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    DVD Rip Help!

    I've always had luck with MacDVDRipperPro (MDRP) ripping the DVD and iVi Pro converting the rip. iVi Pro (NOT the Mac AppStore version) will add all the metadata automatically and suggest which one of the number of tracks is the real movie/show. roog
  2. I have an Incipio brand iPod shuffle USB adapter for my 2nd gen shuffle. It's a USB key that has the iPod connector on the other end, no cable. Works with my MBP running Lion. myincipio.com is their site, here is an Amazon link: http://tinyurl.com/3unqcnw roog
  3. roogie

    Using an iPhone without SIM card

    Sorry for not replying earlier, must've had notifications turned off on this topic. Here is the Apple Tech Support article: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3406 It'll sync just fine, I renamed mine iPod Touch just to make it clearer to me. roog
  4. roogie

    Best DVD conversion software

    I use Handbrake as well, but I rip the DVD to the hard drive first with MacDVDRipperPro since the HD is faster than the optical drive. roog
  5. roogie

    iPhone battery backup

    I use the MonoPrice battery pack, it's about $9 and will charge my 3Gs once fully and still have about half remaining on the battery pack. http://tinyurl.com/yzmv4ee roog
  6. roogie

    Using an iPhone without SIM card

    Apple's recommended way of using an iPhone as an iPod Touch is to leave the SIM card in, I've done this with my first generation iPhone and it works just fine and can still make 911 calls in an emergency situation. roog
  7. roogie

    DVD DL media recommendations for 24" iMac

    I've had good luck with the TDK brand in the UJ-857E drive in my MBP. roog
  8. roogie

    Ipod Mini low battery, how to charge

    I put a battery in my nephew's iPod mini, it wasn't very hard and cost less than $20, iirc. roog
  9. I've got one of these and it's been great. I did the same thing with my MBP, took out the original and put in a Seagate 500gb drive. http://tinyurl.com/hghfm roog
  10. roogie

    aftermarket battery?

    The last battery I bought for my MBP is a NewerTech from OWC (http://www.macsales.com). They have a slightly larger capacity usually and I've been using it for about 45 days with no issues. roog
  11. roogie

    iPhone doesn't connect to G5

    That's really odd, I just didn't see you mention the cable. I have a first generation G4 Tower (with a USB 2.0 PCI card) that I use in addition to a MacBook Pro (2008 model) and it does just fine with both. That goes for my first generation iPhone 4b and my 32gb 3Gs. roog
  12. roogie

    iPhone doesn't connect to G5

    Have you tried a different cable? roog
  13. From what I understand of the USB spec it should work just fine, although quite a bit slower than you would with 2.0 equipped machines. The 2.0 spec allows the greater speeds. I have used my old G4 Tower's 1.1 ports successfully with my iPhone (1st gen) and my wife's 3rd generation iPod nano. roog
  14. roogie

    85W vs 60W Adapters

    That's not something I would risk, if it took 60W and you had an 85W extra I would go for it because it wouldn't draw more than 60W even from an 85W power supply. roog
  15. roogie

    iPod Touch 3.0 Email Push Fetch Confusion

    Ok, this seems to work for my POP RoadRunner accounts now. I changed my settings in Setttings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data > Advanced for each account to Manual instead of Fetch. (My Fetch setting is manually and not a timed one.) Now when I open Mail.app on the accounts screen all the accounts check and download. roog
  16. roogie

    iPod Touch 3.0 Email Push Fetch Confusion

    This is doing the same for me, my RoadRunner accounts do not check unless I go into the Inbox, then they update. My MobileMe, Yahoo and Gmail ones are fine when I get to the main screen (do not have push enabled). roog
  17. roogie

    Troubles with Power Mac G3

    I would try starting it up and holding down the shift key while it boots, you should see a notification that says "Extensions OFF" or "Extensions Disabled" or something similar. Lots of times extension conflicts can cause the behavior you're describing. If it starts up fine with the extensions disabled, then the fun process of finding the conflict begins. If it still does the same I would suggest what Huskermn described. roog
  18. roogie

    Getting OS 9 on a G4 iMac

    I think OS 9 installs were machine specific, at least I remember that being true from desktops to portables and I'm sure that from a G3 to a G4 would have differences. I recall that OS 9 installs could be made "generic" when they were installed to work on any machine, but it was an option that had to be searched out. I may have an extra OS 9 disc around here, you're welcome to it if you like. roog
  19. roogie

    ATV movie storage

    You can keep them on an external drive, although they have to be in the iTunes library to actually play. roog
  20. roogie

    MacBook Pro light sensor

    Yea, I have the one right before the unibody and it's on the right side only by the power button. roog
  21. roogie

    2 Apple TV questions

    I have the 160gb version but my library is around 400gb, I have no issues streaming all my DVD movies stored on my G4 Tower upstairs. I have an older Airport Extreme (802.11g version) and it does great. The remote control is infrared, so line of sight is needed. I was able to get my Harman/Kardon receiver to successfully learn the AppleTV codes though. roog
  22. roogie

    Data migration from eMac to iMac help

    No, they can be used out in the open just fine, although I wouldn't consider this a permanent thing of course. roog
  23. roogie

    Data migration from eMac to iMac help

    I would use one of these: http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Newer%20Tec...ogy/U2NV2SPATA/ Then just do data only, I used the Migration assistant from a PowerPC Mac to an Intel Mac and results were less than stellar. I ended up having to redo it later because of the issues from transferring accounts and preferences, etc. Not sure what OWC's international purchase options are, but they are good company and that adapter works for ATA/IDE and SATA drives. roog
  24. roogie


    Megamacs.com usually has that kinda stuff. ADB cable: http://www.megamacs.com/item/ADB-6ft-Cable...ia,adb%20cable/ roog
  25. roogie

    mobile me

    Yes, once you get the package from Amazon you can enter the code and you're good. It's what I do. roog