync my iPhoto 06 libraries on my Desktop and my Laptop together. It's worked seamlessly every time. If I take pictures while I'm out and about and load them on my Laptop, I can easily sync those additions to my Desktop... and vice versa. Upon installing iPhoto 08 I quickly realized that the library folder is now a 'packaged' file that ChronoSync can't sync. There were other things about iPhoto 08 that I didn't like but the inability to sync my two libraries was unacceptable so I've since gone back to iPhoto 06. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there any practical way to bidirectionally sync multiple iPhoto 08 libraries? Thanks
  5. bd303

    Who should be the new "Mac" in Apple's ads?

    John Krasinski would be cool for the Mac guy. Oh... but if that were the case, I'd like to see Rainn Wilson as the PC guy.
  6. bd303

    Mac Mini as a media centre

    I know Dolby 5.1 works fine... not sure about DTS though, I'll have to check my dvd's to see what I have. I think (someone correct me) that it's all up to the reciver, not the mac, to decode digital audio. Anyways... I have my Mac hooked up to a Sony 5.1 system via optical and it works great when watching DVDs. You'll have to set the audio to Digital Out in the System Prefs and in the DVD Player app. Volume control will have to be through the reciever's remote.
  7. bd303

    Why not an old G4 to do network storage?

    I've been looking into multi-drive enclosures for mass storage... http://www.maccast.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=8376
  8. bd303

    Network Attached Storage (Show #151)

    Those products look like the right kind of solution for my needs. The eSATA enclosures look sweet, especially thet HUGE Systems enclosure... but I think I'd better stick with firewire. Anyways, yeah I've been looking into a RAID setup and from what I've learned (I've never setup a RAID before so correct me if I'm wrong) Concatenation (JBOD) would be the best way to go to make multiple drives appear as one for the kind of storage I'm looking for. I don't think I would benifit from a RAID0, I don't see a need to stripe the drives and a RAID1+ would involve miroring which doesn't make sense if I'm going after maximum capacity. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JBOD#Concaten...tion_.28JBOD.29
  9. bd303

    wireless mighty mouse

    Sweet, I've been waiting for the wireless version. I like the wired one just fine but what I've really wanted is a wireless mouse to take with me. I'm going to the Apple store this weekend, hopefully they have some in stock.
  10. I've recently been looking into options for mass (multi-disk) network storage. What I would love to do (My little pipe dream) is set up a media center Mac, ideally with a Mac mini, a nice flat screen TV etc... But I would really like to have all of my media, music, movies (including my purchased DVDs), photos stored digitally... for that I need a lot of storage. I had thought of what Adam suggested about getting an old G4, and load it up with drives.... but then I started thinking, I'd already have the mini and at least one other mac, so I wouldn't need a whole other system. I'm wondering if I would be able to get a multi-disk enclosure with as many drives as I could fit hooked up to the Mac mini via Firewire. (like these maybe? http://www.macpower.com/Multi_Bay_Enclosures.html ) There's some other things I'd like to find out like... will the external enclosure be accessible anywhere on my home network? Can I set up multiple drives to appear as one... JBOD? Anyways... I'm still investigating my options.. It'll be quite a while before i can afford all this stuff anyways, but since Adam brought it up in the last show I thought I'd throw my ideas/questions out there.
  11. bd303

    Dual Monitors

    I did the screen spanning hack with my iBook G4. I haven't had any issues, but I rarely hook it up to a second display. I usually don't need to.
  12. bd303

    17 Inch MacBook is Here!

    Wow... this transition is moving fast! I mean, what's left? • There's the iBook (MacBook) From what I've read on the rumor sites it looks like the MacBook wil replace the iBook line and the 12" PowerBook too. Maybe we'll see that in the next few months? • There's the PowerMac (Mac Pro?) WWDC maybe? • And then there's the Xserve... (I haven't heard anything about them)
  13. bd303

    apps we use everyday.

    Let's see, On a daily basis I use: Safari Mail iTunes Photoshop ImageReady Illustrator iChat Preview Hmmm... Funny, I thought it would be more than that, oh well. Do Dashboard widgets count? I tend to use Calculator and Unit Converter a lot.
  14. bd303

    apps we use everyday.

    Where might I find this HTTPMail Plugin or am I just blind and cannot find it in Mail? You can download the plugin here: http://www.automagic-software.com/products...ts.php#httpmail It works great, I've been using it for a few years, though I have to admit I very rarely use hotmail anymore.
  15. bd303

    10.4.6 Update Just came out!

    I got 45MB on my iMac G4, that's a machine that's had all the recent updates applied. Maybe it's a G4/G5 thing? Same with me... PowerMac G5 = 65mb iBook G4 = 45mb Both were completely up to date.