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  1. switcher

    Visio equivalent?

    Does anyone know what program I can use that is the Microsoft Visio Equivalent?
  2. I just ordered a macbook and I was wondering if I can get a 100 GB 7200RPM Harddrive to go with it. I know apple doesn't offer it, but I checked online and know of a couple places that sell them. Can anyone tell me if this would work? And if so, would it drain the battery alot faster?
  3. I have a G4 Powerbook with a bad LCD backlight. I can see an image that is displayed but it seems the backlight is not working. Anyone know how I can get this fixed without getting a new LCD screen? Thanks in advance!
  4. switcher

    This MCSE has switched!

    Sure not a prob.! What kind of share printing problems are you having?
  5. switcher

    This MCSE has switched!

    I have finally done it! I just purchased the top of the line Mac Mini with a 20' Cinema Display and a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse... And all I can say is: WOW!!! I've been a Microsoft Certified Engineer for 5 years now and although that is were I make a living when I go home and sit in front of my mac I enjoy the experience. Although it's been a week since the switch and am still getting acclimated I have no regrets. The hardware is gorgeous the operating system is sleek an intuitive and best of all I havent had an error or a crash since! This MCSE HAS TRULY SWITCHED!